Chapter 4 The Effect of Emotion

Emotion is a kind of feeling derived from a person’s sentiment toward an event or object, and this type of feeling will influence the person’s judgement of external things. The creation of these sentiments is associated with a person’s life information. The type of information that is embedded in a person’s life will have an influence over this person’s emotion and feeling (whether positive or negative) in the judging of external matters.

How a person presents himself/herself in the universe largely depends on the kind of emotion that the person harbors for the universe. When a person inculcates positive emotions in living his/her life in the universe, the universe will reciprocate the person with positive power which enables him/her to continue accumulating positive information. When a person’s own life force continues to unleash its potential under the guidance of the positive information, he/she will have the courage to forge ahead and continue to improve and develop positively. On the other hand, when a person generates negative emotions, the universe will grant him/her negative force in return, and this negative strength will cause the person to continue to accumulate negative information and move toward the path of darkness. When a person is completely consumed by negative information, his/her original life information will be transformed. In other words, when a Righteous lifeform is completely consumed by negative information, his/her original life information would have already lost its effectiveness, thus causing him/her to become a negative-energy life.

Whether a person can assume a greater role in the universe depends on how much emotion this person has poured into the universe. When a person considers the interests of the universe in whatever he/she does, then these high-level emotions will have a huge impact on the universe. Since there are different types and varying levels of existences in the universe, therefore when a person does everything for the benefit of the universe, he/she will also treat all creations of the universe with kindness. Such noble realm of thoughts and broad-mindedness will help the person accumulate very high-frequency information. In the universe, the higher the level of the information, the higher the frequency of the energy will be formed, and these high-frequency energies will exert a greater impact on the universe. That is why the kind of emotions a person has toward the universe can generate the ensuing type of impact.

When we are aware of the great impact in which our emotions could cause on the universe, we should use them to serve the universe to the fullest extent. As descendants of the Righteous Family group, only when all our actions are beneficial to the cosmic development can we accentuate our value. If we do not follow this path to live, we will be missing out on the opportunities of living in the universe as highly intelligent life forms. Having understood these principles, it is hoped that all fellow relatives can use your emotions in a correct manner and play a bigger role in the universe.

Received on February 17, 2017


Original life information: Refers to the information embedded into life by the Creators at the time of creation.


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