Chapter 3 The Meaning of Love

Feeling the existence of “love” is a type of grace which the Creators have endowed upon life, and through love life can gain strength. “Love” can also be understood as the “bonding adhesive” of the universe. This type of “bonding adhesive” links all things in the universe, and creates an integrated wholeness which cannot be divided. It is precisely owing to the existence of this “bonding adhesive” that all things in the universe promote growth and together, progress toward a higher level of development. Everything in the universe and this type of “bonding adhesive” are inseparably related, and this has also become the foundation of continual development for the betterment of the universe. We call this type of “bonding adhesive” as “love”.

The power of love is very strong as it originates from the universe’s own laws. When love is endowed upon each and every life of humankind, he/she will be able to use this power of love to carry out his/her own mission. It is precisely because the power of love is bestowed upon humans that mankind could co-exist with each other in harmony, achieving rapid development within the human worlds.

The human race has gone through a very long journey in the universe. It is the motivation of the power of love that promotes the reproduction of human beings and the continual development of the human worlds. When a person is filled with love, he/she fulfils his/her due responsibilities and obligations, and makes the necessary contributions toward the world. This is the resulting impact of the power of love.

Love is an actual reflection of the universe and love is also the bridge for us to connect with the cosmic information. Under the influence of the power of love, life and the universe interact with each other and provide mutual support. At the same time, love is also a power that connects all things in the universe, and this type of power penetrates the entire cosmic space and unleashes its great impact at all times. When we have understood such a truth, we would be able to make use of this power of love to do the things which we desire to do, thereby allowing this power to exert its greater effect upon us, helping us make bigger contributions to the universe.

In the universe, “love” is extremely important because it generates strength. It is under the traction of the power of love that all things in the universe can survive and operate normally. All existences, as long as they live in the world of love, will be affected by the love information and execute their own missions naturally. This is a type of setup by the Creators and it is also the foundation of all lives that exist in the universe; and, it is only with such a foundation that our aspirations can be fulfilled. This is the significance of the existence of “love” in the universe.

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