Chapter 2 The Meaning of Life

“Life” is the term we used to describe the entire course of a person’s life. As human beings, every one of us has our life journey, and each person’s life course is a different one. Life brings us many surprises and splendors, but if we fail to appreciate them, we will miss out on experiencing the different courses of life. It is only when we accord due diligence in realizing and appreciating our lives that we can accumulate experiences and heighten our wisdom. This is because during our life journey, we will take in many experiences that are part of our growth process.

The existence of human race in the universe is of great significance. Human life is a life journey which offers us an opportunity to accentuate our worthiness. If we do not realize these truths, we will not value and be conscious of our own lives, and naturally fail to understand the meaning of life. This type of life journey will definitely be bleak. Only people who understood these truths will they get to know the meaning of their own existence and be clear of their own life direction. Such life will be a wonderful and splendid one.

The journey of life is extremely difficult for every one of us because each of us has to go through different training processes, which we experience right from the beginning. Only when we have cultivated a definite degree of ability can we be more proficient in living in this world. Over the course of our training in the past, we have accumulated some experiences that provide the necessary competences and skills for us to go through our lives.

By conveying the meaning of “human life” to fellow relatives in this manner serves to let fellow relatives to have an idea concerning your own life. It is because we exist in this vast universe and have come here with a very unusual mission, therefore, we must not continue to live our lives without any worth and significance. We must create and add value to our life journey and permit ourselves to live more meaningfully.

This is the simplest introduction I can give to all fellow relatives with regard to “life”. Hopefully, having understood this truth, fellow relatives will review your own life correctly and transform it into a richer and more colourful one that allows you to be more capable of realizing the worthiness of your own life.

Received on February 14, 2017


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