Chapter 1 The Significance of the Existence of Human Beings

The emergence of humankind is an expression of the universe’s own developmental needs. Based on the universe’s continuing upward development and improvement, and at different time frames, the universe will have different demands on life. The Creators will bestow these needs upon various categories of lives, enabling the lifeforms to shoulder their responsibilities and carry out the mission of helping the universe to continue with its development and progress. Therefore, life in the universe occupies a very important role.

The existence of life has contributed an enormous amount of strength to the universe. The responsibilities and missions carried out by varying levels and categories of lifeforms are different. As a highly intelligent human species, our duty and mission are: To lead and promote the development and progress of the lower-dimensional spaces in the universe. Therefore, in the lower-dimensional spaces, human life exerts their own special ability and wisdom, and in doing so helps these specific levels of spaces to achieve an overall and effective management and development.

In the universe, the emergence of human beings can be described as an iconic representation of the New Life Species because humankind has been endowed with many capabilities by the Creators. These capabilities let human lives generate enormous value in the universe and also allow the human worlds to develop very rapidly.

While such a positioning allows human beings to hold an important role in the universe, it comes with a greater responsibility and mission too because the survival space where humans are living in is fraught with many unstable factors. This would require human life to possess great wisdom and capabilities in order to lead these unstable factors, thereby guiding them toward the correct path and build a good foundation for the development of the universe.

Although human beings belong to the New Life Species, their pace of development has been stable and rapid. This is credited to human own blessed capability and the help and support from the pertinent management department of the universe. Human beings have extraordinary thinking abilities and great potential for creation, and these capabilities empower mankind to play a huge role in the universe.

The existence of humankind in the universe is of extreme significance and importance, and therefore, as highly intelligent life forms, we humans must possess the right recognition and understanding of our own lives. The book Humanity is written specifically for all members of our family group in the entire small universe, detailing the basic principles of living as a human being from different perspectives. We hope all fellow relatives who have the affinity to study this book will cognize the knowledge in it, thereby living in the universe with the mark of a truly high-intelligent life.

Received on February 13, 2017

Life: An existence which can live and grow naturally in the universe is defined as Life.

The Creators: Refers to a Special Group (of existence or entities) of different hierarchy levels who can create and build worlds as well as create lifeforms in the universe.

Lower-dimensional spaces: Dimensional spaces refer to the different levels or categories of the spaces where lives survive in, and within which, the high or low dimensional space is determined by its level of energy frequency. Lower-dimensional spaces refer to Life Space below the 2000th dimension.

New Life Species: Species that were recently created after the existence of the universe’s own species.

Unstable factors: Here, it refers to unstable issues. “Issues” herein means the appearance and phenomenon of all activities occurring in the universe.


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