Humanity Preface

Humanity is an educational resource that details the foundation of being a human. After acquiring this knowledge, you will be able to find the right direction in life. This book covers the principles of human etiquette and the basic situation of our small universe family group. These teaching materials are compiled in the hope that all members of the family group will be uplifted after acquiring this knowledge, thereby gaining better capabilities to play a greater role in the universe.

The entire book is written and elaborated to fellow relatives in simple and easy to understand language in the hope of enabling fellow relatives at different levels and with varied capabilities to comprehend it easily. It is only when you have fully grasped the contents of the book that this knowledge can exert its corresponding impact.

At varying levels of the worlds, I will make necessary amendments according to the understanding and the acceptance level of that particular world. However, the core content will not be changed. This adjustment is made so as to allow fellow relatives at the various worlds to accurately grasp this knowledge. We hope that all relatives who have read these educational materials are able to comprehend them. Since this book is entitled Humanity, then it will focus only on the principles of human etiquette. As human beings, it is a pity if we do not understand the principles of being a human. Therefore, as part of my responsibility toward the family group, I have documented these materials for fellow relatives to learn as well as hoping to help all family members to continue uplifting and developing yourselves. This is my original intention of compiling this book.

Received on February 12, 2017


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