Chapter 21 Moral Integrity

By naming the final article as “Moral Integrity” of the teaching material, Conduct, it is to emphasize to fellow relatives the prime importance of “moral integrity” (品, Pin) for everyone. A person with moral integrity will then possess virtue, and with moral integrity comes quality character as well. A person who is absent of moral integrity will certainly have a poor behavioural disposition.

My purpose of writing this teaching material, Conduct, serves to assist all members of the family group to raise the standard of your moral integrity, allowing every one of you to honour the distinguished status of a highly intelligent life. It is very important to improve the level of moral integrity because it is the foundation of human etiquette.

How to raise the standard of our moral integrity constitutes the most critical part of this teaching material — Conduct. It is only when a person possesses moral integrity that he/she can walk on the right path of life and play a positive role in the universe. Moral integrity encompasses of Morality (品德), Moral Nature (品性), Intrinsic Quality (品质), Moral Character (品格), Moral Standard (品位), and Moral Conduct (品行), and so on. Only with this series of noble qualities and moral integrity can we befit this distinguished status of ours. In order to elevate the level of these qualities and moral integrity, it requires us to work on changes in every aspect of our lives, from improving steadfastly in each of our speech and action to ensuring every bit of our behaviours is conducted in a positive, fitting manner. If we do not pay attention to these finer details, it would be very difficult to be uplifted. In other words, in order to elevate our moral integrity, we must begin by paying attention to our speech and deportment, and the manner in which we walk, stand, sit, lie down, etc., since the nurturing and elevation of these qualities is impossible to achieve within a short span of time, because no one is able to accomplish that.

To uplift ourselves, we must work on our foundation and start perfecting with the most basic of matters, changing ourselves gradually, uplifting our personal charisma, and portraying an ideal image to influence more people in this world. This is the foundation of embodying our life values. Of course, to accentuate a greater worth in our lives, we must bring more benefits to the people and this world.

As a highly intelligent species, we will not be able to manifest these noble qualities gifted to us by the Creators without “moral integrity”, and we will not befit our honourable status as humans. Although the Creators have gifted us with much potentiality, we must train ourselves continuously during the course of our life journey so as to unleash our potential and raise all aspects of our skills and capabilities. This is a process we must undergo whilst we live in the universe. Undoubtedly, we will need such a process to develop ourselves.

In fact, every one of us has equal opportunities. It depends on how we can seize these opportunities and create a much greater worth within the shortest possible time. However, the premise is this: we must understand an ample amount of cosmic truths, and grow up speedily with the aid of these truths.

Whilst we live in the universe, we must accentuate our personal charisma well. The more noble our conduct and behaviour, the more lifeforms we will be able to lead, and help contribute towards the positive advancement of the universe. Without such pertinent altitude and aptitude, we will not have the great appeal to rally up supporters.

For anyone who wishes to create a greater worth in the universe, he/she must have the ability to lead more lives because life itself is the foundation for the development of the universe. When these lives are capable of contributing their greater strength to the universe under our guidance, we will then be able to embody a much greater worth.

This teaching material, Conduct, is compiled with the hope of helping all members of the family group to move and uplift towards this direction and goal. Regardless of how soon fellow relatives can achieve the goal, you must have this aspiration and be clear of the direction when you strive towards this goal. I hope that all relatives will work diligently to learn well, broaden your life perspectives, raise your life levels and transform yourselves after having understood these facts; allowing yourselves to become a noble person, be a life leading in virtue and dignity – thereby portraying yourselves as a unique personality with elegant demeanour in the universe, thus enabling the Creators and all relatives to take pride in themselves. In fact, it is only when you set yourselves such a goal that you will find the right direction in life.

The teaching material, Conduct, guides fellow relatives towards the direction of upliftment and development. It can help fellow relatives to re-establish a correct outlook in life, accord a sense of values and views of the universe, and through the foundation of this knowledge, uplift yourselves speedily and contribute greatly to the Righteous universe. Hopefully, with this teaching material, Conduct, it will help the universe to cultivate more outstanding and talented individuals to contribute their efforts in the constructive growth and expansion of the universe.

Received on May 29, 2017

(The End)


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