Chapter 20 The Light of Life

In the vast universe, the light of life is the symbol of the Righteous life. When the Righteous Creators were creating lifeforms, this special setup was made for the purpose of distinguishing and recognizing the Righteous lifeforms in the vast universe. However, if a righteous lifeform has become depraved, it will be impossible for this lifeform to manifest his/her/its own light of life because he/she/it no longer possesses that kind of ability.

In the universe, the higher the level and category of the Righteous lifeforms, the brighter the manifestation their light of life is. Conversely,  the lower the level and category of the Righteous lifeforms, the weaker the manifestation of the light of life will be. When a Righteous lifeform no longer possesses love and righteousness, there will be no radiancy or manifestation of light. In fact, the intensity of the radiance of a lifeform exhibited is determined by his/her/its life energy frequency. However, negative-energy lives do not have the ability to radiate light. Although negative-energy lives can also train themselves and accumulate a relatively high ability, as their life information and energy are negative in nature, the evil Creators were unable to configure the setup for the negative-energy lifeforms to radiate light.

It is precisely because of this that I have told fellow relatives that the light of life is the symbol of us as the Righteous lives. In other words, as long as they are postive-energy lifeforms, regardless of their levels and categories, they will possess the light of life. It is just that different levels and categories of positive-energy lifeforms will exhibit different degrees or intensity (strong or weak) of the light of life. Due to the restriction of the bodies, Yang-property lifeforms are unable to see the light of life radiated by different species; whereas for Yin-property lifeforms, not only can they see the light of life, but they will also be able to tell the level of a lifeform based on the strength or weakness of the light of life that the lifeform exhibits.

As a highly intelligent righteous species, if we desire to shine with greater brilliance in the universe, we must accumulate an abundance of high-frequency positive energy. Without a sufficient amount of high-frequency positive energy as the foundation, we will not possess that kind of ability. Similarly, in order to achieve speedy growth without having to go through the many twists and turns in life, and in effecting a bigger role in the universe; not only will we require training in acquiring stronger abilities, but we will also be in need of receiving much guidance.

At this juncture, our family group has already possessed the basic abilities in that we are able to disseminate this fundamental knowledge in every world. This is indeed a great fortune and blessing of our family group. Hopefully, fellow relatives can learn well, uplift yourselves through acquiring this fundamental universe knowledge and become a truly highly intelligent lifeform to create a greater impact in the universe. It is only after we have become such people that we can befit this distinguished status of ours. This is because we were created along with a leadership identity in the universe. We cannot waste our lives away.

I have adopted different approaches to convey to fellow relatives this fundamental universe knowledge so that you can start with the most basic knowledge and understand more about the universe and life itself. It is only after we have grasped the knowledge that we would know how to elevate our life levels. Understanding the basic knowledge of the universe is the foundation for our upliftment. If we do not possess such a foundation, it will be very difficult to be upgraded and evolved positively. It is only when we realize more secrets of the universe with this basic universe knowledge and use it to guide ourselves, letting ourselves to possess a heightened level of awareness and broadened vision, that our sense of responsibility and mission becomes stronger. When our sense of responsibility and mission is stronger, we will correct and seriously improve ourselves, striving hard in the right direction and promptly eliminating all negative information in our lives. In this way, our life levels will be elevated quickly.

Fellow relatives, in reality, this knowledge is our weapon for eliminating negative information. When fellow relatives have fully utilized and integrated this knowledge into your daily lives, you will gradually be able to transform yourselves and become truly highly intelligent lives, thereby beaming your own radiant light on this world and illuminating this earth. Let us all continue to create worth in the universe by making the light of our lives shine with greater brilliance, thus allowing the universe to gain that extra strength due to our very existence!

Received on May 29, 2017


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