Chapter 19 Rhythm – The Vibrational Frequency of Life

Every one of us has our own rhythm. In the last article, I have already mentioned to fellow relatives that the life information for each and every highly intelligent lifeform is unique. This one and only life information determines that every lifeform will have a different rhythm. What is rhythm exactly? Rhythm is the vibrational frequency of the Life System. In other words, it is the rate at which the life system operates and it can impact the reaction speed of a life body. If a person is very quick with his/her reactions and his/her movements are very agile, it shows that the person’s rhythm is very high. The higher the rhythm of a person, the quicker and stronger will be his/her reaction ability and physical action agility. This is the varying impact in which different rhythms of an individual would bring about to the reaction speed of his/her own life body.

If we desire to possess a high rhythm, we must receive more high-speed information. This is because high-speed information can be used to raise the rhythm in our lives through the effects of our own energy field; and at the same time, we must strengthen this aspect of training consciously, allowing our life bodies to be even more agile.

However, in the universe, there are evil species who also possess high rhythms since, in the universe, there is high-speed negative information as well. The high-speed negative information has also played a role in impacting the lives of these evil species. That is to say that there are some evil lifeforms with very high rhythms which can react and act just as fast.

Conveying this to fellow relatives serves the purpose of letting you understand more truths of the universe, thus elevating your perspective on life so that you will stop living within your own narrow confines. With the vastness of the universe, if we remain ignorant of the most basic cosmic knowledge, then we are doing an injustice to our title as a “highly intelligent species”. Since we emerge in this universe and we belong to the highly intelligent species, we must expand our perspectives in life by acquiring more knowledge, allowing ourselves to possess a myriad of capabilities and obtain higher wisdom so that we shoulder more responsibilities and obligations, thereby living up to the distinguished status of highly intelligent lifeforms.

Since the information in this universe has such a great impact on every lifeform, we can, through understanding more truths of the universe, make the correct choices. We must know how to live our lives, what to do in order to receive positive information from the universe, and not accept those negative information and go against the original intention of us as Righteous lives.

When our rhymes of life become higher and higher in its rate, we will generate a much greater worth, because our working efficiency will be much higher than before. However, this must be established on the foundation of us serving the Righteous universe. If we serve the negative world instead, not only will it not create any values, it will instead lead us to becoming the destroyers of the universe and obstructing the upward development of the universe.

The types of information within the universe are innumerable and hard for us to clearly distinguish. However, if we understand some basic knowledge, we will be able to distinguish what kind of effect a particular type of information will generate and exert an influence on our lives. For instance, we can raise our rhythms in life by accepting more and much higher-speed information. The higher the rate of the rhythms in our lives is elevating, the more capable we will be in generating greater worth in the universe. Of course, different information will generate different impacts in our lives, and information that raises the rhythms in life is only a part of it.

Assuming that there is no information within the cosmos, then the universe will be also incapable of developing itself because information has an impact on the energy and can transform the energy frequency. As a matter of fact, the Creators are also using information as a foundation to create a variety of lifeforms to promote the upward development of the universe. Of course, creating various levels of lifeforms also serves the purpose of providing more information to the universe, thus allowing this information to be recycled and reused.

So long as the information sent forth by the lifeforms is positive in nature, it will help with the constructive development of the universe. This is because negative information will only become obstacles which hinder the development of the universe. Although negative information obstructs the cosmic development, it exists in the universe after all. Therefore, as the highly intelligent human species, we must choose our life path wisely by gaining the foundation knowledge of the universe, and choose to accept more varying types of positive information, so that we can contribute our greater strength for the continual  expansion and progress of the Righteous universe.

Received on May 29, 2017


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