Each and every one of us possesses our own image in the universe and each person’s image is unique. Regardless of how close our affinity is, there will always be some slight differences in our image because as highly intelligent lifeforms in the universe, we were given different information at the time of creation. Certainly, when we were reincarnated into the Yang-property world, we were also affected by the information of our Yang-property parents and the information that we have assimilated and accumulated during the course of our training in the universe. The combination of information through these channels creates a unique external image or appearance for every individual. By relaying this to fellow relatives, you may have doubts and wonder how an external image could possibly be linked to various kinds of information? Well, it is precisely because I thought you may have such doubts that I found it necessary to disseminate this knowledge.

The information that determines the image of a highly intelligent lifeform comes from three channels.

The first channel is the different information implanted by the Creators when they create highly intelligent lifeforms, which allows every highly intelligent lifeform to possess one and only Original Life Information. The Creators will not give a second highly intelligent lifeform with exactly the same type of information because it is meaningless to have another highly intelligent lifeform with the identical information emerging in the universe, and it is also not beneficial to the development of the universe. The Creators have created a variety of highly intelligent lifeforms to serve the purpose of improving the development of the universe.

The second channel is the influence from the information of their parents in the Yang-property worlds and the image inherited from their parents when the highly intelligent lifeforms reincarnated into the Yang-property worlds. The closer their information and frequency of energy are to their parents, the more the intelligent lifeforms will resemble their parents.

The third channel is the different types of information accumulated during the growth and development of a lifeform after it has taken shape. Such information will also influence an individual’s external image or appearance.

Thus, there will never be two persons with the exact, same image in the universe. If we wish to acquire a better look and to allow our own image garnered to be more dignified and positive, we must keep accumulating positive information and energy during the course of our life journey. When our looks are well-presented and glowingly dignified, we will bring forth more benefits to the universe because the embodiment of life itself is also a transmission of information. Life has been emitting information since the beginning of its emergence in the universe. Therefore, I have relayed to fellow relatives that, life itself is the source of information in the universe.

Of course, while a lifeform is assimilating all types of information, it is also emitting all kinds of information, thus contributing its own strength towards the upward development of the universe. It can be comprehended in this way: Life itself is a source of information and at the same time, it is also a recipient of information. Life is able to gradually uplift itself by absorbing the various levels and categories of information in the universe, thereby continuously emitting information at a much higher frequency and of greater value back to the universe. This is also the value of the existence of life in the universe.

After having learnt these truths, we must pay attention to our image and make ourselves look better, thus contributing positive strength towards the universe. As long as the information is positive, it will generate positive energy under the impact of the colossal cosmic energy fields, and these positive energies will have a decisive impact on the upward development of the universe. If fellow relatives do not understand such truths and fail to grasp this knowledge, you will not pay attention to your image. Although there are some people who are very particular about their image, they do not possess such deep realization. They are unaware that their good image can bring beauty to the universe or that a good image can also help the positive development of the universe. In fact, all nice and wonderful things emit positive information to the cosmos, generating positive energy under the impact of the colossal cosmic energy fields.

In this world, there are many truths which are beyond our ability to understand. However, with this most basic knowledge, I hope fellow relatives can learn well and transform yourselves after having understood and grasped this particular foundation knowledge, thus providing more positive energy to the universe. It is because not only will a good image please us, it pleases others too, and at the same time it will benefit the universe. Having understood these principles, we should pay attention to our image and enhance ourselves to portray a good image, because by doing so, we will be playing our part and contributing strength to the universe.

Received on May 28, 2017



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