Chapter 17 The Banners of Exemplification

The grand universe Righteous family group is in fact a large banner of exemplification (a hallmark of greatness and shining examples). Everything in the Righteous family group engages in involved righteousness as its principles, and it is only with such a foundation that each of the small universe family group could have an excellent source of exemplification to look up to. It is also the influence of the grand universe Righteous family group that our small universe family group has established our own banner of exemplary standards, allowing all members in our family group to have a clear direction.

The “Banner of Exemplification” is very important in everyone’s heart as it leads us to the right direction and gives us strength. When there are moments lacking in drive, we can take heart and live it up once we think of the family group’s banner of exemplification. This is indeed the impact of having an exemplary banner.

Each family group has its own family group’s exemplary banner, and as a member of the Righteous family group, we have to establish our very own banner of exemplification in order to set an example of strength for other people. Of course, establishing an exemplary banner to influence more people is not an easy matter. Not only do we have to cultivate a high moral character and nobleness, we also need to possess high levels of wisdom and capability. If we seek to attain the banner of exemplification in this world, we must work diligently, allowing ourselves to be filled with positive energy and allow all of our actions to be positive in nature. As highly intelligent lifeforms, we have the ability to institute well our own exemplary banner. It is because there is so much potential in all of us that has not been properly unleashed that we are incapable of manifesting our greater worth in this world. When a person continues to perfect himself/herself and always exhibits positive behaviours, then this person has become a banner of exemplification.

However, within our small universe family group, there are some worlds that lack such a banner of exemplification. This is also because in the worlds of the lower dimensional spaces within our family group, they do not have any advanced positive knowledge to serve as guidance, therefore, those fellow relatives are unable to find the correct direction in their lives, and consequently, they are unable to raise any of the exemplary banners of their own. Although there are some righteous and kind people in some of the worlds who have attained some achievements and have also set as an exemplar in those worlds, they are still some distance away from being a banner of indicative excellence. Precisely because of this, our family group needs to disseminate this advanced knowledge, to allow all members of the family group in each world to have an opportunity to learn it; in this way, be able to improve and change those wrongful thoughts and behaviours, and become an exemplary banner in this world.

To be able to uphold an exemplary banner is an honour for a person since this will embody a person’s greater worth. When a person becomes an outstanding model for others to emulate in this world, he/she will be able to guide more people to walk towards the right direction in life. If we do not possess that kind of ability, it would imply that we lack the training and experiences, and we still need to continue to strive on with diligence, correct ourselves,  dedicate ourselves; and serve others and this world, so as to accumulate a definite amount of experiences for ourselves. At the same time, to galvanise ourselves in continuing with upliftment whilst training and eliminating all traces of negative thinking and behaviours. Only upon such a manner can we become an exemplary banner of this world in influencing others and leading the world.

Although it is difficult to become an exemplary banner, it is not impossible. Fellow relatives can start out by being the smallest banner of exemplification through doing your best to influence those people around you in your daily routines and at the workplace, leading them to walk towards the correct life path. Once fellow relatives possess such an awareness, you will naturally be able to strive constantly in this broad direction, and steadily redressing and perfecting yourselves, thereby influencing more people. With the increased number of people you influence, this exemplary banner of yours will be even more influential henceforth.

Earlier, I have already conveyed to fellow relatives that only if our behaviours are completely positive could we become a banner of exemplification. Conversely, all forms of negative behaviours will only cause us to be depraved and turned into someone who will face rejection by most people. Such people will sooner or later walk towards the path of ruination because this world does not welcome negative people.

By conveying these principles to fellow relatives, I hope that fellow relatives will strive with your own efforts to become the benchmark of excellence for the people and a role model of the world. It is only when we continue to strive on with diligence and develop in this direction could we ultimately gain an opportunity to be an exemplary banner in the universe.

Received on May 28, 2017



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