Chapter 16 Journey of Love

Every one of us is familiar with the word “love”. It is our habit to use love to express our positive sentiments towards people, matters and objects of interest. The reason why we are so attracted to and familiar with love is because there is information of love presents in our lives. In fact, all positive information can be referred to as information of love. As love represents positivity, therefore, all positive behaviours can be interpreted as an act of love.

Although we are familiar with “love” and use “love” all the time, we do not necessarily understand the meaning of love. This is why I have chosen the topic of “Journey of Love” to explain to fellow relatives what love is and why we use the journey of love to describe our lives.

In fact, I have already given a simple description of “love” earlier. Since there is such an expression and such a word, we can simply define “love” as: Love – is a sentiment generated from all positive thinking. In other words, only positive sentiments can be considered as love. Please, fellow relatives, you must be clear on this point. Now that we understand the definition of love, we must obey the principle of “love” to choose a correct life path for ourselves. We are lifeforms of love. We are in this world for the “journey of love”. Love is always present in our lives and it has always been playing its role.

Whether or not fellow relatives are aware of these truths, love has always been by our side. It is just that in our life journey, the scale of impact that love can generate would depend on how capable and astute we are in managing our positive thoughts, and in allowing these positive thoughts to exert their greater impact on our life journey.

Since our life is a “journey of love”, we must obey this principle of “love”. Since we are lifeforms of love, we must not choose the wrong life path because that is against the original intention of our own lives. The reason that fellow relatives have chosen a wrong path of life, resulting in a life filled with suffering and bitterness, it is due to fellow relatives’ inborn love energy being consumed and depleted, causing love itself to be incapable of having any impact at all on your lives.

It can be said that once we lack a loving heart, the original positive energy in our lives will disappear because the original energy in our lives depends on the information of love to realize its effects. In other words, once our lives lack love, our inborn love energy will disappear. To prevent the loss of our love energy and allowing it to have a constant impact on our lives, we must continually love others and all existences in the universe; to ceaselessly contribute ourselves, and ensuring that all of our actions are positive in nature. When we continue to dedicate ourselves, constantly striving hard and live a life full of loving kindness acts, then the love energy in our lives will gradually become more powerful since this love energy is generated and accumulated through our loving heart and positive behaviours. Conversely, if we do not provide love and do not care about others nor this world, then the love energy we have accumulated will gradually diminish or even disappear. Therefore, each and every one of us must continue to accumulate the energy of love in our life journey so as to sustain the “journey of love” and continue to move forward. If we do not persevere in contributing and dedicating ourselves, the energy of love in our life will gradually decline, causing it to be incapable of exerting any impact, and the “journey of love” will end one day.

Since we belong to the species of love and are lifeforms of love, we must walk this correct life path of “love” to leverage on the positive strengths in the universe because once we lose the power of love, we will degenerate and become unworthy lives. This is the correct guidance which this article titled “Journey of Love” brings to fellow relatives. Hopefully, you will manage all of your behaviours and actions well after having understood these principles, and be able to always walk on the right path. We take “always walking on the right path” as the “journey of love”.

Received on May 28, 2017



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