Whilst we live in this world, every one of us will have all kinds of aspirations. However, fellow relatives may not necessarily be clear about the effects of aspirations in the universe. Next, I will elaborate on this truth to all of you through this topic on “Great Aspirations”.

I have mentioned to you in the past that whilst we live in the universe, every act of ours will generate information. In reality, our aspirations will also generate information in the universe. It is just that the scale (big or small) and nature (good or bad) of our  aspirations will generate different types of information. Our aspirations will, through the cosmic information fields, provide the feedback to the corresponding information of our lives. This is because all the information we have sent forth will be recorded and archived in our lives. When there is information of a similar nature or type in the universe, it will blend with all the information possesses within us. This is the truth. Since we are now aware of such a truth, we should have engaging aspirations, so as to accumulate even more positive information to elevate our frequency of life energy.

Nevertheless, great aspirations themselves must be realistic too. We cannot dream of some great aspirations that we cannot realistically fulfil because they will not be real great aspirations, but just some kind of daydream. Although all great aspirations can transmit positive information to the universe, if they are unrealistic great aspirations, they may exhibit a greedy mentality or that we are trying to reach for something beyond our capability. Unknowingly, these unrealistic great aspirations of ours will generate negative information. Therefore, I must tell fellow relatives that: all unrealistic great aspirations will generate negative information because they are unreasonable demands, which are considered as extravagant  desires. By conveying these truths to fellow relatives, I hope that you will control the degree of your great aspirations correctly, allowing them to create an impact within the scope of your capabilities.

As we acquire more truths progressively, we should be more stable and calm. We should not try to do something that is impractical and must not be impetuous. If fellow relatives wish to be transformed and uplifted promptly, the only way is to continue to learn, granting yourselves more opportunities after gaining more insight on the truths of the universe. Only then can we become more capable and live worthier lives in the universe to play a bigger role.

Hopefully, every fellow relative can realize his/her wondrous and great aspirations. In this way, not only will this advance our life levels, it will also benefit the development of the universe. In addition, I also hope that fellow relatives will seize all opportunities available to uplift yourselves promptly after learning more truths and to use the knowledge to make yourselves more accomplished, so that you will not live aimlessly in life.  This is the correct guidance that this knowledge can grant you, and it is also the truth which I wish to convey to all of you through this title of “Great Aspirations”. Fellow relatives, you must cherish this!

Received on May 28, 2017


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