Our small universe family group has all along possessed the courage to face eminent dangers and carries the spirit of unconditional dedication. It is exactly because we have always possessed such spirits that we have gained help in various aspects. Such help and support come not only from the relevant division of the universe, but other Righteous family groups as well. Whilst we live in this world, it is important to possess noble spirits, because when such spirits of ours spread outward continually, they can inspire many righteous strengths to help us.

Our family group is considered as a younger family group, the standard of development is less advanced than other family groups. It is because our family group does not have that many foundations, nor do we possess much experience in developing a world, including lacking a variety of talents in various fields, that these have constrained the speedy development of our family group. However, the spirits which our family group possesses have enabled us to receive help from all directions so that we can continue to advance. Although we are still unable to keep up with the pace of other very well-developed family groups, we have an indomitable spirit and the courage to forge ahead with our spirit of unconditional contribution, therefore our family group is full of hope. By conveying these principles to fellow relatives, it is to allow fellow relatives to be aware that despite our family group’s striking underdevelopment, what was that which has enabled us to develop till now and steadily achieve our continual upward growth. Although our family group’s development is somewhat slow, we are however, moving ahead in an advancing path.

Since our family group possesses so many noble spirits, we must let all members of the family group be aware of the importance of these noble spirits and continue to propagate these spirits. These spirits can promote our upward development and give us more opportunities. Therefore, regardless of which dimensional world our fellow relatives are living in, you must propagate these noble spirits. This is the essence of our family group. To propagate these noble spirits well, we must begin with every minor aspect of our daily lives. In fact, the spirits of “unconditional dedication, responsibility and obligation, fearlessness of any danger and the courage to create” etc. are the original inherent moral spirits of the highly intelligent human species. As long as we carry forward and develop these spirits, we will continue to improve and will never be stagnate or even fall behind.

No matter what kind of development phase we are in at this juncture, so long as these noble spirits are present, we will have hope. We can manifest our own strength, providing ourselves with more opportunities to train and strengthen our abilities, and drawing on those to better develop our own world. We can also use these noble spirits to guide ourselves, acquiring more skills and specialities so as to make a bigger contribution towards the upward development and growth of our family group.

Whilst a person lives in the universe, although it is important to master a skill, without the support of these noble spirits, all the skills and specialities which we have gained may not necessarily serve the Righteous world. Therefore, I am telling fellow relatives that noble spirits can guide us to walk on the correct life path and give us the correct direction.

Our potentials can be unleased and realized properly under the guidance of these noble spirits and develop in the correct direction. This is because only when we continue to propagate the noble spirits of our family group can we stay on the correct path forever. If we lose these noble spirits, we will be depraved, or even become destroyers of the universe. This is the importance of this article titled “Propagation”. Although this article is short, it reveals profound principles. Hopefully fellow relatives will give the contents of this article your highest attention, and hopefully these principles will inspire you as well by granting you the correct direction in life.

Received on May 28, 2017


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