Chapter 13 Inaction (Reacting to situations with inaction)

With such a theme, fellow relatives may be doubtful and wonder what “Inaction” means exactly? It is precisely because this theme is very important that I have included it in this teaching material for your education and dissemination.

You ought to know that the universe we are living in is constantly moving and changing, whether it is the energy fields of the cosmos or all existences living in the universe. If the universe ceases its motion, it will lose its power and also its significance. Since the universe is constantly moving and changing, then as lifeforms in the universe, we must adapt ourselves accordingly to the motion and transformation of the universe. We live within a cosmic energy field which corresponds to the level of our lives since it is the boundary where we can survive. By conveying this truth to fellow relatives, it shall pave way for the knowledge on “inaction” which I will be imparting to you next.

Regardless of the variance of movements and changes that prevail in our external living  environment, that is to say, whether it is the kind of movements or changes from the grand nature or other lifeforms, we must deal with them calmly. It is because only with a lucid mind and a peaceful heart can we possess more abilities and higher wisdom to live in the universe. If our inner mind is not still and remains constantly unsettled, we will be unable to obtain a state of calmness to observe everything that is happening externally, and incapable of making the right judgements on all external things that are happening in the world.

Since this world is moving and changing all the time, we must adapt to this ever-changing and moving world. It is only when we let our mind be calm, attain enough wisdom to deal with everything around us and adapt ourselves to the living environment can we achieve much during training in such a living environment. As highly intelligent lifeforms, we have the inborn potential to deal with external changes and movements. However, this depends on whether we are able to stimulate and realize our potential during our training process, thus enabling us to possess more abilities that will lead to a worthier life in this world.

This article on “Inaction” serves to convey to our fellow relatives that: In the universe, “stillness” is powerful. Although the power of “movements” appears to be stronger, when we have sufficient abilities and allow ourselves to reach a certain level of calmness, this power of “stillness” is capable of overcoming all “movements” in the outside world. As long as we understood these truths, we can go ahead to try and test this very fact because this world is originally our training ground. Therefore, we must strive to cultivate such abilities. Even if there are insurmountable changes in the outer world, they will not disturb this peaceful heart and mind of ours.

If fellow relatives remain disturbed by all the external movements, it then proves that your mind has not truly calm down. This will require fellow relatives to constantly strive hard, and after having understood more truths of the universe, allow yourselves to obtain the ability to settle your mind, and also make better use of this ability to play a bigger role in the universe.

Although some principles are simple, if we do not spell them out, fellow relatives may not necessary be able to realize their truths. If a person wishes to understand more truths of the universe, he/she must experience a long journey of training in the universe and constantly strive to explore and learn. As I have experienced a longer period of time in the universe and have received teachings and support from those relatives who are much more capable than I am, therefore, I have come to understand these cosmic truths. Since I have the opportunity to gain this knowledge and realize these truths, I shall certainly share them with every fellow relative of the family group in the hope that you will benefit from them, uplift yourselves and allow yourselves to be more capable in serving the universe after understanding these cosmic truths. This was my original intention when I compiled this teaching material.

Received on May 27, 2017


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