In the universe, we are not the only existence living independently. We still have many relatives and kinships around us, with various forms of affinities and also other species which co-exist with us in the universe. Under such vastness of the universe, the strength of any single lifeform is limited, and is also impossible to rely only on an individual strength to bear and sustain all things. We will all need the support of other sources of strengths.

This article, “The Bridge of Friendship”, conveys to fellow relatives the importance of solidarity and sending forth positive information. If a person wishes to become more popular in this world, and receive more help, he/she must learn how to get along well with others, and forge friendship with all those people who have affinities with him/her. The manifestations of positive information are the premise and assurance for forging friendship with people.

To build a friendship with those people who have affinities with us, we must consider the problems from the other people’s perspectives in whatever things we do, and not hurt the interest of others. For example, selfish people would only consider for themselves in anything they do without considering the problems from the standpoint of others, and hence, it is impossible for them to establish true friendship with other people. Such people would walk toward demise sooner or later. This requires us to begin with our daily behavior and action whilst putting ourselves in regard of the other person’s position and not consider our own interests only.

Once a person has cultivated further friendship with others, he/she will have greater power to rally supporters in this world, and hence be more able to accentuate his/her greater worth. When we are consistently thoughtful and considerate toward others, these people will do the same to us in return. When we give love, of course we will receive love; when we render loving care to others, these people will also give us similar concern. This is the profound mysteries of the interaction between information.

However, fellow relatives may not know why information can garner a reciprocal effect, and why when we emit information, the same corresponding type of information will be received in return. In fact, the information emitted by all lifeforms in the universe will form into a colossal information field within the cosmos, and all information within this information field will follow its own kind and category and form naturally into varied types of information network which mutually influence and impact one another. Therefore, when a lifeform emits positive information, the respective lifeform will receive influence and impact from many similar types of positive information from the cosmic information network and thus benefitting from them. In contrast, when a lifeform emits negative information, the same lifeform will also receive the influence and impact from much of the similar types of negative information from the cosmic information network and so, creating a negative impact. One can imagine that the amount of similar type of information within the cosmos itself is innumerable, and they have varied levels and categories as well. Thus, when there is a multiple level of information of similar nature affecting an individual lifeform, it can generate unimaginable influence on an individual life. This is the profound secret of the universe, and it is also the bridging impact of the cosmic information fields. Hence. it can be seen that all the positive information that we have emitted not only benefits us, but it also benefits others and the universe at the same time. This is due to the fact that all information we have sent forth will generate a much greater effect on the universe through this bridge of the cosmic information fields.

It is hoped that fellow relatives will keep manifesting positive information, forging friendship with more people so as to receiving greater effects of the positive information through the cosmic information fields and help yourselves to become stronger, thereby exerting greater impact in the universe and embodying greater worth.

Received on May 27, 2017


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