In the course of our lives in this world, we must possess a bright heart, because a bright heart can give us strength, allowing us to consistently develop in the right direction. A person with a bright heart is a happy and blissful person, because when a person does not harbour any darkness in his/her heart, his/her inner heart is a world that fills with brightness. Certainly, when a person possesses a bright heart, he/she will also have a very good destiny, because when a person does not have any negative information in his/her life, his/her life will be filled with sunshine. Such is the importance of us possessing a bright heart.

The “heart” is the source of information that directs our entire life. The kind of heart we possess will generate the exact kind of information. The kind of information generated will then develop into a similar kind of energy within our lives. It is precisely because “heart” is very important that I need to expound on this topic to fellow relatives.

If our heart is dark, then all the information generated from it will also be negative. When this happens, the negative information will spread into our entire life, causing our entire life energy to become one that is negative, and we will become negative-energy people. With such a serious issue, it is hoped that fellow relatives will realize it and ensure your heart brightens up. When our heart becomes brighter and clearer, the positive energy of our lives will be higher and higher in its frequency. If we wish to change our destiny and elevate our positive-energy frequency, we must begin by changing our heart, allowing us to constantly stay in a positive state of being.

If these truths were not revealed to fellow relatives, you may not necessarily have such an awareness. By telling fellow relatives these truths, it is hoped that you can begin by correcting every thought of yours from the deepest part of your heart and ensure that every thought of yours is a positive one, thus bringing goodness to the world. When every information emits from our inner heart is positive in nature, we will be able to blend with the high-frequency information in the universe, because our heart is a channel in which we communicate with the universe. In other words, when we emit information to the outer world, we will receive the corresponding information in return.

It has been mentioned before to fellow relatives that information is the source of energy, and as long as the information in our lives becomes higher in its frequency, our life energy will also become higher in its frequency. However, this high-frequency energy of ours needs to resonate with the colossal energy fields outside of our lives in order to have an impact, because as we live in the universe, our life energy is integrated with the cosmic energy. Without the energy of the universe, life can no longer sustain itself.

By telling fellow relatives this truth, I hope that you will understand one principle: in this universe, our normal day-to-day survival is dependent on all the various kinds of energies that are endowed by the cosmic energy fields. The Creators have followed exactly this law when creating every single life form.

Without complying with the laws of the universe, it is very difficult for lifeforms to survive in the universe, let alone establishing worlds and creating all kinds of species. This would require the Creators to possess very high wisdom and exceptional capabilities in order to gain such a profound understanding of the universe, thus creating different kinds of lifeforms to promote the upward development of the universe.

Our understanding of the Truth of the Universe is very limited as we are still living in the lower dimensional space. However, as humans and as lifeforms of a highly intelligent species, we must understand the principles of being a human and must be aware of how to choose the correct life path to embody the values of our lives.

This article on “A Bright Heart” serves to convey to fellow relatives that if we wish to continue to live well in the universe, achieve an indomitable status in the universe and accentuate our greater worth, we must first possess a bright heart.

Received on May 27, 2017


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