Chapter 10 Manner of Speech and Deportment

A person’s manner of speech and deportment is very important because they reflect a person’s behavioural disposition and attainment in self-cultivation. If a person’s speech and deportment are inappropriate, it shows that he/she is not cultivated; on the contrary, if a person’s speech and deportment are well presented, it can be seen that he/she has attained a certain degree of self-cultivation and discipline. It is precisely because a person’s manner of speech and deportment is so important that it is necessary for me to draw the attention of fellow relatives specifically to this topic.

In order for us to possess a higher life level, we must take heed of all our actions, especially on the minor details as to the way we speak and behave.

In our daily lives, if we fail to consider other people’s feelings when we speak, or even blurt out words that hurt others, such acts of harming other people will add negative information to the space, as all of our actions will generate information and will create an effect on the living space of the universe. When we say negative things that hurt others, the act itself is emitting negative information. Not only will this hurt the persons involved, it will also make them generate negative information in turn. It is precisely because every of our spoken word can bring forth a certain influence on the universe that I have to again emphasize on this point, allowing fellow relatives to pay due attention on your choice of words.

Of course, as long as our spoken words are positive in nature, words that are beneficial and pleasing to the ears, and bringing happiness to other people, then such spoken words of ours would bring about positive information to our listeners as well as to the universe. The extent of joyous feeling that gives forth to others from the words we have spoken will show that much strength there is in these words.

It is hoped that fellow relatives pay attention to every of your spoken word, because each and every such word will develop a definite impact on others, and even on the universe. As to the extent of the effect, it will depend on the number of people we have spoken to with these words at the same time. If we are aware that each and every word we speak can have such a great impact, then we must raise our awareness in this aspect and be attentive to every word we say and communicate.

Other than manner of speech, every action of ours is equally important as well, because every action of ours will generate information within the universe. Our behaviour can bring joyous feeling and make others cheerful. Such expressions consequently also provide positive information to the universe. This would require fellow relatives to monitor every behaviour of yours in your daily life and ensure every action of yours is a gracious one. This is because lowly acts make others feel agitated and create resentment, and they also generate negative information. A person who constantly pays attention to his/her manner of speech and deportment is a person with a certain degree of refined disposition and cultivation as our personal qualities are manifested through our daily speech and behaviours.

If we wish to transform ourselves and elevate our life levels, we have only to first begin with minding these seemingly ordinary matters. If we are not aware that every speech and action of ours will generate an impact on others, or even on the world, we will neglect these minor details. If we turn obnoxious, we will lose perspective and eventually become depraved.

To become a virtuous person and a noble life, we must begin by taking stringent steps with our manner of speech and deportment. Our emergence in the universe is for the purpose of leading other species and bringing positive strength to the world. If we are unable to bring positive power to the world, we will become depraved persons and lowly lives.

If we wish to possess a distinguished status, we must strengthen ourselves by first monitoring our every action, speech and thought, making our presence brings beauty to the world, leading more people to walk on the correct path of life, allowing everyone to portray a good image, thereby bringing more positive energy to the universe.

Received on May 26, 2017


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