Chapter 9 The Power of Smiles

Perhaps fellow relatives are unaware of the kind of power behind every smile of yours. With all these seemingly normal things, fellow relatives tend not to pay much attention to them. Regardless of whether fellow relatives possess such consciousness or are aware of these truths, I can tell you clearly that: Every smile that we show is powerful and will generate a definite influence on the information field of the universe. This is because smiles generate positive information and make the information field of the universe more and more peaceful, thus causing the frequency of the cosmic energy field to be higher and higher. Such is the effect of a smile on the universe. We should not underestimate nor ignore the power behind every single smile of ours.

However, it is because the life information of many fellow relatives is far too negative that they seldom smile in their daily lives, causing this inborn ability of theirs to be inactive. The type of life information that is cumulated within a person’s life is very important as life information will affect the manifestation of the outward behaviour of the entire person. When a person lacks positive information to sustain him/her, the embodiment of his/her outward behaviour will also be negative. The lesser the positive information in a person’s life, the lesser will be his/her smiles.

Although this seems to be a very ordinary thing in life, yet it contains a profound principle.  If fellow relatives are not conscious in reviewing and appreciating your life or are unwilling to make an effort to understand these truths, you will live in this world blindly and will not pay attention to every detail in the course of your life. When we do not attach high importance and value to our life, we are actually despising our own life; when we are oblivious to our behaviour, we are also looking down on our life. It is precisely because of this that some fellow relatives choose to let loose of themselves, become irresponsible toward their own life.

Perhaps fellow relatives think that a smile of ours is nothing much. However, you may not be aware that when we stop smiling, it shows that the positive information within our life is diminishing, which means that our life has lost its worthiness and we are living in darkness. When a person’s inner heart is filled with gloominess, it is natural that he/she will be unable to put a smile on his/her face. There are some people who will smile for their personal gains, but such kind of smiles have no power at all because they are not from within the heart. Smile must be genuine from the heart to be effectual. If the smile is insincere, it will not hold any power.

By conveying these principles to our fellow relatives, it is hoped that you can smile more in this world to bring more happiness, joy and positive information to this world, thereby rendering warmth to this world because of our presence. When we give others support and render more loving care, we will receive strength from various aspects in many folds in return. It is only when we are observant of ourselves in our daily lives and allow our every behaviour and thought to be positive can we accumulate positive energy. When we have accumulated more and more positive information and energy in our lives, we will be able to smile more and bring warmth to others. This is because smiles can melt the iciness in this world, warm the hearts of all and bring positive information to the universe. Therefore, how could we possibly ignore the power of a smile?

If fellow relatives are not strong in other set of skills, and are incapable of contributing yourselves through other abilities for the time being, you can contribute through showing your smiles to increase the positive energy of the universe, thereby embodying your own worth. This is the simplest and the most effective form of dedication.

Received on May 26,2017


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