Chapter 8 Our Lives

Whilst we live in this universe, every one of us has our own life. However, because each of our life experience is different, therefore, our individual life journey will be different and unique too. Life brings to us many surprises and splendours, as much as it encompasses various hardships and tribulations at the same time. When we are experiencing the course of our life journey, we are also experiencing our own growth. Undeniably, it is every individual’s experiences with rough patches, joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure that are merged into becoming our personal life journey.

As we live in this world, we must go through various kinds of tribulations in order to enhance our experiences. Without such trials and tribulations, our life journey would be flat and very dull. The more we experience hardships and sufferings, the quicker will be our growth. Regardless of the type of life journey we have experienced, we must choose the correct life path. It is only when a correct life path is chosen that all the tribulations will embody their true values. If we go against the laws of the universe, having chosen to degrade ourselves, or having chosen the wrong path of life, then all the difficulties that we have gone through would become useless. This is because by going against the cosmic laws, it would cause us to become the burden and the destroyer of the universe, and even slip further to become an evil life.

Only when we constantly maintain a positive state of thinking, listen to the inner guidance of our hearts and not acting against our own conscience can we walk on the correct path of life, and will not act against the laws of the universe. Even though we may not have experienced that many endeavours and trainings in our lives, at least we have chosen the right direction. The success and failure of a life journey depends very much on our wisdom. Therefore, we must process all of our accumulated life experiences and elevate the level of our wisdom, nudging ourselves to keep striving towards the right direction. Only when we have chosen the correct life path will the true worth of the life journey be embodied.

Whilst we live in this universe, success is not determined by how much material comfort and enjoyment, or the extent of power we possessed. Instead, it is the embodiment of values that matters. If we are an unworthy life, how is it possible for us to have a successful life? All successes originate from positive choices. It is only when we have chosen the correct life path that we can actually benefit others and the universe at large, thus accentuating our own worth. This is the real success of a person.

As human beings, if we do not benefit others or the universe, it will be unconvincing and farfetched to call ourselves a success, because that is not the genuine success. Of course, failure in life journey is also the outcome of personal greed, selfishness, the inability to gain support from others and etc. When a person lives solely for personal interest and gain, he/she is deemed unworthy. For an unworthy person, even if he/she possesses enormous wealth, great power and authority, his/her life journey is also a failure. A failed life journey will face an eventual downfall and it is only a matter of time when the destruction takes place.

Life journey is extremely long, not a short duration of time. We must learn to undergo training ourselves in this lifelong journey by first choosing the correct direction when dealing with every small matter, and to exert a positive impact on the universe. Of course, the more conscious we are, the better we will be in observing subtly our every speech and action. The more mindful we are in our detailed observations, the more we are capable of checking and improving ourselves, allowing each of our thought and every action of ours to be a positive one.

In fact, as long as a person’s heart is filled with love, the entire life will be full of sunshine. A life journey full of sunshine is a happy and blissful life.  Such a life journey cannot possibly be exchanged with any amount of wealth or any magnitude of power.

By revealing these truths to fellow relatives, it serves the purpose of letting you understand that the path a person has chosen will mean the kind of life he/she has selected. The life journeys of some people are very meaningful, they are capable of accentuating constantly their greater values in the universe; whereas some of others’ life journeys are gloomy, agonizing and sorrowful instead. This of course is related to the self-centeredness and selfish heart of theirs. The more selfish a person is, the gloomier will be his/her life, and the more difficult it will be for him/her to find brightness. When a person is unable to find a path to brightness, his/her life journey is a failure and a miserable one. Not only would such a course of life incapable of embodying any values, he/she would also become a hidden peril to the world due to living in such state of survival over a prolonged period of time. Such a person will not only be unwelcomed but instead be disregarded and abandoned. A person without a heart for love, with no sense of responsibility and lacks a spirit of selfless dedication will spend his/her course of life in gloominess. This is because a loving, responsible and dedicated person will know how to care for others, help people and serve the world. This will not only see him/her receiving respect from many people, but will also accentuate his/her worth.

Every one of us has our rights to choose our life. However, it is only when we choose unconditional dedication, fulfil our responsibilities and obligations towards the world, and to help more people that we can embody our lives’ values. This is the correct choice of life.

By conveying these principles to our fellow relatives, it is nothing more than just hoping that you can uplift yourselves after having gained this knowledge. Even if you have walked the wrong path before, you can still choose to turn around. This is because only when you are useful to the world can you embody your lives’ values, and this is the right direction of your life journey. Once the wrong path is taken, not only will one suffer more consequently, but will also march towards destruction as well.

As a manager of the universe, I certainly hope that all fellow relatives will choose the correct life journey, become worthy lives and play a bigger and praiseworthy role in the universe.

Received on May 25, 2017


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