Chapter 7 Our Moral Characters

As the highly intelligent human species, the Creators have gifted us many noble moral character traits when we were being created, such as selflessness, universal love, courage, a sense of responsibility and so on. These are the basic nature and moral characters possessed by us, the Righteous humans.

It is precisely because we were born with such moral characters that we are able to adopt a positive way of life to survive in the universe. These moral characters of ours are inherited from birth and all descendants of the Righteous family group will possess these noble characters. However, the evil species do not have such noble characters like ours. At the time of creating their evil species, the evil creators have set them up to be greedy, cold and indifferent, aggressive, etc.. Therefore, their nature and characters are completely different from ours.

As Righteous lives and a highly intelligent species, we own our noble characters to the grace of the Creators. Therefore, we must spread and flourish these noble characters to serve the Righteous universe, allowing the Creators to take pride in creating us. As Righteous lives, if we do not carry forward these noble characters well, we will be contradicting the Creators’ original intention of creating us. If these noble characters are buried or suppressed, it is due to us being contaminated thus causing these noble characters to be incapable of manifesting their potential.

Assuredly, the lower the dimensional space that fellow relatives live in, the more difficult it is for these noble characters to manifest. This is because fellow relatives will be disturbed by the confusing energy fields and lose your direction in life or even change and fall further gradually, making it very difficult to return to your Self-Nature thereby awakening these noble moral characters. However, so long as fellow relatives elevate the frequency of your life energy ceaselessly, you will be able to stimulate and mobilize these noble characters. In order for these noble characters to manifest properly, fellow relatives must continually expand your loving hearts, possess the courage to embrace responsibilities as well as increase your sense of responsibility and mission.

It is certainly through these noble moral characters that we can realize and have a chance to accentuate our values whilst living in this universe. If a person does not possess these noble moral characters, it is very easy for him/her to become the destroyer of the universe, as it is only with these noble characters that we are led to walk on the correct life path and enable ourselves to embody greater worth in the universe.

Moral Characters are very important for highly intelligent lifeforms. The kind of moral characters a person possesses would dictate his/her destiny. With good and refined moral characters, one will be able to constantly embody greater worth in the universe; conversely, when the moral characters are inferior, or even despicable, it will bring to a person a miserable and tragic fate, or even lead him/her towards destruction.

By conveying these simple principles to fellow relatives, it is hoped that you can make full use of these noble moral characters and play your roles well in the universe. We must not conceal these noble characteristics and must not become unworthy lives. More importantly, we must not become the destroyers of the universe because this does not befit our honourable status as the highly intelligent human species. Instead, we must lead praiseworthy lives in the universe, devote ourselves and become selfless contributors of the universe, and making the embodiment of our greatest worth as our ultimate goal in life and let the inborn noble characters be expressed to their fullest possible extent.

Received on May 25, 2017


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