Chapter 5 The Importance of External Image

The external image of every one of us is very important because the kind of external image we possess will generate a similar impact to the external environment. If our outward appearance is improper, it will bring negative information to our living environment.

As a lifeform in the universe, not only our thoughts and behaviours are generating information, our outward appearance generates information as well. In reality, fellow relatives may not be aware of the fact that our external image is also considered as a kind of behaviour. A person with a good external image will bring a sense of beauty, positive information and positive energy to this world. On the contrary, if a person is dishevelled and possesses a sloppy image with unbecoming speech and demeanour, then he/she will bring negative information and energy to this world.

Whilst living in the universe, we must perfect ourselves both internally and externally. Not only do we need to elevate our inner cultivation and discipline, we must also enhance our external image to make it more decent and to better embody the noble and distinguished image that befits highly intelligent lifeforms. This is because as the highly intelligent human species, we possess a distinguished status.

In the universe, species that are capable of building their own worlds possess a very high status. It is just that many relatives do not have such an awareness that they do not pay attention to their external image. Since we enjoy such respectable and distinguished identities and we have a certain standing in the universe, we must not ignore our external image just because we are living in the worlds of lower-dimensional space. Since we are highly intelligent lifeforms, regardless of the level of world we are living in, we should bring to the world a sense of beauty, joy and happiness to others. This is the most fundamental display of us being humans.

If fellow relatives are not aware of this point and do not pay attention to their outward appearances, allowing themselves to become sloppy and unkempt persons, then they are not  entitled to such a respectable identity as a highly intelligent species. Regardless of how difficult life may get, we must remember our noble and distinguished status, and strive to overcome all difficulties and enable ourselves to embody a good image in the universe, thus bringing positive information to the world with every single expression of ours. This is because, as we emerge in the universe, all that we do must be for the purpose of serving the universe and we must not go against this principle. In other words, as individual existences in the cosmos, everything that we do should be dedicated to the universe. When we all possess this higher perspective, we will naturally have such awareness.

By conveying such knowledge to fellow relatives, it serves the purpose of allowing fellow relatives to realize the basic etiquette as decent human beings, understand the purpose of being a human, along with helping you to establish a sound foundation for your development in the universe. I have expounded on each and every of these in details so that fellow relatives can correct and uplift yourselves in every single details. This is because our speech and deportment, the manner we dress including every thought of ours have a definite impact and influence on the universe. Therefore, everything that we do must conform to the cosmic requirements and not fail the Creators’ original intention of creating us. This way, we are then considered as living in the universe in the right way, and be able to play our roles well and accentuate our own values.

Received on May 25, 2017


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