Chapter 4 Mental and Spiritual Outlook

A person’s mental and spiritual outlook is the manifestation of a person’s state of life and well-being. Therefore, we must pay attention to the presentation of our personal image. If our outward appearance is unbecoming, it will damage our overall self-image.

When we are not very calm, we must make timely adjustments and allow ourselves to return to a peaceful state of mind as quickly as possible. When we understand that all of the trials and tribulations which we experience in life can teach us, we will not let our inner heart be flustered in response to life’s many twists and turns. Therefore, when there are different kinds of fluctuations in our inner heart, we must consciously regulate them to allow our inner heart to return to its peaceful state promptly. Our inner self-cultivation and self-discipline will affect our external spiritual and mental outlook directly. Good inner cultivation will keep our spirit in a constant state of well-being, thus leading us to look solemn. This requires us to enhance our inner cultivation and discipline so that we possess a refined spiritual and mental outlook.

There are three factors that determine our inner cultivation and discipline:

The first factor is our life information. It is because our life information can influence and cause all systems of our life to change. Hence, the kind of life information we possess will turn us into people of a similar level. It is also because life information is constantly impacting on the energy, the types of life information we possess will cause us to have the similar level of life energy. If our life information is positive in nature, the life energy in us will also be positive; on the contrary, if our life information is negative, then our life energy will be negative too.

The second factor is our life energy. Our life energy determines our inner cultivation and discipline as it dominates all living systems of our life. If our life energy is in a positive state, the entire life system will operate in a positive manner. When the entire life system is operating in a positive manner, our entire life will be in a positive state of being. This positive state of being will help elevate our self-cultivation as well as allowing us to present a healthy mental and spiritual outlook. On the contrary, when our life energy is in a negative state, our entire life system will be moving in a negative manner. When the life system is operating in a negative manner, the entire life will be in a negative state of being. This negative state of being will prevent us from presenting a healthy mental and spiritual outlook.

The third factor is the frequency of our life energy. It is because the frequency of our life energy is too low that we are unable to receive nourishment from the cosmic high-frequency energy, making it impossible for our self-cultivation to be improved greatly, or be elevated to a very high realm.

The three factors mentioned above determine our level of self-cultivation.

Whilst we live in the universe, there have always been many objective factors that are constraining us. We have only to constantly strive to uplift ourselves in order to achieve higher capability and wisdom to overcome these constraints. In fact, it is also necessary for us to train ourselves with the process of constantly breaking through these constraints. As we live in the universe, this is a process we must go through in order to continually elevate our varied abilities and break through all aspects of difficulties. As long as we are aware of how to make good use of every training platform at the different phases, our self-discipline and cultivation will be enhanced and significantly improved. When we possess a higher level of self-discipline and cultivation, we will be able to embody a much better mental and spiritual outlook in the universe.

Having conveyed these principles clearly and vividly to fellow relatives, I believe you can make good use of this knowledge to perfect your shortcomings and transform yourselves. This is the reason that I am compiling this teaching material so as to help fellow relatives who have yet to possess such high-level realization.

Received on May 24, 2017


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