Chapter 3 Behaviour

“Behaviour” is very important to every one of us as it reflects a person’s life level* as well as a person’s disposition and self-cultivation. If we behave badly, it shows that our life level is low; if all our behaviour is proper and decent, not only do we exude the honour of our lives, we can also offer positive information to the universe, thus helping the universe with its continual upward development. It is exactly because behaviour is so important that I need to emphasize on its core point to our fellow relatives. (*Life level refers to the category and level of lifeform. It is an achieved life level and does not refer to the administrative level of a person in the mundane concept. We can comprehend it as a lifeform’s energy, its wisdom, capability and cultivation, etc. in a combined state. With human life alone, there are many life levels which range from low to high, and the entire life level within the living space is innumerable.)

All living beings exhibit a certain behaviour at all times. If we do not pay enough attention to the subtle details of our behaviour, then we will not be aware of the kind of information we have sent forth to the universe. Therefore, to live a more worthy and honourable life, we must pay attention to every aspect of our behaviour. In this way, it benefits not only us but the universe as well.

If we fail to watch each of our behaviour closely, we will not have the kind of consciousness needed to transform ourselves, and we will unwittingly exhibit improper or bad behaviour. Hence, this requires every one of us to watch ourselves constantly and be mindful of the importance of each behaviour exhibited.

Our habitual way of speaking, behaving and the manner in which we walk, stand, sit, lie down are all visible aspects of behaviour that are happening all the time. If we are not fully aware of each and every little detail of our actions, we would not realize the kind of behaviour we have exhibited. Every day we exhibit too many different behaviour, it is very difficult for a person who is not mindful to notice his/her improper or bad behaviour. It would require every one of us to have a close observation of our behaviour, change it consciously, making every act of ours a positive one.

It is because our behaviour will affect the information field of the universe that behaviour is vitally important. Every lifeform will generate many behaviour, and so it is difficult to calculate how much information we have sent forth to the universe every day. The information generated as a result by our behaviour is constantly spreading in the universe. The kind of behaviour we display will result in the kind of information the universe will receive. If all our behaviour is positive in nature, the information supplied to the universe will be positive ones; on the contrary, when there is negativity in our behaviour, the information supplied to the universe will contain negative traits too.

Since our behaviour can generate such significant impact in the universe,  we must attach great importance to them. When we fail to watch our behaviour, it is very easy for us to become depraved and slipped towards the evil world. In the universe, there are the Righteous worlds and also the Evil worlds. What kind of person we become will duly bring about the type of life we live. Some people have walked towards the evil worlds due to them taking the initial step of developing bad behaviour. It is due to their bad behaviour that they become lowly lives or even despicable lives. These lifeforms will walk towards darkness which is the type of lifeforms that the evil worlds want. The Righteous worlds need positive-energy lives. The Righteous worlds give Righteous lives a great space to develop freely, letting every single Righteous life to embody its greater value happily and blissfully in the universe. This, however, will not happen in the evil worlds. The lifeforms in the evil worlds have an excessively strong desire to control, and they will use all types of means to trap and bind those lifeforms in their worlds. They will not let those beings much freedom, and such is the survival mode in the evil worlds.

Dear fellow relatives, you must pay great attention to your outward behaviour, strive well to overcome all difficulties, allowing every behaviour of yours to be a positive one. In this way, not only will you help uplift yourselves, it will also promote the constructive development of the Righteous worlds.

Conveying these truths to fellow relatives serves the purpose of helping fellow relatives to be aware in choosing the correct life path, to become positive-energy persons, thus enabling them to grow freely, happily and blissfully in the Righteous worlds, and at the same time making positive contributions to the Righteous worlds.

Received on 24 May, 2017


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