Chapter 2 Our Spirits

The core spirits of our small universe family group are selfless contribution, the courage to face imminent challenges, the daring spirit to create and the willingness to shoulder responsibility. These spirits have been sustaining the continual upward development of our family group. It is with such spirits that our family group has been able to receive much help and support from the relevant division of the grand universe, thus achieving a stable development. These spirits are considered as special traits of our family group because these spirits will continue to pass on, flourish and propagate, forever be etched into the hearts of every member of the family group and become the most important part of our lives.

As members of the family group, we must know how to love and protect our family group,maintain the family group’s interest, and selflessly contribute ourselves for the continual development of the family group. Certainly, our unconditional dedication will also embody the worth of our lives. As Righteous lives, we possess the noble spirits gifted by the Creators. We must propagate such noble spirits as they will grant us continual improvement. In order to spread and flourish these noble spirits well, we must possess the basic cultivation of proper behaviour and refined human etiquette. Therefore, in order to transform ourselves, we must begin by elevating the level of our behavioural disposition and self-cultivation, granting every single action, every thought of ours to be a positive one.

As long as a person is selfless, he/she will bring about benefits to others and the world at large because everything that a selfless person does is for the interests and well-being of others and the public, never for himself/herself. Certainly, the scale of contribution a person can make depends very much on this person’s capability. However, regardless of the kind of ability a person has acquired, he/she must spread and flourish this spirit of nobleness. This is because the spirits we possess are inborn whereas capability requires a long period of continuous training to accumulate the experience.

In order to give full play to these noble spirits, we must first stimulate these spirits. And to see a manifestation of these inborn noble spirits, we must possess a loving heart and a certain degree of positive information and energy. Without these as foundation, it will be very difficult to stimulate and mobilize the inborn noble spirits in our life. Whether these noble spirits can be stimulated and manifested completely, it will depend on how generous our loving hearts are and the scale of our sense of responsibility and mission. These are the requisite conditions for the awakening of all the noble spirits within us.

Even when our love is not that entrenched, we will still possess a certain definitive spirit of nobleness. It is just that these spirits have not reached a certain height, or we may comprehend it as these spirits of ours have not been completely stimulated and released. If we can completely manifest these inborn noble spirits, we will bring about an extremely powerful strength to the world. If a person has reached such a heightened stage, it means that he/she no longer has any selfish desires. Everything that he/she does is for others and the world at large. When a person has completely casted aside his/her personal interest, his/her sense of responsibility and mission will be strongly magnified, and he/she will definitely be able to bring these inborn noble spirits into full play.

If we do not understand this principle, then it will be very difficult for us to change and uplift ourselves. Only when we realize more truths can they benefit us in finding the correct ways and also enable us to accentuate our greater worth in the universe.

Actually, the type of spirit a person has implies the very kind of life qualities this person possesses. When the qualities of our lives become higher, we will be more capable of manifesting our innate noble spirits into full play in vividness and incisiveness; and contribute a much greater strength to the universe.

Received on May 22, 2017




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