Chapter1 Morality

 “Morality”, or “Dao De”, is the criterion of human or personhood moral standards and also the norm of our behaviours. “Dao De”, or the Way, is the law of the universe and “Dao De” is human moral integrity; when the two comes together, they become the standard code of human ethics and criterions. If a person’s behaviour is not regulated by these morality, then there will not be any code of ethics to guide his/her behaviours. If a person lacks morality, then he/she is not fit to be called a “human”. At the time of creation, the Creators have setup human beings as highly intelligent lifeforms and they have gifted us with the abilities to lead other species towards their upliftment and development. As highly intelligent human species, only when we embrace morality to regulate ourselves can we then walk on the correct path of life, and become worthy lives.

A person’s standard of morality can be a form of measure of his/her life level. (Life level refers to the category and level of life form. It is an achieved life level and does not refer to the administrative level of a person in the mundane concept. We can comprehend it as a lifeform’s energy, its wisdom, capability and cultivation, etc. in a combined state. With human life alone, there are many life levels which range from low to high, and the entire life level within the living space is innumerable.) When a person lives in accordance with the laws of the universe, it implies that he/she has attained a very high life level. Only when a person moves towards this direction of life path with continual upliftment can his/her life level reach a heightened state. In order to improve the standard of moral integrity, a person must begin by paying due attention to his/her daily living, perfecting every bit of his/her behaviours and virtues. Strengthening the foundation of morality is the fundamental and is also the basis of being a human. If a person lacks morality, he/she is considered a negative-energy life. If a person becomes more immoral, he/she will sink deeper into depravity, and will eventually become evil. Hence, this is the importance of being virtuous as humans.

With good moral conducts, not only will we receive respect and recognition from more people, we will also be contributing positive information to the universe. As we live in the universe, all of our appearances and behaviours are emitting varied kinds of information, and as long as it is a positive behaviour and thought, it will be an act of supplying positive information to the universe. By conveying these basic human etiquettes to fellow relatives, it is hoped that you can implement the most basic moral integrity, regulate yourselves by following the code of ethics in anything you do, and not permitting yourselves to emit negative information and become a negative-energy person.

Having understood the importance of strengthening the foundation of morality, we must pay attention to every minute detail of our ethical conduct, letting us to become the exemplifying moral examples and ideals in the world. A person of noble character is deemed to be trustworthy by many others and will also receive support from even more people. Only when a person relies on his/her moral integrity and becomes the benchmark will he/she be able to influence more people, enabling himself/herself to be a living example of others. Such acts of positive guidance will embody a person’s greater values.

Although upholding the ideals of morality is very important, not everyone can understand or act upon it. To become a person of excellent character with high-mindedness, we must refrain ourselves from bad behaviours; avoiding indulgence and slacking, be able to use our strong will to face and resolve all kinds of difficulties which emerge in our lives. If we are unable to do this, how could we possibly be a role model of morality then? And, because our display of inferior behaviour will leave an extremely bad impression on others, such people will never get to become the benchmark. Therefore, to be the benchmark for the humankind and a role model of moral uprightness, we must use the code of ethics to regulate all our behaviours. This would require a person to put in a lot of effort and sacrifice. Although there is a definite extent of difficulties in adopting this, with strong determination, a person with perseverance and patience will be able to overcome all sorts of obstacles, thus becoming a leader of the world and an exemplary existence in the universe.

To become the benchmark and an exemplary role model, we must sacrifice our personal benefits. To receive better recognition and trust from more people, we must constantly change ourselves, striving hard to overcome all kinds of difficulties in order to gain a stable, indomitable status in the universe. Assuredly, all of our sacrifices and hard work we have handled out will see us receiving huge rewards in return. When we are accorded with approval by many people, the sense of honour will make us take pride in ourselves. At the same time, we will receive refinement and upliftment as well as fully embody our values.

Received on May 22, 2017


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