Section 2 Ability and Wisdom of Earth People

This section is very important to us on the earth, because we don’t know how capable and intelligent we are. Precisely because of this, the top leader of the Federal Government of the Galaxy came to tell us the truth. It is also because we were previously imprisoned that we are content with the status quo, and have not explored our potential well, causing our potential in our life to be unable to be achieved properly. Although there are some relatives who have been working hard and surpassing themselves constantly, since there is no guidance of high-end knowledge, they have not achieved a great breakthrough.

At present, we know that human beings have the ability of perception, cognition and thinking. In fact, human capabilities are far more than these. For example, the ability of our very keen sense of intuition is beyond these three kinds of abilities. The higher the energy frequency of a person, the sharper and more accurate his intuition is; of course, these abilities of the impetuous person will not be reflected, because the impetuous people will have problems in judging all things. Only those who are quiet, will be able to well reflect these abilities of theirs.

Why do our relatives in the high dimensional space always teach us to keep quiet? Because people who cannot be quiet will not have willpower, and people who do not have willpower will not have too much wisdom. Although these reasons are simple, we rarely do it. Why do the people of high self-cultivation have a high degree of steadfastness? Because people of high self-cultivation can keep quiet. A person with wisdom can handle things well and can reflect his or her own ability, that is, wisdom can promote the growth of ability. If a person has only the ability to work and lacks wisdom, all the efforts he made will have little impact. Because the ability reflects the height of a person’s behavior, whereas the wisdom reflects the comprehensive height of a life who has reached a certain realm, only when the two are perfectly combined can a life play a greater role and reflect greater values in the universe.

In this section, the top leader of the Galaxy Federal Government tells us about the power and wisdom that the earth people should have, and that we must improve our ability and wisdom. We can’t just improve one aspect, but lack the training of the other side, because it will not let us become a real high-end talent. Real high-end talents must be both smart and capable. If we don’t know or understand the truth, we will go in the wrong direction.

Today, the Earth does have many capable people who play their part in various fields. It is precisely because there are so many training projects on the earth that the highly intelligent life of the high-dimensional space have descended to the earth to experience.

The earth is a vast field for training in which the training projects are much more diverse than those of the other physical planets in our small universe. Because the earth has a wide range of development, various fields and different industries can provide the training platforms for human beings; while on other physical planets there are only a few or single training items. For this reason, the relatives of the high-dimensional space are willing to choose a field like the earth to train themselves. Although this is a negative energy field, there are more and greater opportunities here. It can be said that the physical planet is the foundation of a family development, because the reproduction of life and its training of basic skills are dependent on the physical planet. Therefore, the relatives who think that they are deficient in their basic skills are also willing to choose to go to the physical planets to train up and improve themselves. This is the main reason why Founders ① constantly establish Yang-property worlds.

The Yang-property world can procreate both the descendants and more of the other species, so the relatives of the related administrative departments in the high-dimensional space will make many plans and arrangements when establishing and administrating the universe. They are also leading well all lives towards the upward development within the scope of their jurisdiction with the experience accumulated through training in the universe for many years. The higher the dimensional space, the greater the vision of overall situation and the global view the leader of the relevant administrations will possess. In other words, the higher the ability and wisdom of the universe managers, the greater the responsibility they will shoulder and exercise to the universe.

In the universe, as long as it is a species of love, it has the spirit of selfless dedication, and possesses the qualities of selfless love, rendering assistance to the weak and others, and all these noble qualities can be embodied to its fullest extent. We, the Earth people, have such qualities, so there are many people on this planet who are upright and kind. It is just that in the low-dimensional spaces, the display of these noble qualities is relatively weak. The relatives on the earth have not much sense of responsibility nowadays, and they have not reached to the high level of the high-intelligence relatives in the high-dimensional space, but it does not mean that the Earth people do not have such potential. Because we are also the species of love, as well as the descendants of the highly intelligent ancestors of the high-dimensional space.

Since many of the relatives on the earth are those who came from the high-dimensional space for training on the earth, it indicates that they possess the ability and wisdom of a high-dimensional space life. The reason why they have the extraordinary ability and high wisdom that ordinary people do not have on the earth is because they are originally the high-intelligence life of the high-dimensional space.

By telling the truth to the relatives on the earth through me, the top leader of the Federal Government of the Galaxy hopes to awaken the relatives who have descended from the high-dimensional space to the earth for training. While these truths point them to the right direction in life, they also lay a good foundation for their rise. In doing so, the highest leadership of the Federal Government of the Galaxy is to let these relatives change themselves and thus change their own world by learning the knowledge of the universe, and let them elevate their energy frequency through their own efforts, so as to develop towards a higher-dimensional space, thus making greater contributions to the big family group of the righteous universe, and fulfilling their responsibilities and obligations for the upward development of the universe.

Well, this is the end of this section of “Ability and Wisdom of Earth People”.

Date of Receiving: February 27, 2017


① Founders: There are different levels of Founders in the universe. They will establish the world according to their own abilities in different levels of space. Of course, the founders with higher levels also have certain creative abilities. Just because the universe has different needs, there are some lives and high-level existence that focuses on establishing the world. In fact, the relevant administrative departments in the universe have a clear division of labor between establishing the world and creating everything (including life). This is the difference between the Founder and the Creator.


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