Section 1 Earth People’s Perception on Universe

The current understanding on the universe by our earth people is still vague, because we live in a small space and have never been able to understand the universe more clearly. Although our earth people have the ability to travel in space by spacecraft, its scope is still very limited. In fact, the universe is a comprehensive force field formed by the information acting on the energy. The universe is so big and magic that is hard for us to imagine.

Of course, the life at different levels will have different perceptions of the universe, but even if the lives are of higher levels, they still have limited knowledge of the universe. It’s just that the life of stronger ability and higher level has broader understanding of the universe, and knows more about the truth of the universe.

As human beings of the high-intelligence species, we cannot confine ourselves. We must break through the original pattern, upgrade our energy frequency, and develop to a higher dimensional space. Only in this way can we have the ability to learn more about the truth of the universe.

The “universe” is a concept that is extremely broad. We use this concept to describe the whole energy field, and it is only the expression of our earth people. Other worlds use different concepts to express or define it.

Earlier, the relative of our small universe mentioned that there are no more than 100 Galaxies in the universe, in fact, it is only his personal knowledge. Because the loved one in our small universe cannot fully understand the higher-level world, he can only convey the truth that he knows to us. Now the top leader of the Federal Government of the Galaxy tells us: In fact, there are not less than 90 Galaxies in the universe, and they are only the jurisdiction of the upper department of our Galaxy. Above the upper ranks of the Galaxy, there are higher levels of leadership. As to how many levels of management departments are there and how many Galaxies are administrated in total, we still don’t know. This shows that there is no limit to the understanding of the universe.

As I have just told my loved ones, the higher the dimensions of space, the more the life with greater ability will know about the truth of the universe. From this point of view, as a life in the universe, we have the opportunity to learn more about the universe truth only if we constantly upgrade our own life capabilities and levels. Only by changing ourselves, changing the earth’s existing energy field and allowing ourselves to live well in the universe, can we lay a good foundation for the constant exploration of the mysteries of the universe.

Today, we are still living in dire straits, and there is no way to be out of danger. We can’t just obsess the knowledge of the universe, because the knowledge of the universe is endless. As long as we have been living in the universe, we have the opportunity to learn more about the mysteries of the universe. At present, the most urgent task is to solve the problems on the earth. We cannot insist on understanding more mysteries of the universe but ignore the existing problems on the earth.

Although the universe is closely related to the destiny of each of us, for the knowledge that is too esoteric, it is beyond our understanding at this stage since we are the life living in such a low-dimensional space. If we don’t spend time and energy to solve the earth’s problems, but only want to explore the mysteries of the universe, then we are heading in the wrong direction. If we don’t have the ability to protect the earth and save our lives, even if we know more of the mysteries of the universe, it doesn’t make much sense.

With my current ability, I can only convey some basic knowledge of the universe to my relatives. As long as this knowledge can help the relatives to ascend and gain some wisdom to solve the current problems of the earth, that will be good enough. Because in such a huge negative energy field, the energy frequency of my own life is also limited, and that’s all I can do with my current ability. Even so, it was the constant high frequency of energy given to me by my relatives in the high-dimensional space that enables me to convey these basic knowledge of the universe. In the face of such facts, I am also helpless! I also wish to have greater ability to help my loved ones on the earth, but if the earth’s energy field remains unchanged, even though I have a big desire, that is just a wish. Only when the frequency of the entire large energy field is continuously increased will it help me to receive the knowledge conveyed by the loved ones in the much higher dimensional space. Therefore, only if we, the earth people, can work together, can we gain a better understanding of the universe.

The earth people have indeed a certain degree of wisdom, and some people possess higher wisdom. This part of people originally came from the high-dimensional space to the earth to practice. It’s just that they don’t know the truth at the moment, nor do they know their true identity, or where they are from, so they will be confined. The top leader of the Federal Government of the Galaxy allows me to tell these truths, that is, to awaken these relatives who came from the high-dimensional space to experience on the earth, letting them wake up and return to their own nature, and thus play a greater role on the earth. Because of their high intelligence and strong ability, if they can wake up, they can help more loved ones and change the fate of the earth.

I hope that my relatives will not think that their lives are only limited to this lifetime, and will no longer confine themselves to such a small living space as the earth. The living space of human beings in the universe is far beyond our imagination. We can continue to surpass ourselves and become a higher-frequency life with our own efforts, to reflect greater value in a world of higher-dimensional space.

If these relatives who came from the high-dimensional space to the earth to experience can awaken, and become highly intelligent talents, not only will the earth be well developed, but even our small universe will be greatly changed. Because our family critically lacks talents, they have descended to the earth for the development of the family to experience and improve their abilities. But now they don’t know the truth, nor do they know their true identity, therefore, they are confused and have lost their direction.

In fact, if any one wants to return to the world of high-dimensional space, he must correct himself and become a person full of positive energy and constantly serve the world. Only in this way can his energy frequency be raised to achieve such a desire. Few people have known this truth before, so there are not many relatives who can elevate to the world of the high-dimensional space. Although some people can improve, their elevated dimension is not very high. Now the top leader of the Federal Government of the Galaxy tells us, the earth people, the truth, for the sake of enabling us to have higher consciousness, and have greater ability to upgrade to a world of the higher-dimensional space, thus contributing greater strength to the family’s upward development.

Well, this is the end of this section of“Earth People’s Perception on Universe”.

Date of Receiving: February 27, 2017


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