Section 3 Reasonable Use of Universal Resources

To see such a theme, I believe that many loved ones will feel uneasy like me. It is precisely because the people on the earth have not been able to use the resources of the universe properly that it causes the devastating effects of the earth nowadays. At the same time, the earth’s energy field is filled with negative information because of the selfishness of the people on the earth and the inability to fill up the gully of desires. These negative information constantly interfere with the earth’s energy field, so that the frequency of the earth’s energy field is getting lower and lower. Such a low-frequency energy field not only hinders us, the earth people, to develop towards the high-dimensional space, but also affects the emotions of each of us. In other words, each of us feels suppressed and even pained by this negative energy field. I have also communicated these before, and I have repeatedly told the relatives that I want my relatives to have this kind of awareness—how this negative energy field has greatly affected us! The great harm that the negative information brings to us is beyond our imagination.

Of course, the universal resources also include the resources on the earth, because the earth itself is an integral part of the universe. The universal resources are the general term for the resources available in the universe. Because the languages and expressions of the varied worlds are different, the relatives in the high-dimensional space can only communicate in the concepts and terms commonly used by the people on the earth, otherwise we cannot understand them.

It has been told to the relatives in the previous section that the resources of the universe fall into two categories: one is the resources in the universal void, and the other is the resources inherent on the planet. In the world of the higher dimensional space, the lives know better on how to use the resources of the universe’s void than to destroy the resources inherent on the planet. That is to say, the more wise and capable the life, the abler it is to use resources reasonably in the universe.

Nowadays, our people on the earth are not completely ignorant of these truths. We just have not enough capacity to use the resources of the universal void, and are driven by the interests, so we continue to consume the material resources inherent on the earth. This has caused the unbalanced utilization of resources in the universe. The resources of the universe are so abundant, but we do not understand them. This is indeed a key issue that we, the people on the earth, need to break through and solve urgently.

To change our destiny, we must first change our mind. When everyone on the earth is loving and sends positive information for the universe, the quality of all energy and material in the universe will be improved. In other words, only the higher the frequency of all energy and matter, the better the quality, the more valuable it is. It’s just like a product with better quality will last longer; and the longer it lasts, the more it will reflect its value.

If the frequency of the energy field in the universe is too low, the quality of energy resources and material resources in the universe will not be too good. Because only the higher frequency of energy and material can be better used for us. The same is true of the material resources inherent on the earth. If the earth becomes a high-frequency energy field, then the energy frequency of the inherent material resources on the earth will also increase, their quality will become better and better, and the service life will be longer. To tell the relatives such a simple truth, it is hoped that the relatives will understand how powerful the high-frequency energy field is to the universe!

The only way to change this low-frequency energy field is to change the mind of each of us, because we humans are the leaders of other species. It is only when each one of us changes our mind, everyone becomes an honest and kind person, a positive energy life, and leads other species to disseminate the positive information that the frequency of the earth’s energy field can continue to increase.

If we, the people on the earth, have such awareness and make such changes, the environment we live on will be changed. Once the environment has changed, the biggest beneficiaries are our people on the earth, because we need such a physical planet to experience and accomplish ourselves, making ourselves more intelligent and capable. Similarly, the improvement of the energy field will allow us to enjoy a higher quality of the universal resources. The more we contribute ourselves to the universe, the more we will be reciprocated with by the universe. Therefore, as a high-intellectual life, and the leader of other species, we should not continue to be insensitive and continue to fall! We must rise, unleash our own potential, play our biggest role, and raise our own life level to a higher level.

I hope that the relatives will no longer confine themselves and live so repressed and lead a mediocre life. This is not our life as a leader, because we are the species of high intelligence and capability! We need to change our minds earnestly to go beyond our own narrow-minded thinking mode and become more aspiring, in order to enhance the level of our lives. This is the life that we should have as human beings of high-intelligence species.

Well, this is the end of this section of “Reasonable Use of Universal Resources”.

Date of Receiving: February 26, 2017


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