Section 2 Differentiation of Resources

This knowledge conveyed by the highest leader of the Galaxy Federal Department is very high-end for me. As far as my current capabilities are concerned, it is indeed difficult to distinguish and classify the resources of the universe because I know very little about resources. Since the related administrative department of the high-dimensional space has given me such a task, I can only do my best to convey this knowledge. As far as the far too professional knowledge is concerned, I can’t communicate because I don’t have this ability at the moment.

The resources of the universe can be divided according to the inside and outside of the planets into two categories: the resources on the major planets and the resources in the void of the universe. They can also be simply divided into two categories: Yin and Yang. That is, the resources in the void of the universe are Yin, and the resources on the physical planets are Yang. Divided by Yin and Yang, it is easy for us to distinguish.

We must make reasonable use of the resources of the universe, because the single use of resources of a certain nature will bring disasters to our homeland. There are many resources in the void of the universe, and these resources are also divided into Yin and Yang. For example, energy resources include Yang material form energy resources and Yin material form energy resources; and material resources include Yang material resources and Yin material resources. Similarly, the material resources on the physical planet are all positive, and they are also divided into Yin and Yang attributes. For example, coal and uranium belong to the resources of Yang material category with Yang attributes. Iron ore and water belong to the resources of the Yang material type with Yin attributes and so on. Since I lack knowledge in this area, I cannot continue to subdivide. I can only take one or two resources for example. In fact, in addition to the above examples of resources, the knowledge and technology of the justice family in the universe can also be shared by us, such as the knowledge we are learning is the resource from the high-dimensional space.

I believe that the professionals on the earth will understand my conveyance, and they can comprehend them coherently with these examples in order to classify various resources in the universe. When we use these resources, especially material resources, as long as we have some understanding of the resources, we will know how to balance the use of the resources, and will not use a single attribute of the resources, thus causing the imbalance between the Yin and Yang energy of the earth and bringing about disasters. Furthermore, we must not simply focus on the energy and material resources, but ignore the resources such as the knowledge, technology, and information, etc., because we are part of the justice family of the great universe. The justice family of the grand universe has many resources that can be shared. Of course, the premise of sharing is that we, the people on the earth, must break through the imprison of the original mode of thinking and constantly improve our ability to use the resources of the universe.

Since the earth’s people now have the certain ability to develop into the void of the universe, they should try to use the resources of the void in the universe instead of blindly using the inherent material resources on the earth as before. This is because we need such a physical planet to carry and allow ourselves to be experienced, uplifted, and increase wisdom, thus playing a greater role in the universe. Therefore, as humans of the high-intelligence species, we should try to use various resources in the void of the universe and knowledge resources between the stars.

I also told the relatives that the energy frequency of matter in the universe can be improved by the high-frequency information emitted by the lives. There are many substances and energies in the void of the universe. Whether they are Yang matter or Yin matter, and regardless of the energy of the Yang material form or the energy of the Yin material form, the higher the frequency, the more valuable they can be. All can be used for our resources.

With regard to matter and energy in the universal space, although we do not have much ability to understand now, we must understand one reason: These substances and energies will play a greater role only when they encounter the high-frequency positive information. If the universe is full of the low-frequency information, neither the matter nor energy in the universe will play a big role, because only high-frequency information can let the frequency of all matter and energy in space be higher. In other words, the high-frequency positive information emitted by life can increase the frequency of the universe’s energy field and thus give greater power to all matter and energy in space. This is the delicate relationship between life, matter and energy, so the universe requires lives to develop. Of course, to survive well in the universe, life also needs a variety of resources from the universe.

If it is not the relatives of the high-dimensional space who tell us these truths, it is difficult for the people on the earth to understand. As humans of the high-intelligence species, we knew little about the truth of the universe before, so we didn’t know why we live. It is also because of ignorance that we did not use the resources of the universe very well, the earth did not develop very well, and the right direction has not been found in many respects. This is the result of no high-end knowledge leading.

The indiscriminate exploitation of the mineral resources on the earth has caused the destruction of the earth; the continuous loss of the forest resources will also bring fatal injuries to the humans on the earth. Although some people have now awakened and realized that too much use of the mineral resources and forest resources, etc. on the earth is not conducive to our survival, only some people have such consciousness, and the overwhelming majority of the earth’s people are still destroying the planet they live on for their own immediate interests.

As lives on the earth, if we do not even cherish ourselves and do not know how to protect the land on which we live, we will die sooner or later. In addition, most of the people on the earth are disseminating negative information every day. These negative information continue to spread in the space of the universe, causing the energy field to become more and more chaotic and increasingly low-frequency, which seriously hampers the upward development of the world of the earth. Therefore, we must change ourselves and change all of these. We should understand that it is not that the danger of people on the earth does not occur until the resources on the earth are exhausted. Today we are faced with the dual danger of huge negative energy fields and the unbalanced use of space resources. Although the greatest danger is the interference from the earth’s huge negative energy field, because it not only causes our lives on the earth to always be in a state of chaos, it also causes a variety of disasters on the earth; however, the imbalance of Yin and Yang energy caused by the unbalanced use of material resources in the universe will also make the earth worse. In other words, not only does the earth’s chaotic and low-frequency energy field cause great harm to us, but the excessive use of the inherent resources of the earth will also make us fall into another disaster! If the earth is disintegrated under our wanton exploitation, where can we live?

By telling the relatives these truths, it is hoped that you will know what kind of situation you are in. Only when we are clear will we change, and will we understand how to protect our homeland. We did not understand the fact of the matter and were unaware of the truth in the past, we committed all kinds of irreparable mistakes. Now the leaders of the related administrative departments of the high-dimensional space have told us these truths. We should correct mistakes instead of making mistakes repeatedly.

We are the descendants of the righteous family. In our lives, we have a spirit of justice. These seeds of justice have always been rooted in the depths of our minds and will never be obliterated. It is our individual lusts and huge negative energy fields that bury and erode our just nature.

I hope that the knowledge of the universe I conveyed will awaken the relatives of the justice family; I also hope that my loved ones can change themselves and share this responsibility with me to change the destiny of the earth, because there are billions of the relatives on the earth, including the countless lives of other species. If we have the ability to change the fate of the earth and are able to protect the earth, we have to choose to do so! Because selfishness and incompetence are not the spirit of our just family, and there is no way out.

The problems that the earth has today are not only my own concerns, but the concerns of the relatives in the high-dimensional space, because the vast majority of the people on the earth are descendants of the justice family. The relatives of the high-dimensional space have been trying hard to awaken us for many years, letting us know how great and meaningful it is to change ourselves, save ourselves, and save the earth! However, the relatives who live on the earth have chosen to remain indifferent and have chosen to live only for themselves or their own small family! Why don’t we learn from the spirit of selfless devotion and selfless love of the relatives in the high-dimensional space and stand at a certain height to devote ourselves to the universe? In fact, we can work hard to improve our life level and pattern, to make ourselves talents in the universe, thus being more capable of serving others and the universe in which we live. Only in this way can we reflect the greatest value of our lives.

Well, this is the end of this section of “Differentiation of Resources”.

Date of Receiving: February 26, 2017


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