Section 1 Cognition of Universal Resources

In fact, there are many resources in the universe. As long as they can be used by life, they can be called “universal resources”. The universe itself is a huge energy field, in which everything can be used by us. It depends on whether we have the ability to use it. Our people on the earth have limited understanding of the resources of the universe. At this stage, we can only recognize a small part of them, such as the earth’s land resources, marine resources, forest resources, and various mineral resources, etc. These are all resources that we can currently use.

However, even within the scope of the earth, there are still many resources that we cannot use because we do not have the ability to understand. Of course, now our people on the earth have also gradually developed into the space, but it is still limited to the mode of thinking on the earth and we have not yet opened up our eyes. For example, the rich material form energy of the universe mentioned before is the resources of the universe; another example, the high-end knowledge of our justice family in the high-dimensional space is also a good and ready-made universe resource. In fact, as long as we know more about the truth of the universe, we can fully and effectively use more resources in the universe with the advancement of the mankind and the development of science and technology.

However, if we do not study the relevant knowledge of the universe and do not broaden our horizons, it will be difficult to understand what other cosmic resources can be used, especially the resources of the universe. It is also limited by our own bodies and the current level of science and technology that we find it difficult to develop and utilize the void resources in the universe.

At present, although we have a certain understanding of the mineral resources on the earth, many of them have not been touched, so we can hardly make good use of it. The reason for this is that we lack knowledge and have little understanding of the mineral resources, which leads us to have certain problems in the use of the universal resources, thus failing to achieve a balance. Nowadays, the resources we earthlings use are limited to the earth. We haven’t used the resources in the void of the universe well, so we have brought a lot of troubles to ourselves. Because the earth is our homeland on which we rely for our existence, if we are desperate to mine and cut it, that will seriously destroy the overall structure of the universe and cause an imbalance in the energy of Yin and Yang. In other words, all objects and lives in the universe can function and survive normally and safely only when they are balanced between Yin and Yang energy. As long as there is imbalance, there will be disasters and even death. Today’s earth is in an imbalance state of Yin and Yang energy.

Since we have little knowledge of the resources of the universe, we cannot use them reasonably and evenly. Although I do not have the ability to enumerate the resources on the earth, I hope that through this communication, the relatives will have a strong sense of urgency about their current situation.

Because of my limited ability, I cannot tell how many resources there are on the earth. For similar problems, if there are opportunities in the future, we can ask the relatives of the related departments in the high-dimensional space about which resources we can use and will not harm the energy field of the earth. At present, I can only convey some of the information to you roughly, enabling you to have a simple understanding of the resources of the universe, which is to give some inspiration to you. Because I had not studied similar knowledge before, I do not understand the professional knowledge in this area. If there are inaccuracies in my expressions, I hope you can understand.

Our understanding on the earth’s resources is much greater than that of the void of the universe. Similarly, our use of the earth resources, especially the material resources, is much greater than that of the universe. This creates an imbalance in the use of material resources on the earth and in the void of the universe. It is precisely because we make excessive use of the resources on the earth that it affects the safety of the earth itself and all lives that live on the earth. The earth exists in the universe, and it itself relies on the energy field of the large universe to form a large sphere. Such a large sphere, of course, requires different levels and types of substances, as well as the energy combination of the physical forms to stabilize the entire planet. If we only mine certain mineral resources, it will, of course, affect the earth itself because it is destroying the overall structure of the earth.

The formation of a planet depends on a combination of many kinds of materials and energy, and it also requires the “binder” we usually understand. Oil is a binder for the earth. If a planet is left with material such as sand or rocks, the planet will sooner or later fall apart. One can imagine what the consequences of the disintegration of a planet would be for the lives who are living on this planet! Therefore, our ignorance will not only harm us but also harm our future generations. We have to pay attention to this issue.

Although there are many mineral resources on the earth, our people on the earth do not know how to use some of them, nor do we have the ability to use them. On the other hand, over-exploitation of certain resources will cause great harm to us. We cannot ignore the future and live just for the immediate benefit. We must be responsible for our future generations, the planet and the universe. This is the consciousness we should have as humans of high-intelligence species!

The grand universe gives us the opportunity to survive in the universe, and its own enormous energy field gives us everything we need. Therefore, we must know how to cherish and protect it, and be grateful to it. It can be said that cherishing all things is caring for the great universe, because we and all things belong to the existence of the universe and are inextricably linked. The idea that personal behavior does not affect the large universe is wrong.

The negative information each life sends out will endanger the energy field of the universe. The more lives that distribute negative information, the greater the damage to the universe’s energy field. Of course, constantly digging out the various resources of the physical planet will also bring disasters to itself because it is destroying the infrastructure of the universe. It is because we did not stand at such a height that we did not have such awareness.

Since the relatives in the high-dimensional space have told us these truths, we should learn to change ourselves and change all wrong thoughts and behaviors. We can develop into the void of the universe with our own efforts, because the void of the universe contains abundant resources including energy. As long as our people on the earth have been awakened and continue to send forth positive messages, we will be able to increase the frequency of the entire energy field. The increase in the frequency of the energy field can benefit us and bring convenience to our use of resources in the universe’s void.

Nowadays, we are constrained to the use of the resources in the void of the universe. This is mainly determined by the frequency of the energy field. Of course, there are also the problems of insufficient knowledge and capacity. If these problems are solved, the fate of our earth’s people will be changed and they will be able to survive well in the universe.

Since the great universe gives us the chance to survive, we should have the responsibility to safeguard the interests of the great universe. We must not be guilty of self-righteousness, let alone being selfish, because selfishness will ultimately hurt us. Life cannot live alone in the space of the universe. Everyone needs love. Of course, they should also give love, dedicate themselves, fulfill their responsibility to serve others, serve the world, and even serve the entire grand universe!

If there is no such height, it means that our life level is very low; that is, a low-frequency life. A low-frequency life does not have much value in the universe, and a life without much value is of little significance! Since human beings are highly intelligent species, they should develop their own abilities and make good use of their own capabilities. We must make this world a better place, in order to reflect the value of our own lives, but also make this world be proud of the presence of those who possess the spirits of selfless contribution and unconditional love.

Well, this is the end of this section of “Cognition of Universal Resources”.

Date of Receiving: February 26, 2017


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