Section 3 Use of Cosmic Energy

I believe many loved ones will be interested in the content of this section, because the use of cosmic energy is a big issue for people on the earth. Although there are some cosmic energies available to the earth, these are far from enough. In fact, there are still many energy sources available to us in the void of the universe. We just don’t know or understand.

Although people on the earth also have a lot of research on the energy sources, the vast majority of research is confined to the earth, because we have no way to surpass ourselves and stand at a certain height to understand the universe. It is precisely because of this that the related administrative department of the high-dimensional space has reached out to help us. And in any field, they all want to support us in order to make the earth a highly civilized world. The earth people now have a certain ability, coupled with these high-end knowledge given by the leadership of the related administrative departments of the high-dimensional space, I believe that in the near future, the earth will be greatly changed with our joint efforts.

We are part of the universe and we have the right to enjoy the energy of the universe. It is not that we do not have such rights, but we do not have such capabilities. This is our own problem. Therefore, we must reflect on ourselves and we cannot refuse to accept new knowledge as before. In fact, people on the earth are in great need of such high-end knowledge. None of us learned it before, because no one on the earth has such abilities, and the technology of our righteous family has not yet reached a certain height. Nowadays, the science and technology development of our righteous family has reached such a requirement, so we have the ability to convey these universe knowledge and truth to the earth. At present, most people on the earth do not accept it. They refuse to believe that this is a fact. It is also because there has never been such a thing on the earth.

Although my ability is limited, at the very least I can at the moment simply convey some basic knowledge of the universe, so that the relatives on the earth have a basic understanding of the universe. In the next time, we can work together to seek advice from the relatives in the high-dimensional space so that they can help us with higher-end knowledge so as to achieve the goal of changing the status quo of the earth and changing our destiny. This is the direction in which we need to work together.

As for how to use the cosmic energy, of course, I can only convey roughly with my current ability. Because I had previously told the relatives that if there were no appropriate words or names on the earth, my loved ones in the high-dimensional space did not know how to describe or express them to me. Therefore, I could only describe or make a metaphor base on the original concept of the earth. In fact, as long as you can understand or comprehend, that’s enough. There is no need to be too persistent or have too much curiosity, and consequently are obstinately clinging to knowledge beyond your own capabilities. Because currently the most important thing is how to use these knowledge of the universe to solve the problems of the earth today and the various conditions that have emerged. This is what we should focus on.

The earth energy also belongs to the cosmic energy, because the earth is an integral part of the universe, but before we did not have such awareness, we separated ourselves from the entire large universe. In fact, there is no way to isolate, because the earth is in universal space. The territory we live in is inseparable from the entire universe.

The earth energy refers to all the energy resources on the earth. As long as those that we can use at present, I can use some examples and metaphors. For example, our excessive and single exploitation of energies, such as oil, will make the earth's energy field unbalanced. It is also because today's technology on the earth has not yet been able to break through, and it is unable to develop in other fields that it appears to be overly dependent on oil as an energy source and flooding it. This situation is very dangerous for the earth. Nowadays, some people on the earth have already had such a sense. However, this situation will only occur if they are driven by interests or have not yet found other energy sources as alternatives.

In fact, the exploitation of the mineral resources on the earth will destroy the natural environment. Because we are living on this land, if we extract too much, we will damage the energy of the original material form of the earth. Therefore, we should not only use the energy on the earth. We should develop towards the void of the universe and use the energy of the void in the universe, because there is not too much restriction on the use of energy in the universe’s void. At the very least, it will not endanger the lives that exist on the earth. As long as our lives on the earth continue to disseminate positive information to promote the transformation of the basic energy of the universe into matter and material forms of energy, as well as to enhance the quality of matter and material forms of energy, and to balance the use of the energy of the universe, the entire energy field of the universe will not be affected. It is precisely because we did not have the ability to understand these truths before that we will be very confused about the knowledge of energy use.

Nowadays, people on the earth have begun to pay attention to and explore the use of cosmic energy. Although it is still in its infancy, but with the continuous development of science and technology and unceasing research by researchers, coupled with the guidance of the leaders of the related administrative departments in the high-dimensional space, I believe that people on the earth will be able to make full use of the energy in the void of the universe so as to live a better and safer life.

In the previous section, I had already told the relatives that in order to use the energy of the void of the universe, and if a continuous supply of resources would be provided, unless all living beings on the earth would send positive messages to promote the ever increasing frequency of the energy field. Only in this way, will the frequency of energy in the universe become higher and higher, and will its quality become better and better, so that it will be of greater value in use.

There were many people on the earth who were studying free energy. Although it has been for quite some time and they have accumulated some experience, why hasn’t it made substantial progress? The reason is that the frequency of the earth’s energy field is too low. In other words, if we want to make good use of the energy in the void of the universe, the only way out is to increase the frequency of the energy field of the earth.

The leaders of the related administrative departments of the high-dimensional space in our righteous family are very clear about these truths, so they have repeatedly mentioned the importance of increasing the frequency of the earth’s energy field. To improve the frequency of the earth’s energy field, people must change their minds, and everyone must sends positive messages, because only positive information can increase the frequency of existing energy fields. Negative information will only make the frequency of the earth’s energy field lower, because negative information will make this energy field become very confusing, and it will make life that lives here more and more impetuous and more and more unkind. This is why the earth’s people are becoming more and more indifferent and more and more ruthless nowadays. In fact, these are the functions of the energy field. Too low-frequency and negative energy fields make some people on the earth have no love in their minds. Those who do not have love will be indifferent and ruthless. They will not care about others or the world. Because people with a cold inner mind will not be interested in the things in this world, they will only live with their own interests and hobbies. Most people on the earth today are in such a state of existence. This is very dangerous!

The relatives in the high-dimensional space are very anxious about the situation we are in. They want us to live well, to live happily, and to be able to live in the universe in a meaningful and valuable way, so they have to find ways to convey these universe knowledge, telling us these facts and letting us cherish everything that has not come easily.

There is no one in the world who has ever talked about these truths since there are lives on the earth so far. These truths have been personally transmitted by the leaders of the relevant departments of the high-dimensional space. This is not the power that I myself have. It is also with their help that I can convey these knowledge of the universe. All this is a good gift from our justice family to the descendants in the worlds of the low-dimensional space. Because the great love of the relatives in the high-dimensional space has been in their minds, they have been helping and protecting us. Therefore, we must cherish it. We must know how to change ourselves. We must also know how to give and dedicate to the world, because we are already in a very dangerous situation. We must have such a high sense that saving the earth is saving ourselves! If we do not have the ability to live in the universe, we do not have any value or meaning to live.

Well, this is the end of this section of “Use of Cosmic Energy”.

Date of Receiving: February 25, 2017


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