Section 2 Subdivisions of the Cosmic Energy

In the previous section, I conveyed the “Cognition of the Cosmic Energy” to my loved ones. In this section, I will convey the “Subdivisions of the Cosmic Energy” to my relatives.

Because our people on the earth are different from the high-dimensional space in the understanding and the cognition of the energy, and our languages and texts are not the same as those of the high-dimensional space as well, I can only describe and express these knowledge in the existing language and text with the concepts that are commonly used by the people on the earth. Due to the limited capabilities, I can only do my best to make a simple description for you. You can comprehend it thoroughly through my descriptions. If such an effect can be achieved, I will be satisfied.

The cosmic energy is an energy resource that can be used by the lives living in the universe. The universe is a large energy field with many energy resources for the lives to use. In the worlds of the higher dimensional space, the higher the ability and wisdom of lives, the better they can use the cosmic energy; whereas the lives in the worlds of the lower dimensional space will have some limitations in the use of the cosmic energy due to not having the ability to recognize more energy in the universe.

Since there are so many energy sources in the universe and these energy sources all have the value and role of their existence, we must first recognize them in order to understand them. Only by recognizing them, can we have the opportunity to understand and know how to use them. It is precisely because we don’t have such a concept today that the use of cosmic energy is very little.

As for the cosmic energy, we know well that there are various mineral resources such as coal, oil, and natural gas on the earth. Of course, there are more subdivisions. Air can be regarded as the energy in the void space of the universe, but our people on the earth have no more knowledge of the abundant energy in the void space of the universe. Here, I don’t know what words that can be used for description or expression, because there is no such relevant concept on the earth.

In fact, in addition to the physical forms of energy on the physical planet and the non-physical planet, there are also various physical forms of energy in the void of the universe. These various kinds of energy are also the energy of the universe. For example, hydrogen, nitrogen, and so on in the earth’s atmosphere belong to the energy of the physical form in the void of the universe. In fact, there are many kinds of physical forms of energy that are unknown to us both inside and outside the atmosphere. All of these have to be explored and used reasonably.

Not only that, the energy of the physical form is also divided into Yin and Yang. The Yang, high-intelligence lives like our earth humans living in the Yang material world are more likely to discover and use the energy of Yang matter forms, and it is difficult to discover and use the energy of Yin matter forms. However, the Yin, high-intellectual lives living in the Yin matter world can discover and use the energy of the Yin matter form, and the Yin lives at a higher level are more capable to discover and use more types of energy of the Yin material form of the universal void. It is also necessary to explain here that non-physical planets are actually the planets of Yin matter, where there is only energy in the form of Yin matter. And on the physical planets, there are both the energy of the Yang matter form and the energy of the Yin matter form. It is merely because of the limitation of the life body that the Yang lives cannot find the energy of the Yin matter form. Therefore, it is difficult to understand.

But as long as we continue to learn, we will improve; the more we learn, the more we will know about the truth of the universe. Only by knowing more, will we know how to use the energies of the universe and use them rationally. Only in this way can the energy field of the universe be in balance, so that we can survive well in the universe.

As long as the energy field of the universe is unbalanced, many disasters will occur. Whether it is a physical or non-physical planet, there will be various disasters. For example, earthquakes, mudslides on the earth, and of course, wind, snow, hail and so on. In fact, the cause of the disaster on the non-physical planet is the same as that on the physical planet, except that the form of the disaster is different from that of the physical planet. For example, a non-physical planet can also be catastrophically affected by the energy field. If the impact of the energy field is huge, it can cause casualties in the worlds of the non-physical planet and even destroy the entire world. In other words, whether it is a physical planet or a non-physical planet, there will be disasters if it is against the laws of the universe.

In the First Part of Light Universe Knowledge, the “Generation of Disaster” was conveyed. Although the disasters are caused by the negative information emitted by lives, if the living beings in the universe do not know how to balance the use of energy in the universe and cause the Yin and Yang energy to be out of balance, then disasters will also occur. If the energy of Yin and Yang is imbalanced and the negative energy is too much, the disaster will be even greater. Nowadays, the earth is in a condition where the energy of Yin and Yang is out of balance and negative energy is too much. Therefore, so many disasters will occur. In fact, as long as there is improvement on the one hand, the earth’s catastrophe will be reduced. Of course, it is best that Yin and Yang energies can be in equilibrium, and the higher-frequency the positive energy is, the safer and less worrying the earth is.

However, the earth’s Yin and Yang energies are now seriously out of balance, so the relatives in the high-dimensional space tell us that the earth is in a very dangerous situation! It is also due to the fact that most people on the earth are distributing negative information every day to disturb the energy field of the earth. In addition to our lack of wisdom, the energy in the universe is not being used in a balanced manner. This leads to more and more disasters and the bigger and bigger disasters on the earth.

The relatives in the high-dimensional space told us all this, that is to guide us well and let us out of today’s predicament. Of course, to achieve such an aspiration, the first thing we must do is to change the energy field of the earth and increase the frequency of the earth’s energy field. To improve the frequency of the earth’s energy field, only if we each become more kind and more just, we all know how to care for others, help others, serve the world, and make the world’s environment better and better. When everyone in this world is filled with love and full of positive energy, the energy field of this world will become very pure and very high-frequency. In this way, the people living here will become more and more quiet and more intelligent. Only when the wisdom is higher and higher, will we have the ability to balance the use of the earth’s energy, including the energy of the universe’s void. However, today our world is becoming more and more impetuous. More and more people are unable to calm down and return to their own nature. This has caused great obstacles to our understanding of the world.

We should know that the higher the frequency of the energy field in the universe, the more valuable the energy there is, and I have already communicated those in the First Section. If the relatives on the earth can have such a high degree of consciousness, everyone can change themselves, can contribute to society, and take responsibility for the world, the earth will be able to develop very well and it will be in a virtuous circle. This state of existence is the normal state of survival that we should have as a high-intelligence human species.

However, the earth people today are in an abnormal state of existence. Therefore, the relatives in the high-dimensional space are anxious to help us, letting us rely on our own ability to change it all. Only by continuously growing in our wisdom can we create a better place for the earth, so that our relatives will live more happily. To constantly increase wisdom, we must have high-end knowledge as the guidance. If the relatives of the earth have such a sense of responsibility and mission, please learn the knowledge of the universe and learn more about the truth of the universe, so as to selflessly dedicate yourselves in this world to reflect the greatest value of your lives.

Let us work together to change this low-frequency planet and let it become a highly civilized world with our common efforts so that the fellow relatives living here will gain benefit from generation to generation!

Well, this is the end of this section of “Subdivisions of the Cosmic Energy”.

Date of Receiving: February 25, 2017


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