Section 1 Cognition of the Cosmic Energy

With regard to this section of the “Cognition of the Cosmic Energy”, I believe that our people on the earth will be very concerned about it. Because the energy of the Universe Space is still a whole new field for most of us on the earth. Today, the highest leader of the Galaxy Federal Department stands at a higher level to guide us and let us know about the energy of the universe. Only by understanding, will we know how to make use of it.

Because the people on the earth do not know much about the properties of the energy, they cannot balance the use of the energy on the earth, causing an imbalance in the energy field of the earth. This is the result of the fact that the people on the earth do not understand the laws of the universe and that the science and technology are not well developed and the knowledge is poor. In other words, both the earth itself and the life on the earth need the balance of Yin and Yang energies to ensure basic security. If the energy of negative and positive attributes cannot be balanced, it will cause an imbalance of the earth’s Yin and Yang energies and serious consequences.

The earth energy is also a part of the cosmic energies. It can be said that there is energy in any of the universe’s physical and non-physical planets, including the universe’s void. It’s just that living in the worlds of the low-dimensional space we are unable to recognize, understand, and use them. But the lives in the worlds of the high-dimensional space are different. They have higher intelligence and ability to recognize and use more cosmic energies. And the higher dimensional world the life lives in, the more able it is to use various cosmic energy sources in an effective and balanced manner.

According to the understanding of the people on the earth, energy is a material resource that can provide energy conversion. For example, oil, coal, natural gas, and so on, which we recognize and commonly use, all belong to energy. The energy can help us create the world and bring convenience to our lives. If there is higher technology, these energy sources can be used more effectively; that is to say, they can be purified and refined more finely, so that they can play a greater role.

In fact, in addition to what we can currently discover, there are still many physical forms of energies in the void of the universe. They are only invisible to our naked eyes, so we do not know them, let alone use them. Those physical forms of energies also belong to energy sources, and there are many such energy sources in the universe. The higher the energy frequency in the higher dimensional space, the higher the purity, and the higher the purity of energy, the better it is for the development of the universe.

If all living beings in the universe emit the positive information at high frequencies, the frequency of energy in the universe will be continuously increased; as the frequency of energy increases, the energy in the universe will become purer and purer that means the higher its quality. Therefore, the more pure the energy, the more conducive it is to the development of the large universe. There was no such understanding before because no one told us.

Today, our people on the earth have begun to use air energy. In fact, the air energy belongs to one type of energies in the universe. There is no way for us to use other types of energies. Therefore, I cannot describe it here. Of course, if the frequency of the energy field of the earth continues to increase, the earth’s energy field will become purer and purer; the purer the energy field, the more able it will be to provide higher-frequency cosmic energy for us to use. If the earth is not a chaotic negative energy field, but a very pure positive energy field, the air energy that we use today will be of better quality. That is to say, as the frequency of the earth’s energy field continues to increase, the development of air energy will get a greater breakthrough, because the higher the frequency of the universe’s energy source, the better it will be for us to use. So we must be clear that how important the frequency of a world’s energy field is! In other words, the world with higher frequency of energy field will develop more easily, because the higher the frequency of the energy field of a world means that the power of life there is stronger, and the more powerful the life, the more creative it is.

When everyone in a world has a fairly high energy frequency and wisdom, the world will develop rapidly. Why are the relatives in the high-dimensional space always telling us that it is very important to upgrade the energy field of a world? That is because the energy field can change the fate of a world. In fact, it can change the fate of all the lives of the world. Today, the Supreme Leader of the Galaxy Federal Department tells us the truth in the hope that our people on the earth will have such awareness and know how to change themselves and change the energy field of their existence. Only in this way can the fate of the earth be changed. Why can the world of the high-dimensional space have a good development? It is because people there have this high level of consciousness. When the consciousness of all people in the world reaches a certain height, the world can develop rapidly. This is the constant law.

The reason why we, the people on the earth are still at such a stage is because most people do not understand the truth of the universe and the truth of life, and they are too self-conceited. They do not even believe that there are high-intelligence relatives in the high-dimensional space. Things that they do not understand are not believed or accepted. This is the biggest problem for our people on the earth. It is also the greatest tragedy! If each of us can change the original thinking mode, open our eyes and seriously study the knowledge conveyed by the loved ones in the high-dimensional space, we will be able to break the original thinking mode and pattern, and thus stand at a higher level to understand more truth of the universe. Only in this way can the earth have the opportunity to change its destiny. We knew little about the universe, or even knew nothing about it. If we do not study hard and don’t change ourselves, the earth will not have hope and we can only continue to live in a low-dimensional, low-frequency world!

This is not to scare everyone, but the earth is now indeed in the lowest dimension of the universe. Of course, the earth has a certain degree of development, but most of these development directions are not correct. In other words, the people on the earth do have certain abilities, but they lack a high degree of intelligence. If we people on the earth play a good part of their own capabilities, coupled with a high degree of wisdom, I believe that we can change the world. In fact, the creators have given us this ability when they created humans. It is merely because we do not know or understand it that we will confine ourselves and we cannot allow ourselves to educate ourselves with high-end knowledge.

Light Universe Knowledge will not destroy the world of the earth, nor will it bring any damage to the earth. It will only bring huge benefits to the earth. This is because Light Universe Knowledge is conveyed by the relatives of the related administrative departments of the high-dimensional space, and at different stages, there are different levels of high-dimensional space relatives who personally point the way for us.

All the contents of Light Universe Knowledge are tailor-made for our people on the earth. As long as they are descendants of the righteous family, they should calmly and earnestly learn so as to achieve the goal of changing themselves and changing the environment. I sincerely hope that with the help of the relatives of the related administrative departments of the high-dimensional space, the relatives on the earth can enhance the energy field of their own living space, make the earth a high-frequency planet and a highly civilized world. I also sincerely hope that all the relatives on the earth can enhance their abilities and wisdom by learning the knowledge of the universe and become more valuable lives in the universe!

Well, this is the end of this section of “Cognition of the Cosmic Energy”.

Date of Receiving: February 25, 2017


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