Section 3 How Life Creates Brilliance

I am very fortunate to receive such knowledge from the top leader of the Galaxy Federal Department. I believe that many loved ones, like me, have many curiosities and expectations for such a theme, because as a life, we simply do not know how to create the brilliance. Nowadays under the guidance of the leaders of the related departments of the high-dimensional space, I believe that the people on the earth will cherish their own lives and know well about how to create their own glories.

In fact, in the universe, as long as life has reached a certain level, it should have the desire to create brilliance. But a few too low-level lives were not given such an ability when creators created them. As humans of the high-intelligence species, they have the ability to create brilliance. It was because we did not know that human beings could play such a big role in the universe before that we did not cherish our own lives and did not take it seriously, what’s worse, many people had chosen to fall. We cannot help feeling astonished that, as highly intelligent lifeforms, what plight we have landed ourselves into! Even if there are some relatives who are capable and possess high level of understanding, their level of life cannot be raised to a certain height because they do not understand the truth of the universe.

In the Second Section, I have told the relatives that human beings have not only the ability to disseminate love information, but also the ability to create both the world and the civilization. That is to say, the higher frequency of energy and the greater ability a life has in the universe, the more capable it will be to create glories, and the more valuable such a life will be.

Living in the world of the low-dimensional space, we should strive and develop towards the world of the high-dimensional space, and allow ourselves to create brilliance in the universe.

As for how to create brilliance, it is, of course, through our own efforts, to constantly improve our ability in all aspects to help more people, and continue to disseminate positive information to help the great universe develop. In other words, the more conductive it is to the upward development of the great universe, the more valuable our lives will be.

If we want to create greater glories for our lives and live more valuably, we will only continue to contribute and provide the universe with the high-frequency positive information. Simple as these words are, they contain deep meanings.

However, we did not understand this principle before, so we would confine ourselves, being impossible to expand our life pattern and not knowing why we live. It is precisely because of this that we will encounter bottlenecks and feel inexplicable emptiness at different stages. As we did not understand these truths before, we lived to be so embarrassed, confused, and overwhelmed; what’s more, many people had become accustomed to such patterns of life and consequently became insensitive. Although some people have previously communicated some knowledge of the universe or similar information, the vast majority of them are not true. It is precisely because it is not true that the relatives are becoming more and more confused, and there is no way out for further studies. This is the constraint on the life of the low-dimensional space. Since no one has ever revealed such a truth, even when the truth is out there, the vast majority of relatives cannot believe it.

With such a mission, I have only to continue to convey more knowledge so that the relatives can have a chance to learn more about the truth of the universe, thus enabling more relatives to gradually believe that this is the fact, and this is the truth of the universe. I hope that the knowledge of the universe that I have conveyed will one day be recognized and accepted by all the loved ones on the earth. This is my wish as well as that of all the loved ones in the high-dimensional space! As we are in a world of the low-dimensional space, the relatives in the world of the high-dimensional space have many worries about us, and they all want to help us to increase our energy frequency of life and change our destiny so that we will not continue to indulge ourselves and feel confused, and will no longer continue to choose to be the low-frequency life.

Human beings are high-intelligence species in nature. They not only have the spirit of challenging themselves, being brave in dedication, and being courageous to give, but also have the ability to break the existing pattern, constantly surpass themselves, and develop continuously. The people on the earth possess all of these good qualities, but some people would rather be a low-frequency life and spend their lives with inaction, even become the puppets of others than develop towards this respect. It is also because these people have become insensitive and have adapted to this state of living that they choose such a life.

As human beings of high-intelligence species, how can we confine ourselves and indulge ourselves in a negative energy field? The relatives in the high-dimensional space are very worried to see that we are living a life in the low-dimensional space which does not belong to our own, and they lament that we do not give full play to the value of such abilities of ours! The relatives in the high-dimensional space are very caring and responsible. They have been helping us and constantly provide us assistance with high-frequency energy and high-end knowledge. For many years, we have been protected in the low-dimensional space by the relatives of related management departments of the high-dimensional space, but we are not clear. More regrettably, the vast majority of loved ones do not believe what I said are the truths, and some even scoff at them!

Since I am a common people and not an important one with limited ability, many loved ones on the earth do not believe that what I said are the truths. But in any case, I still adhere to the spirit of unconditional dedication of the family of justice, selflessly disseminating these high-end knowledge and truth, in order to help more relatives to awaken, enabling them to increase their energy frequency of life, so that they can keep up the pace of development of the great universe. As the great universe is constantly developing upwards, and our people on the earth are continuously degenerating, such a contrast makes our people on the earth now in a very dangerous situation. Because I know too much truth, I risk my life to convey these universe knowledge and truth!

All I have done is to help the relatives on the earth to upgrade their level of lives and change their destiny, so that they will become highly intelligent talents to serve the universe, and become valuable lives to create the glories of their lives.

Well, this is the end of this section of How Life Creates Brilliance.

Date of Receiving: February 24, 2017


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