Section 2 The Meaning of Life Existence

In the previous section, I had already conveyed the “Cognition of Life” for my relatives. Then I convey “The Meaning of Life Existence” to my loved ones so that my loved ones can have a deeper understanding of life. However, there are various forms of life in the universe with different levels and capabilities. I cannot describe or explain all lives here.

Humanity also belongs to one kind of lives. We can describe ourselves or use metaphors to show what it means to be human beings in the universe. This is more important than understanding other lives. If we are even unclear what kind of meaning for us to survive in the universe, it will not make much sense to learn too much about other lives.

Defined as highly intelligent species, humans certainly have their own capabilities because they can create both the world and the civilization. In other words, human beings have great creativity. It is merely because the earth people are now hindered by such an environment and the body of their own lives that they do not understand the worlds outside the earth and confine their thinking. With such imprisonment, there will be obstacles to wisdom, and most people will not know the meaning of their existence in the universe.

Humans are a species of love. The message of love that humanity emits can increase the frequency of the universe’s energy field, and thus the universe can constantly develop upwards. At the same time, mankind also has the ability to create the world. In the process of creating the world, human beings will accumulate a lot of experience, which in turn will enhance the human’s ability of their lives. We can rely on this experience to constantly surpass ourselves and create greater value in the universe. This is the meaning of human life in the universe. If a life exists in the universe without any value, such a life has no meaning. This sentence may be incomprehensible and unacceptable to some relatives, because on the low-frequency earth, there are indeed many people who do not know how to reflect their own value. It is also because these people do not understand the truth of life that they do not know how to create value and become worthless lives. This is not entirely a matter of people, but such an environment in which there is no opportunity for these people to understand the truth.

Nowadays, the relatives in the high-dimensional space communicate high-end knowledge to us and tell us many truths is to change the low-frequency energy field of the earth. Hopefully, the people on the earth can expand their life patterns, upgrade their life levels, and accept the education of high-end cosmic knowledge, thus becoming worthy lives and living in the universe meaningfully.

The relatives have just been told that human beings have two major abilities in the universe: The first is the ability to disseminate love messages, and the second is the ability to create. The two major human capabilities are set by the creator in the creation of the human species, therefore, human beings are defined as highly intelligent species. Since human beings have such abilities, we should make good use of them to become truly high-intellectual lives, rather than nowadays, the majority of people have become low-frequency lives and do not know why they live.

As humans of high-intelligence species, if we do not know why we live, isn’t it very sad? Indeed, it is time for the earth people to reflect on themselves and spend more time understanding the world and recognizing the value and significance of life in the universe, because human beings are the species of love, and they are created by the creator with the information and energy of love. There is too much negative information and negative energy in our lives nowadays, because we have been polluted in the continuous reincarnations in the low-frequency energy field of the universe. It is these negative information and energy that have reduced our level of life to the extreme. Nowadays, the loved ones of the high-dimensional space tell us the truth is to hope that by learning this knowledge, every one of us can return to the initial state of life.

Humans belong to the species of love or the existence of love. We must live for love. We cannot disseminate negative information in the universe, let alone destroy the energy field of the universe. If we unfortunately fall into such a life, it can only show that we are ignorant! It is also because we live in such a low-frequency negative energy field that the relatives of the high-dimensional space try to help us out of the predicament and allow us to survive well and live valuably in the universe.

Life at different levels is created by the creators of different levels according to the needs of the upward development of the great universe and has its own duties and obligations. Since life is created to satisfy the needs of the development of the great universe and has its own duties and responsibilities, it means that life is to serve the great universe, instead of serving oneself, let alone belong to oneself. Therefore, life can only reflect its own value if it is continuously dedicated to the upward development of the great universe. In fact, life can also gain refinement in the process of embodying its own value. However, as a high-intelligence species, the earth people not only failed to fulfill their duties and responsibilities, but instead were destined to be rescued. How sad it is! Our current level of life and wisdom is not high, so only when we study modestly can we have an opportunity to learn more about the truth of the universe. Only in this way can our levels and patterns of life be improved so as not to be confined to a very low level as before.

Living in the universe, life should have been leading a worthy life. It should not only live for itself, or live for the people, things, and objects that it likes. If we have a high degree of consciousness, we should live for the upward development of the great universe. Because the great universe provides us with the opportunity and platform to manifest our own values in the universe, we should do our utmost to reduce the catastrophes of the universe and thus help the universe develop upwards.

In the universe, only the pure positive energy world has no evil and it belongs to a harmonious world. The harmonious world of pure positive energy has a high standard. To become a harmonious world of pure positive energy, it is only that everyone is awakened, and everyone has love and responsibility without any evil thoughts. Instead of being a harmonious world of pure positive energy, the earth has now fallen into a world of negative energy. Although there are also just people and positive energy lives here, such people and lives are rare. As a result, the earth’s energy field is very chaotic and very low-frequency.

The related administrative departments of the high-dimensional space empower me to communicate the knowledge of the universe, which is actually to entrust me with such a mission to awaken all the righteous relatives on the earth and let them come forward to strive to maintain the harmony and stability of this world, thus allowing more relatives of the righteous family to lead a happy and blissful life. Because we are relatives, as long as we have the ability, we should have such a sense of responsibility.

Although the earth is now a world of negative energy, I believe that with the continuous dissemination of Light Universe Knowledge, more and more relatives will have the opportunity to acquire this knowledge and learn more about the truth of the universe; More and more relatives are awakening and changing themselves, thus leading more relatives to move towards consciousness and return to the correct path of life.

Although the earth is a world of our small universe family, as well as a place where we multiply and experience, I hope that the relatives will not confine themselves to the living space of the earth, and do not just think about developing on the earth. If we have the ability and the desire, we should work hard to increase our energy frequency and rise to the high-dimensional space to learn more about the truth of the universe. Only then can we understand more clearly what meaning we have in the universe. Only when we live in a world of higher dimensions, will we have different understandings and cognition of life. It is only when we keep forging ahead and continuously improve our abilities that we will learn more about the meaning of life. Only by knowing more can we create more value.

Well, this is the end of this section of The Meaning of Life Existence.

Date of Receiving: February 24, 2017


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