Section 1 Cognition of Life

The Supreme Leader of the Galactic Federal Agency ① named the First Chapter of the Second Part of Light Universe Knowledge as “The Value System of Life”, and in the First Section, it was “The Cognition of Life”, which is to bring us, the people on the earth, to a higher starting point.

In fact, the existence of life in the universe has been so long that there is no way to use the years of the earth to calculate. It is also because we are living in a world of the low-dimensional space that we simply cannot understand how the world of the high-dimensional space calculates time. We cannot use the time on the earth to calculate the number of years of life existence in the universe, because the time on the earth cannot express the truth of the universe. If we take the time on the earth to calculate, we will be more confined to ourselves, and difficult to escape from the inertial thinking of the low-dimensional space, and thus misunderstand the truth of the universe. Therefore, from now on, we must stand at a higher level to understand the mysteries of the universe. Otherwise, we will only get farther and farther away from the truth of the universe.

I have also told the relatives before that the existence of being able to naturally grow in nature can be called “life”; it can also be understood as: As long as there is a sensory power, it is life. This is a basic definition of life. There are various lives at different levels in the universe, and we humankind is only one of them, and humans are also divided into different varieties and levels. As for the amount of life other than human beings, there is no way to understand it with our ability.

The dynamic and static nature of life is what we know about animals and plants. Of course, there are still some lives that our people on the earth cannot understand or recognize for the time being. Although we do not know about life outside the earth, we, more or less, have gained some understanding of the Yang material forms of life ② on the earth. For example, there are many species of animals. They all have their own characteristics, and their living ability and value and role in the universe are also different. Of course, the same goes for plants. Plants have few needs for this world, but they make great contributions and play significant roles. It is merely because we lack awareness of many plants that we neglect their enormous value.

In fact, our understanding of the life forms of Yang substances is only limited to the earth. There are also various manifestations of life in the universe. Because our bodies and capabilities are limited, we know very little about the types of life that exist in the universe. In addition to some life forms of Yang substances that have once been on the earth, it can be said that we do not now anything about the various life types outside the earth, especially the Yin material forms of life ③. It is also because we are hindered by the body of life that we cannot see the existence of Yin material forms of life and are even less able to understand them. Therefore, we will confine ourselves, and do not believe that there are other lives beyond our earth, let alone believe that there are lives whose capabilities and wisdom are greater than us.

Regardless of whether or not our people on the earth can see, as long as there are worlds created by lives, there will be all kinds of lives with different forms and appearances. Whether they are the highly intelligent lives ④ defined by the universe, or some ordinary lives, their display forms are basically different from those of the species on the earth. In view of this, I cannot make detailed communication for my relatives.

There are many types of lives on the earth that we don’t know yet. For the lives outside the earth and their capabilities and wisdom, it is even impossible for me to express myself in words. In fact, lives vary in energy level, size and capacity. I only know that there are many lives in the universe that are more advanced than those on the earth, and that their capabilities and wisdom are much higher than ours. As long as the dimension of space in a world is higher than that of the earth, life there is stronger than that of the same kind on the earth, and the higher dimensional space the life is in, the stronger its ability is. In other words, if a particular world is N times number of dimensions higher than the earth, then the capabilities of those lifeforms in that world will be N times higher level than the same type of lifeform on the earth. This is the way we can make such assessments.

Simply telling the relatives these truths is to let you not confine yourselves. Although human beings are defined as highly intelligent species, our earth people have not reached such a height. The relevant administrative departments of the high-dimensional space know exactly that we have little knowledge of the truth of the universe and see that we are still at such a low level, therefore, they help us and let each of us understand the truth of the universe by learning the knowledge of the universe so as to elevate our own life levels and patterns, thus changing our own destiny.

Well, this is the end of this section of Cognition of Life.

Date of Receiving: February 24, 2017


①Galactic Federal Agency: There are different levels of administrative departments in the universe, and the Galactic Federal Agency is the administrative department of one of the Milky Way in the universe.

②The Yang material forms of life: A Yang form of life, that is, the Yang life living in the world of the physical planet.

③The Yin material forms of life: A Yin form of life, which can also be called the Yin life. The Yin lives have a wide range of survival. They can survive either in the worlds of physical planets or in the worlds of non-physical planets.

④Highly intelligent lives: Lives that can create both the worlds and the civilizations.


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