Section 6 What is Cosmic Knowledge?

This theme is a summary of these knowledge I conveyed, so that the relatives on the earth can understand what the cosmic knowledge is, and have a general concept of the knowledge on the universe. This section is also the last section of the first part of Light Universe Knowledge, which amounts to a conclusion.

In fact, the "universe knowledge" is the laws of the universe and the perception on the universe that the life has in the universe, known as “universe knowledge” for short. Although simple, but with the science and technology of the earth, our understanding on the universe is still rare, because we can only see some appearances of the universe with the instrument of the earth, there is no way for us to understand the real nature of the universe. It is for this reason that the relatives of the high-dimensional space convey the knowledge of the universe in such a way, that they tell us the truth they know and help us to have a certain understanding of the universe, in which they want us to live valuable lives, not as helpless and miserable as we are now, nor as we would like to live.

As the descendants of the justice world, we should learn the spirit of our ancestors. We will continue to extend the selfless love and dedication of our forefathers to our children, even to our descendants, and let all our children know their ancestors, for we are the descendants of the justice family. If we don’t know our roots, isn’t it sad to live in this world?

Our small universe family, no matter in which world, is very short of talents, and now our family is constantly cultivating more talents to help the family to develop. It is conceivable that, it would be difficult to compete with the forces of evil without talents, let alone development. If we, the earth people, do not wake up, it will be difficult to enhance our own energy frequency, and there will be no chance to rise to higher dimensional space to serve the family. “Spread the knowledge of the universe and achieve the awakening of the whole people” is the original intention of the relatives in the high dimensional space to spread the knowledge of the universe to the earth.

The relatives in high dimensional space are very wise. They have already realized that if we want to change the fate of the family, we must start from education, and communicate the basic knowledge of the universe to every corner of the world by popularizing the knowledge of the universe. Of course, the world referred to here is the worlds of all the different dimensional spaces of our small universe. Our earth is just one of them.

In fact, no matter which dimensional space, no matter how large a world, the administrators of the universe are not easy, all have their own difficulties. The larger the world is, the harder and uneasier to administrate, not to mention such a large universe, there are so many species, and the differences in nature and characters of each species. It is impossible for the administrators at all levels to make such a large universe work properly without great wisdom and ability, and it is really not easy for them to make all justice worlds work properly under the constant interference of the evil forces. Especially the lives in the worlds of the low dimensional space are difficult to change, and also difficult to civilize!

As a descendant of the justice family, I must inherit the spirit of selfless love and selfless dedication of the ancestors in the high dimensional space to spread these knowledge of the universe to the entire earth, and to benefit all the relatives on the earth, so that they can change themselves and enhance their own life pattern, and become wise.

Of course, I also hope that more relatives become talented people, because the earth is the base to train talented people, where there are many opportunities for experience and promotion. Therefore the relatives of the worlds of the different dimensional spaces dare to come to the earth for experience, but we did not know. In fact, the worse the environment, the more we can steel our intelligence and ability. It just depends on whether we wake up and recognize the truth.

Now we can change ourselves by learning the knowledge of the universe, and see the world in a brand new cosmology. Only when we can see the world, will our minds become clearer and clearer and will we know what kind of people we are going to be to help the world. If you want to achieve yourself, of course, you have to change yourself first, be full of the positive energy, and increase your wisdom while understanding the truth of the universe; Only with the wisdom, can we have the ability to fight the evil forces that control the earth.

This knowledge of the universe is our weapon, and we can defeat the evil forces with it, for the evil forces occupy the earth with knowledge, but their knowledge is not the truth of the universe. In fact, the evil forces have been using their false theories and knowledge to confuse our earthlings. Their purpose is to control us. Of course, we can use the knowledge and truth of the universe to confront and defeat them. Universe knowledge and truth are the most powerful weapons against them.

It is very important to popularize the knowledge of the universe. I hope that our relatives on the earth have this awareness, all know the truth of the universe, and no longer to be confused or continue to be used or controlled by others, and live more freely and happily; Let’s make the earth better and more harmonious with the help of the relevant administrative departments of the high dimensional space.

We should make it easier for the governments of all countries on the earth to govern the countries with the awakening of all, because changing the earth is the responsibility and obligation of every one of our earthlings, but not the unilateral responsibility and obligation of the governments of all countries. Because we are a member of the earth, a member of every nation, and a member of the entire universe, it is the duty and obligation of every one to make the universe harmonious and all things peacefully exist in the universe.

As a highly intelligent species, we should know how to change ourselves, devote ourselves, be a selfless dedication person and a more valuable and meaningful life!

Well, that is the end of the first part of Light Universe Knowledge.

Date of Receiving: October 13, 2016

(The End)


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