Section 5 Interaction Between Planets

The relatives might be curious about such a theme that how planets interact in the universe. Today, I’m going to talk about this topic for my relatives.

With my current abilities, I can only convey some of the knowledge about the universe to a general extent. But I cannot communicate systematically and deeply at present. Unless I have a higher frequency of energy and wisdom by making continuous efforts and upliftment to interpret the deeper knowledge and mysteries of the universe. But now I will do my best to convey this knowledge to my relatives, and it is a great pleasure for me to hope that my simple communication will give them a certain knowledge and understanding of the universe.

In fact, there are interactions between planets in the universe. For example, there are interactive relationships between the major planets in our solar system. Because the sun has a very powerful energy field, the major planets in the solar system will be regularly operated under the influence of the sun. It is also because the sun has a very high energy frequency and can provide the major planets of the solar system the energy they required that they will go with the sun.

Since the universe is governed by the administrators, it certainly has administrative organs in different dimensional spaces. And the sun is the seat of the administrative departments of our small universe, where there are our very intelligent and energetic ancestors and relatives. It is precisely because the solar energy field can affect the operation of the major planets in the solar system that it has so much power to control the major planets. Just like the earth, without the sun, everything on the earth cannot survive, because the sun can give the necessary energy to our earthlings, including other species.

Although the great universe also gives the needed energy to all lives, it is impossible for the living beings to survive well only by relying on these basic energies given by the universe, because the environments on each planet are different. In the creation of lives on the major planets, it is up to the Creator’s own efforts and capabilities to make adjustments in accordance with their unique circumstances and conditions there to create better living conditions and to replenish the energy needed for life there, so that the species suitable for that environment can be well placed to survive in that particular environment.

The creation of life in itself is a very complex task. In addition, on the physical and non-physical planets in different dimensional spaces in the universe, each has its own specific environment and conditions. When the creators create the species for a planet, they need to make the corresponding settings according to the specific environment and conditions there. Including what kind of living conditions, suitable for what kind of species, and even suitable for what kind of life body, which require the creators to take a long time and a lot of efforts to test before they know which planet is suitable for what kind of species, which species can survive well in such an environment. In fact, there are many mysteries in the universe that our earth people do not know yet, but today I can only convey a general idea, hopefully the relatives will have a basic understanding of the basic knowledge of the universe.

As the changes of the energy fields of a planet, the surrounding planets will also be affected, especially the closer the planets, the greater the impact. For example, the Earth is a planet with a very low energy frequency and a negative energy field. Of course, the planet closer to the earth is more affected because negative information from our earth people will spread to other nearby planets. These negative messages can spread to other planets, which is unimaginable for us. In fact, under the influence of the earth, it is difficult for the planets around the earth to be promoted. This is what the theme of today tell our relatives the truth.

Do not think that the problems on the earth only affect the earth itself. In fact, these problems will spread to other planets, and the closer the planet to us, the more the planet will be affected. This is the terrible impact caused by the earth. But it is not clear to us on the earth that we have affected the energy fields of other planets and even the large universe unwittingly. And now we are still complacent, and self-conceited!

The fact that the earth has affected other planets has already become a reality. Similarly, if our small universe does not seek to develop and change, the entire large energy field of our small universe will also affect other small universes that are closest to us and even affect the Galaxy. It is an undeniable fact that every single life and planet affects others and other planets in the universe. We cannot mistakenly believe that our problems only affect us. In fact, our own problems can affect the people around us, the whole society, and even the large universe.

When we know these truths and can comprehend these laws of the universe from different perspectives in a coherent way, it is not hard to see that our personal problem is actually a question of the universe. If we can stand at such a height with such a consciousness, it is believed that each of us will change ourselves without being as indifferent as we are today.

Of course, if the earth is a positive energy planet, it will be able to help the planets closer to us and will bring the gospel to the planets nearby. That is, whether the earth is a planet of positive energy or a planet of negative energy, it will have an impact on the planet closer to itself. It is merely that the earth is now a negative energy planet, what it brings to its neighbors are disasters. Nowadays, our people on the earth have no control over our own destiny and have no ability to help others, let alone to help other planets. We are now unable to protect ourselves, and only survive with the help of others. This is the status quo of the earth today!

The earth is now at the lowest level of the entire universe, so we are reduced to low-frequency life. If we want to survive and seek development, we must completely change ourselves, remove the label of low-frequency life and low-frequency planet, and stop being worthless. When we know so much about the truth, but have not learned to change ourselves, still are indifferent, then what is the value and meaning of our existence in the universe? As long as those negative energy people live in the universe, they will be destroyers. We should feel sad and ashamed to be such a person!

If we want to change our fate, it certainly relies on our own efforts. We have the ability to change ourselves, then we are able to help others. It is only when we become more and more powerful that we have the opportunity to help more people. All of these things need to be put into practice in details, to be changed from bits and pieces, so that we can be promoted. Because it is not easy to completely change ourselves and upend all of our previous philosophies and values, we simply cannot do it without great wisdom and super determination. This requires everyone to work hard, have such a sense, always keep their own mind, and no longer let themselves have negative information.

The mistakes we made are caused by our own mind. What kind of mind we have, what kind of person we will be. If our mind is kind and full of love, what we do is of course for the benefit of others and the world. When our mind is full of hatred or evil, we will become an evil person and a destroyer to this world. It is only when we hold on to our own minds that our behavior can be changed under the constraints of our minds.

Today, I convey the theme of “Interactions Between Planets” in the hope that the relatives on the earth can be touched and see the problems they have and also can understand how their own problems affect others and even the entire universe. When we understand these truths, we should choose the right path of life, make ourselves a valuable person, and become a meaningful life. We should be the life to benefit the universe, not to choose the wrong path and become a vandal to the universe, because the original information in our life is love and justice.

Well, that is the end of this section of Interaction Between Planets.

Date of Receiving: October 13, 2016


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