Section 4 Formation of Destiny

The theme I convey today, I believe that my relatives are very interested in, because everyone cares about their own destiny. A lot of people have conveyed similar knowledge before, but they only look at such a problem from the height and angle of the earth, because we, the earthlings, have limited ability to stand at higher heights to understand the formation of the destiny. If it is not our relatives in the high-dimensional space to help us, we simply do not have the ability to understand so much of the truth about the universe. These truths will enable us on the earth to have a new understanding of life and the universe, and we can also stand at a higher level to understand the life and the universe.

As we continue to learn more about the universe, we also have a certain ability to observe and understand the world. This is also what I want to achieve when I convey the knowledge of the universe and many truths. I hope all my relatives on the earth can awaken and enhance themselves so as to elevate their life levels to a certain height without being confined to the present level of the earth, where there is no way to broaden their horizons or understand the vast universe.

In fact, a person’s own destiny is caused by himself, because a person has many births and many lives in the universe, not just as we have understood before, only this life. Of course, a handful of people are the persons the first time. Since many of us have many births and many lives, the information we accumulated in our lifetimes will be accompanied with the change of our destiny.

What kind of people we are, what kind of our own fate we will have. If we had all been upright and kind, our fate will be better and better, because we had chosen the right path in life. If we are evil people, our fate in the universe will, of course, be very bad too. This is our own choice.

Everyone’s destiny is caused by himself. However, after awakening, one can change his own destiny with his own efforts. If our destiny is not very good, we can from now on change our wrong thoughts and behavior. We will become honest and kind people to follow the development of the universe to survive, so that our destiny will gradually get better.

Many people may have doubts about these knowledge I have conveyed, in fact, such doubts are normal, because the relatives do not understand these truths. But it doesn’t matter. Next I will give more detailed message to my relatives. I believe that my message will make the relatives more aware of how their own destiny is formed.

Since our earth people do not have the ability to know our past lives, I convey to my relatives the experience of this life. For example, we are honest and kind people, and we will only be with the people of the same frequency, and will not be close to those places with the frequency different from ours, because we will reject it and not adapt to the energy fields of different frequencies. A group of honest and kind people can be joining together without disgusting, nor malicious reflection. If we choose to be with such kind of the people, of course our destiny will be very good, because the honest and kind people all have the spirit of helping each other.

Being helpful is the nature of a good person, so when a group of good people come together, it forms a force. This kind of power will help us to have a good development on the path of the life, both in our life and at work. This is the formation of the fate of those who choose to be honest and kind. Because we have chosen the right path of life, our destiny will certainly be good.

If we are negative energy people, the result is completely different. In fact, people who have negative energy are wicked people, but the degree of evil is different. Many people on the earth today do not consider themselves evil, all believing that they are very upright and kind. In fact, our earth people have no correct understanding of good and evil, so we cannot distinguish between the good and the evil. We do not have the ability to distinguish them, it is also because many of our understanding of the good and the evil is wrong. For we have been living in a negative energy environment and have become insensitive to what is happening in this world, many people do not know whether they are an upright person or a villain. Since selfishness has become a trend on the earth, and we are also accustomed to our selfishness, we do not realize that we have become a villain.

Now that our standards of the good and the evil have been reduced, unlike the past, there is an accurate definition of the good and the evil. In fact, this positioning is also connected with our entire environment, a large environment will affect everyone’s thinking mode. Because we have lowered our own standards, the definition of the wicked will not be accurate, and we have no higher demands on ourselves, there is no way to recognize ourselves, let alone to recognize the world.

To tell these truths faithfully to the relatives, is in fact, to help the relatives to have a new understanding and position of their own. We should return to a normal state and not live in an abnormal state as we did before.

Before awakening, every one of our earthlings was once a villain, only with a different degree of the evil. Because we have lived in a negative energy field all along, the thoughts of each individual are not as pure as the beginning of our lives with the influence of the negative energy field. It is also because the negative energy fields affect our emotions, making our emotions more and more negative that each of us lives in a depressing way in such a huge negative energy field.

We used to send out negative messages every day, complaining about others and the injustice of the world. Since we were such people, how could we be positive energy people? So I need to tell the truth so that my relatives can change themselves.

We were really such people before, it is also because we were unknowingly that we were such people. But nowadays, we learn the knowledge of the universe and know the truth of the universe, so we can change ourselves, and make a correct position for our lives. We can choose to be honest and kind people, to be the life of positive energy, instead of sending out negative messages every day as before, becoming the destroyer of the universe.

It is also because the earth belongs to a negative energy planet that we have also become the negative energy people and the puppets of the evil life. This is our shame! Since we have this shameful experience, we should learn to change ourselves and end the shame from now on.

As for what kind of fate the negative energy people have, in fact, each of us has had such a period of experience. Whether we live happily or not in this world, it is clear when we ask ourselves. No matter what kind of industry in which we are engaged in this world, and what kind of the social status that we have, we all have a different degree of vexation and suffering. Because we do not have a correct knowledge and understanding on our own, we have been under the control of this negative energy field. There is no way to feel the pleasure at all times. The more negative energy people live in this world, the more empty they will feel. Of course, such people also get together with the people of their same frequency. Because of the role of the energy field, what kind of people you are, what kind of people you will choose to be with.

When a group of negative energy people come together, everyone is selfish and chooses to live for themselves. How can such a person think of helping others and caring for others? When you are surrounded by selfish people, how can your own destiny become better? Because everyone thinks of his own interests, and never thinks of benefiting others. It is certainly wrong to choose such a path of life, as we are setting obstacles for ourselves. It is precisely because we became negative energy people that we naturally meet negative energy men.

The positive energy people will reject negative energy people, so positive energy people and negative energy people will never become true friends, and they will not form a real friendship. Just as our righteous family is now in opposition to the evil family, there is no way to get together or reach a consensus. Also because the just life and the evil life are different in nature and ideology, and the path chosen by both is different, it is impossible to reach a consensus on a certain thing between the two.

In fact, the law of the universe is very simple. As long as we learn, we can realize more about the laws of the universe, and can understand them in a coherent way. These laws of the universe will never change, and the change is the human mind! It is our insufficiency of knowledge and understanding of the universe and our lack of wisdom that sometimes we have wrong knowledge or understanding on the laws of the universe. In particular, our earth people,who do not understand the truth of the universe, have been misled by the false cosmic knowledge conveyed by many people, so as to have wrong knowledge and misunderstood the laws of the universe.

Now I tell my relatives these truths, that is, I hope my relatives should be vigilant, and those false rumors must be reexamined. I believe that when we have a certain degree of wisdom, we have the ability to distinguish the good from the evil and the kind from the wicked, so that we can have a correct knowledge and understanding of the laws and truth of the universe. When we have such a high level of wisdom, we will choose the right path of life, and our destiny will be changed as well.

By learning about the universe, we can end our wrong perception and understanding on us and the world in all our born days before. Because we are awakened, we are fortunate enough to have learned the knowledge of the universe in this life at present, and we can put an end to the previous shame with our own efforts.

All the knowledge and truth of the universe I conveyed may stab at the mind of some of my relatives, but I hope all of them will stand at a certain height and accept themselves before with tolerance. No matter what kind of person we were before, the key is what kind of person we will be in the future, rather than being obsessed with the past. We can change our destiny with our own efforts. The past things were the past, we must grasp the present moment. As long as we wake up and have wisdom, we can master our own destiny, and live a better, more valuable and meaningful life!

Well, that is the end of this section of Formation of Destiny.

Date of Receiving: October 12, 2016


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