Section 3 Evolution of Human Thought

I am sure many of our relatives would like to know how our human thought evolved into what it is today. Now that I have such a theme, I will make a brief account of the evolution of the human thought, so that the relatives have a certain understanding of the truth about the subject. Because this is also a knowledge, when we have acquired, it can certainly help the relatives to ascend.

In fact, we, the human species, have the ability to think. Since we have the ability to think, the human mind will be very complex. It’s just that at the beginning of human existence in the universe, human beings are relatively simple, and not as complicated as they are today, because the energy field was very pure when the creator first created humanity, humans all lived happily and joyfully in the energy field of love.

It is only with the time passing that the number of human beings has gradually increased, and various ideas have emerged. Humanity inherently has a very complex ability to think, because this ability was given to it in the creation of mankind. When creators created human beings, they use positive information and energy of love, hoping that human beings can play a role in helping the universe to develop upward. However, after a long course of development, each person has his own different ideas, so different thoughts have emerged in mankind.

In such a large environment, the human mind is affected by the environment, and influenced to varying degrees. Some people’s thinking is positive, while some people’s thinking is negative. Human positive thoughts can benefit the universe. On the contrary, human negative thoughts can harm the universe.

Since the human beings have the ability to think, they will have a lot of ideas according to their own experiences in the universe, and these ideas are becoming more and more complex. The longer time the humankind exists in the universe, the more ideas it will accumulate.

Humans can accomplish the universe or destroy it. If one’s mind becomes more and more negative, it indicates his mind becomes more and more evil, and he will cause great damage to the universe. When more and more people become such people, it is hard to imagine how much damage to the universe. There is such a problem in the universe today.

Of course, there are many people who make their thoughts more and more positive through their continuous experience in the universe. These people will create the world with these good ideas that they have accumulated and make the world a better place. Such people have great value and function in the universe, because the universe needs such people, rather than the evil people.

When creators create the human species, they also cannot control what kind of human future changes. That is to say, they have the ability to create life, but not necessarily have the ability to control what each life will become.

In fact, the reality of our human world is what we ourselves have created. In the long process of human evolution, as the human minds have changed greatly, the people with negative energy emerged in the human world. These negative energy people are going to be themselves, developing and growing with their own abilities in different worlds. This is the origin of the evil world that begins to exist in the lower dimensional life space of the universe. Because humans belong to the highly intelligent species, they have these abilities in themselves, therefore those who have negative energy have caused great damage to the universe.

The evil people were originally the high-intelligence species. It is simply because their minds have evolved that they become increasingly evil and have lost the human nature. Because the true humans are “species of love” we call these wicked people the “evil species”. Originally creators created the human beings is to bring benefits to the universe, and only those who have this nature can be called “human beings”.

No matter how the evil people have evolved, they no longer possess the human nature. Now they have mutated, and we cannot think of them as human beings. They are a group of evil lives in the universe who have been constantly destroying the universe and harming our just lives. Therefore, the universe has become more and more complex so far.

It is easy for human thought to deteriorate, but it is not easy to get better. Because human has a very agile mind, people can have a variety of thoughts whenever they think of them, and these ideas are not always positive and not all in the interest of the universe. As long as a person lacks the intelligence and love, he will have the evil thoughts, and these thoughts will dominate himself to destroy the universe.

After the existence of mankind in the universe, there are two completely different development trends. Some people become more and more kind-hearted and more and more caring and responsible, and such people can promote the upward development of the universe; Whereas others become increasingly evil, and they continue to hurt others and destroy the order of the universe, thus making the energy field of the universe more and more chaotic, and impeding the upward development of the universe. In fact, people have two sides, and it is not that man has no good or evil as others conveyed. If the people are not divided between good and evil, how can there be both the honest and kind people and the evil people?

The section on the “Evolution of Human Thought” is today simply conveyed to the relatives on the earth. It is hoped that the relatives on the earth will have more knowledge and understanding of this species of human beings and so as to get rid of their own confusion about the truth of the universe. Only by understanding these truths will our ideas become clearer and clearer and not be as confused as before. As we become more and more aware of what human beings can do in the universe, we should choose to be honest and kind people and to be just lives to serve the universe.

We must reflect the value of our own lives and should not become the lives that are to be eliminated by the universe. Because we have the ability to change ourselves and the world, we can choose to maintain the harmony of the universe, let all humankind return to the original pure state of life and make their due contribution to the upward development of the universe.

Well, that is the end of this section of Evolution of Human Thought.

Date of Receiving: October 12, 2016


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