Section 2 Definition of Flora and Fauna

Animals and plants have always existed on the earth. The relatives may ask: how to define animal and plant?

As I have already told my relatives before, all lives in the universe are made up of information, energy and matter. Of course, these two species of animals and plants are no exception except that they have a great variety, especially on the earth. There are a wide variety of animals and all kinds of plants.

The theme today is the “Definition of Flora and Fauna”.

First, on animals. Animals include a wide range of species, such as our human being is a species that can move. It can be understood that all the species in the universe that can act independently are called “animals”. Because animals are created by the creators with the fluid energy of life in the universe plus certain settings, only the levels and types of these life energies are different. Therefore, the species of different types at different levels are created.

No matter how great the role these species play in the universe, they can bring some vitality to the universe, because creators also need to create a variety of species to test how much they can play in the universe. How is it possible to create better species without trying? All of these require testing to know the results, not to know the value of the creation at the beginning, but to know after testing what kind of life they are, whether and how much value they can produce in the universe.

The creators also need to make more attempts at different stages through continuous learning. How is it possible to know what kind of species has much value and function in the universe without any attempt? Because without a period of observation, the characteristics of each species cannot be found, which is why there are all kinds of species in the universe. Since the universe needs to develop, more attempts must be done.

And now on plants. We can understand like this: As long as those are the fixed growth of the organisms are basically called “plants”. They cannot move or walk because plants are created with static life energy rather than mobile life energy like animals. Since there is no such vital energy in life, plants cannot move or walk like animals, which is actually do not have such ability. But plants also play a big role in the universe because they not only provide the nutrients that animals need, but also balance the energy field of the universe.

The creation of any species in the universe must follow the law of the balance of Yin and Yang, otherwise the universe cannot develop, because the universe is a Yin and Yang balanced universe. If we do not follow the laws of the universe to develop and operate, then even more species were created, they will not be able to survive in the universe. For example, animals belong to Yang, plants belong to Yin. The creator creates both animals and plants in order to maintain the balance between Yin and Yang. That is to say, to create life in the universe, we must understand the laws of the universe. If you do not know even the most basic laws of the universe, then no other life can be created with any more power, because it is not easy to create life, it needs a great ability and wisdom and high technology.

In the universe, it is not life that creates the laws of the universe, but these laws existed at the very beginning of the universe. It was after the existence of life in the universe that these beings learned the laws of the universe, so they created their own worlds according to the laws of the universe. For every highly intelligent life knows that life cannot compete with nature, and that life can only survive according to nature and develop well by following the laws of the universe.

Although the mind of the evil life has become evil, they have to follow the laws of the universe to create their life. Even if they have more power, it is impossible for them to create the species they need without following the laws of the universe. So species created by the evil creatures also have Yin and Yang themselves, and if they do not create life according to the laws of the universe, they cannot survive either, let alone develop. Because it is clear to them that they must follow the fundamental laws of the universe. In other words, they also follow the laws of the universe when they create their own lives. They know that if they create life not according to the law of the balance of Yin and Yang, they cannot survive and develop.

As long as it is impossible to contend with nature, the evil lives will stop. It is just that the mind of the evil lives is evil. They have a strong desire for control and selfishness, and their thoughts and behavior do not follow the laws of love. Although the universe follows the laws of love, the evil lives have the ability to resist this law, and they will establish and administrate their own worlds in accordance with their evil thoughts. Because the realm of governing world is completely different from that of life creation, they dare to do anything as long as it is within their power. This is the nature of the evil species, otherwise we would not define them as the “evil species”.

By telling these truths on the theme of “Definition of Flora and Fauna” today, I also hope that all relatives on the earth will have more understanding of the truth of the universe, so that they can change themselves and fully reflect their own values in the universe.

The evil life in the universe plays the role of destruction, so we define it as the evil life. The evil life goes against us. We can push the universe upward, but the evil life is to let the universe fall.

If we want to change the fate of this world, we must arm ourselves with knowledge and be intelligent and able to combat the evil forces. In fact, to enhance the positive energy field of the universe constantly is the biggest blow to the evil forces. As the universe is full of pure positive energy, the evil families cannot develop because they need negative information and energy to create their lives, and they also need negative energy to survive.

The relatives of the high dimensional space tell us these truths is to let us work hard to change the energy field of the earth. In fact, changing the energy field of the earth is to change the energy field of universe. As human beings, we are the life of justice, and we must play our part to the full, and fight the negative energy species to the end, not to let them continue to do evil or develop rapidly in the universe.

Well, that is the end of this section of Definition of Flora and Fauna.

Date of Receiving: October 11, 2016


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