Section 1 Life Energy

There are countless kinds of energies in the universe by nature or quality, as described in the preceding section 5, chapter 3, “An Introduction to the Cosmic Energy”, which is not repeated in this section now. This section focuses on introducing “Life Energy” to the relatives. The so-called “life energy” is a special kind of energy that can be used by the creator to create life in the universe. This type of special energy is generated by all kinds of information in the universe acting on the cosmic energy field. In order to distinguish such special energies that can be used to create life from other energies so that the relatives can understand it, we call this special energy “life energy”. Of course, there are many levels of life energy, the higher level of the life energy can be used to create the high-level life; The life energy at lower level is used to create the lower-level life.

The reason why humans are defined as highly intelligent species is that human beings have much higher levels of life energy than other common species. The creators used very special energy in creating the human beings, rather than some ordinary energy.

There are countless kinds of energies in the universe. If there is no high science and technology, there is simply no way to collect them, no way to distinguish between the categories to which these energies belong, and no way to figure out how to use these energies.

As I have just said, the life energy is also divided into many levels. The higher the frequency of life energy, the higher the foundation of life created, that is, the stronger the ability of the life reaction, so the universe needs a lot of high-frequency life energy to create more high-level life. Only the high-frequency positive information emanating from more high-level lives can help the universe to develop better. If the life energy is not of some very high frequency in the universe, the creation of the ability and wisdom of life will not be high, and it will affect the upward development of the universe, because the universe needs too many high capacity and high wisdom lives. Only the more high-energy and high-intelligence lives can help the universe to develop better. All kinds of high-frequency energies are needed in different spaces, whether life energy or other energies, the higher-frequency and purer the energies, the better they are, because only the higher-frequency energy is more helpful to the universe, and can play a great role in all areas of the universe.

Since the high-frequency energy has such a big effect on the universe, the relatives may wonder where these high-frequency energies come from. Of course, they come from the positive messages emanated from our kind, loving lives acting on the energy field of the universe, because when the frequency of the energy field is increased, the frequency of the energy and all other existence in the energy field will be increased. So the higher the frequency of the information we send out, the better the development of the universe. As long as it is pure high-frequency energy, the contribution to the universe is very large, and the more it is used. But the low-frequency energy is not very well utilized or even completely unused.

Thus it can be seen how important it is for the lives to send out positive messages! Without the positive information that the lives send out, it will not help the frequencies of the cosmic energy fields go up. Nowadays, there are so many negative energy lives in the lower-dimensional space of the universe, which hinders the development of the low-dimensional space. Because the negative information from the negative energy lives seriously interferes with the cosmic energy field and makes the cosmic energy field more and more chaotic, and the frequency lower and lower, it will affect the upward development of the grand universe.

With the negative information interference, the collection of life energy will be hindered. It will be very difficult to collect life energy without very high technology. Therefore, the creators can collect these high-frequency life energies in the universe only by developing the higher-end science and technologies by themselves, which cannot be achieved without high-end technologies. Therefore, the development of science and technology and the promotion of life wisdom are very important. If neither wisdom nor science can be improved, they will be threatened by the evil forces and will even be completely controlled by them.

We, as descendants of the justice family, must have such a high degree of awareness to understand the source of our lives and the state of our existence. If we do not know these truths, we will not play a positive role in the universe, instead, we play a negative role! That is to say, we are unknowingly and constantly sending out negative messages, which are extremely irresponsible to ourselves and even to the universe. It shows how terrible the ignorance and benighted are!

If we want to ascend our life level and energy frequency, to become more intelligent, we have to seriously learn the knowledge of the universe, understand the truth of the universe, let our outlook on life and value in line with the universe, and keep up with the pace of the development of the great universe, rather than confine ourselves to the level of the earth. Although we are the earthlings, the earth is only a part of the territory of the entire universe. If we can stand at a higher altitude, we should admit that we are part of the universe, and we are the cosmic beings.

Since the justice world creates life with positive information of high frequency, the evil world certainly needs negative information to help them develop. They also need negative energy and information to create life, and the more negative the energy and information, the more evil the life they created. This is the way for the evil family to create life. Life is made up of energy and information etc., just the justice world needs the positive energy and information of high frequency, while the evil world is collecting negative information and energy from the universe to create their own species.

The evil world has developed so fast, because too many lives in the worlds of the lower-dimensional space of the universe are constantly sending out negative information to help the evil world develop. The evil world also develops itself by constantly invading the territories of others. If they can occupy more territories and control more lives, they can help their evil world develop faster. Just as on the earth, the more people send out negative messages, the more helpful they will be to the development of the evil world, because the evil world needs not only the negative messages we send out, but also those who have negative energy to serve them. This is the truth!

I am presenting these truths to the world today is to hope that the relatives on the earth know the reason why the earth has become today’s appearance. It is because the evil forces need us to become negative energy beings, and they are just using our ignorance to constantly serve them. At the same time, they also need the negative information we send out to create the evil species to help their evil world develop. Of course, they even want our earthlings to release negative information for a long time, and to serve their evil world forever!

Today the relatives in the high-dimensional space tell us these truths in the hope that we can start by changing ourselves, and become positive energy people after knowing the truth, not to be exploited by the evil forces, let alone controlled by them. Being exploited and controlled by the evil forces is a shame of our just lives!

We have been trapped by this powerful negative energy field and it is very difficult to break through this cage with our own abilities. But we can work together to change the energy field of the earth. It is also possible to change the destiny of the earth and let the earth return to the original state through the awakening of all the people, for the earth is the land of our justice world from the very beginning, and is a planet of positive energy; We are a part of the justice world. It is our duty and obligation to have the earth return to the land of the justice world, and let the relatives on the earth live a happy and joyful life. Unlike today, no one is joyful, let alone happy!

What is the significance of living in the universe if each of us only cares for ourselves, not for others or for the world, and does not want to fulfill some responsibility for others or the world?

Creators created us in the hope that we can fulfill our responsibilities and obligations to the universe, disseminate positive information and enhance the frequency of cosmic energy fields. Since we live on the earth, we must first raise the frequency of the earth’s energy field. In fact, increasing the frequency of the earth’s energy field will also increase the frequency of the cosmic energy field, because the earth is a member of the universe. No matter what world we live in, sending out the positive message is the greatest reward for the grand universe. While disseminating positive information, we should also enhance our comprehensive ability and grow in our wisdom to continue to serve the grand universe. Only in this way can we fully reflect our own value.

We can no longer be as mediocre as before or even be indifferent to the use and control of the evil forces. We cannot continue to be their puppets, because we are descendants of the justice life, and we are destined to fight the evil in the journey of our lives. Since we are a species of love and the life of justice, we cannot be as indifferent as we were before, otherwise it is a desecration of the justice life.

The universe needs positive energy and the power of justice to maintain harmony and peace. We are justice lives and we have the duty and obligation to fight against the evil forces.

If this knowledge of the universe is not popularized in the universe, it is hard for the universe to ascend and develop. What I am saying is that the entire universe needs to popularize the knowledge of the universe, not just the earth. In fact, the relatives of the high dimensional space have been trying to spread this cosmic knowledge to every world. However, due to the limited life capacity of the low-frequency worlds, there is no ability to receive these cosmic knowledge. The relatives of high dimensional space will do their best as long as they can, just as they do to help the earth today.

When we know these truths, we should strive to change ourselves to raise the frequency of the earth’s energy field, so that the evil forces have no place on the earth and they have no chance to take advantage of and control us, and that is the result our relatives in the high-dimensional space want to see. We upgrade and arm ourselves with the cosmic knowledge, to expose the ugly actions of the evil forces, so that they have no place to shelter. In fact, this is also a direct confrontation with the evil forces. This is the wisdom and the wise action of the relatives in the high-dimensional space.

We must know how to cherish these knowledge, and make good use of our time on the earth to improve ourselves and change our own destiny. We can enhance our capabilities and wisdom in the process of combating the evil forces, and improve our own energy frequency at the same time. When our own bodies are discarded, we can rise to the world of the corresponding dimensional space to develop.

Well, that is the end of this section of Life Energy.

Date of Receiving: October 11, 2016


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