Section 4 Mind Power

As for the theme of “Mind Power”, I express it in the usual way.

How much our mind plays in the universe is beyond our imagination. Because the energy of our entire life is produced by this mind, our mind has power which is infinite. It depends on what kind of mind we have–the mind of love or the mind of evil. Love can produce a great power, of course, the evil mind has no exception, only the direction of each generation of power is different. The power of love has a positive effect on the universe, but the power of an evil mind has a destructive effect on the universe. What kind of mind our humans have, what kind of influence we have on the universe.

As descendants of the justice family, we are born with a kind mind. It is only because we have been affected by the negative energy field for a long time which makes us gradually degraded that our mind becomes more and more insensitive. It can be said that our mind has been immersed in the negative energy fields for a long time and paralyzed without the original pure positive energy of life. But we have that root, and we can restore our pure positive energy that we have before by changing ourselves, so that we can renew the force of justice that we deserve.

The reason for conveying such a theme in the section today is that our mind can play a great role in the world. It is important to convey this section of “Mind Power” because each of us has a mind.

Since we did not know the truth before, we cannot go after all the bad things we did in the past. But now we realize that we can change ourselves and restore the power of our own mind, because we are a highly intelligent species and we have such power.

The evil lives are so destructive in the universe because their mind is so evil. The more evil the life is, the greater the negative information is, and the greater the destruction to the universe is. The reason why the evil lives can confuse and control us on the earth is also because the mind of our earthlings is no longer as kind as before, and we are selfish and not dedicated selflessly. Therefore, we cannot shirk all our responsibilities to the evil lives. The earth today has become like this, our earthlings have certain responsibilities on our own.

Why has the earth become a low-frequency negative energy planet? Because there are so many negative energy people on the earth who are constantly sending out negative information every day! If all lives on the earth release a positive message, the earth will naturally become a planet of positive energy, a world of high dimensional space.

The occurrence of any event requires certain conditions. If we earthlings are just as good as we were at first, and everyone is responsible for the world, I believe that the evil forces have no chance to invade the earth because there is no one to be used by them. If the whole earth is full of just and good people, and everybody has no selfish desire, the earth belongs to the field of completely positive energy. Even if the evil forces have the ability, they cannot change such a large field of positive energy. In fact, the universe is a vast and boundless energy field. This energy field has its own laws. The law of the energy field itself is the law of the universe, which is what we call the law of nature. The life even has more power, it can only use the resources in the universe to help its own development. In other words, the ability of life cannot compete with the laws of nature.

In fact, the earth’s energy field has not become this look overnight, but it has begun to have the negative energy years ago. Over the years, the evil forces have slowly eroded our planet. No matter in which field, as long as there are people who are not kind, they can make full use of them, and even control them. Of course, a man of justice and goodness cannot become a wicked person at once, it needs to go through a process.

It is because there were fewer and fewer honest and kind people, much less the responsible people in recent years that no one has the power to lead the world and completely change the earth. There were many relatives before who preached the benefits of abandoning evil and conducting good, and they also talked about cause and effect, but because the earth people do not know the truth, and have been eroded by the negative energy fields for a long time, most of them already can’t find their own nature, and have become more and more unkind, more and more selfish. Only a small part of people can preserve their own kindness, but that kind of goodness is not as pure as it was when life first came into this world, and it is more or less polluted.

Now that the earth has been polluted like this, each of us has responsibility, because none of us can stand up and be a role model. Just because we ourselves have problems, we cannot completely shirk those responsibilities to others. As people on the earth, we must bravely admit to the mistakes we have made and completely change ourselves.

Now the truth is clear to the world, and each of the descendants of our justice family should be blamed for not making too many efforts in this world, because we did not indeed strive to change the world before, just to live for ourselves. Even if some people work hard, they cannot change the status quo of the earth. Because there are so few people of positive energy on the earth, let alone selfless and loving people.

Nowadays, there are many people who have negative energy on the earth, far exceeding the positive energy people. If we want to change the fate of the earth, we must awaken everyone, let them change themselves and admit their previous mistakes by spreading universe knowledge, and spread these truths to every corner of the earth, so that all relatives on the earth will restore the original state of their own lives, and become loving and righteous.

Only by restoring the original pure positive energy of life and removing all the negative information in life can we raise our energy frequency and let our own energy frequency keep pace with the frequency of the cosmic energy field. We should blend in with the pure positive energy of the universe, not with the negative energy as before.

The mistakes we made before can all be changed by learning. No matter what mistakes have committed in our many lifetimes, we all can say goodbye to our past by learning the knowledge of the universe and understanding the truth. Now that we are awakened, we can no longer be that kind of person.

From now on, we all must be positive energy people forever! Because we are the descendants of the justice family, we must uphold the spirit of selfless dedication of our ancestors, take responsibility for our own lives, and be worthy of the life that the creator gave us. As long as we have such a high consciousness and each of us will step out of this step, our world will become better and better.

We can increase the frequency of the earth’s energy field by learning the knowledge of the universe, spreading positive energy, and letting everyone emit positive messages. It is the task of our generation to turn the earth into a positive energy field with the joint efforts of our generation!

Today, I convey the theme of "Mind Power" to my relatives in such a way that I hope my relatives on the earth can awake themselves and make their way from now on through learning. Let us unite our strength, enhance ourselves and fight against the interference and control of the evil forces against us. Let our mind return to the original pure state of life, generate due strength, and let these forces produce value in the universe, and play a role in helping the universe to develop upward. Let us always take the right path, always know our ultimate goal is to serve the universe!

Well, that is the end of this section of Mind Power.

Date of Receiving: October 9, 2016


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