Section 3 Generation of Disaster

Nowadays, there are more and more natural and man-made disasters on the earth, especially serious natural disasters happen more and more frequently. It is a pity that so many disasters have happened that no one on the earth knows the truth. It is not very clear how so many disasters have ever occurred, and there are different opinions.

In fact, the transformation of the entire cosmic energy field causes the frequent occurrence of the earth’s natural calamities and man-made disasters. Our Earth people are not aware of these facts, we can only rely on subjective speculation and try to figure out but eventually we have not got the answer and we do not know how to put an end to these disasters.

I have already conveyed a lot of truth before, and always told my relatives about the importance of raising the frequency of the earth’s energy field. If the frequency of the earth’s energy field does not increase, it is really hard to bring us happiness and joy. The higher the frequency of the energy field, the lower the frequency of disasters. This is the law of the universe. If the earth is a negative energy field, it will conflict with the positive energy field of the universe. When the positive and negative energy collide continuously, how can various kinds of disasters not possibly occur?

Many people believe that the occurrence of natural disasters on the earth is related to climate and environmental changes. But no one has ever realized that the natural catastrophe on the Earth is due to the great relationship of the collision between the earth’s energy field and the entire cosmic energy field. This is the real cause for so many earthly disasters. If relatives in the high-dimensional space do not tell us these truths, it is hard for our earth people to know these truths on our own.

Since natural disasters on the earth are caused by the collision between the earth’s energy field and the cosmic positive energy field, it means that all the natural disasters that occur on the earth are related to our earth people, and can also be understood as it is caused by our own earth people, because each of us has ever sent out negative messages. Although there are interferences and destruction from the outside evil forces, if we, the earth people, are conscious and free from their interference and control, we can completely change the earth’s energy field with our own efforts so as to reduce or prevent the continuation of these natural disasters.

Many disasters on the earth are caused by the destruction of the energy field. The earth is now full of negative information and negative energy fields. Once more negative energies are gathered together and have certain conditions, a corresponding disaster will occur. At the seaside, for example, when the negative energy there reaches its extreme, where the energy field will collide with the cosmic energy field, causing disasters such as tsunamis or hurricanes, because the seaside has such natural conditions. Again in the grasslands, for example, where there is no natural conditions as the seaside, there will be some other catastrophes in the natural conditions of grasslands, such as wind disaster, snowstorm, etc.; In fact, the mountainous area is also the same, where the mudslides occur also due to such conditions.

In the universe, once where the energy field is contrary to and in conflict with that of the universe as a whole, there will be a corresponding disaster according to the conditions of the particular environment there. No matter what circumstances or places, as long as there is a natural disaster, we can thoroughly understand it by analogy. Because the universe follows a law: Any local energy field in the universe colliding with the cosmic energy field will cause disasters, and the more intense the collision, the bigger the disaster will be.

No matter what kind of disaster happened before, it is not important, because those disasters have occurred, we do not know the truth, and cannot pursue who is responsible for the disaster. Now that we know how disaster has taken shape, we should try our best to change everything, and not let many earthly disasters appear because we cannot afford them yet.

To stop the disaster from happening on the earth, we have no second choice but to change the earth’s energy field, because the energy field is related to the fate of all people, which is actually related to the fate of the entire earth.

If this is communicated at the beginning, the relatives may not be necessarily believe it. Therefore, it is reasonable for this section of “Generation of Disaster” to be communicated until now. If there is no prior knowledge to pave the way, I believe that the relatives do not have the ability to realize this point. So long as my relatives earnestly learn the series of knowledge of the universe, they can comprehend it thoroughly.

The relatives of the high dimensional space convey these truths to us are to save us and help us out of our difficulties, and to save us. Because they have the spirit of selfless great love and, have a great sense of responsibility and mission, they are just trying to help their relatives from suffering and don’t want to let them disappear in the universe because of having no knowledge of the truth!

Now the relatives in the high dimensional space have been helping us and guiding us, hoping that we can raise the frequency of the earth’s energy field with our own efforts and capabilities, so that the disasters on the earth will not continue. I want all the relatives on the earth to take a little responsibility for the earth on which we live, because we live here, and every one of us has a responsibility to protect our homeland. The earth is our foothold, if we do not protect it, how can we protect ourselves?

If we want to live well and safely in the universe, every one of us must fulfill our own responsibilities and obligations, to protect the earth we live on, and let the earth free from the interference and control of negative energy field. As long as we all give love, everyone spreads positive energy, everyone cares for others and selflessly dedicates himself, the frequency of the earth’s energy field will be promoted. As the frequency of the energy field increases, disasters will naturally become less and less, or even none.

It takes a process to make the earth completely free of disasters. Regardless of the length of the process, I hope that each of us will try our best to make a change and do it well, or we will regret it for the rest of our lives. If our generation does not work hard to change the world, these disasters will continue to threaten our future generations, even generations to come!

If we are responsible and loving people, our generation should be responsible for changing the earth’s energy field from now on. Although there are certain difficulties, as long as we have perseverance and can play the role as a benchmark, we can affect more people. This is the responsibility that our generation should shoulder and the path we should choose for our life. Such a choice makes sense because we have value in this world.

In fact, in this world, whether natural calamities or man-made disasters are caused by the people’s inaction. If the relatives on the earth has a sense of responsibility and mission, and they all have the awareness of self-protection, whether natural calamities or man-made disasters, they all can be completely eradicated. Just like some of the man-made disasters that usually happened around us, if there are the justice people everywhere in the world, there will be fewer and fewer evil people, and there will not be all kinds of disasters everywhere. It is because the descendants of our justice family have no justice, and no one has the courage to stand up against the evil forces that it promotes the development and expansion of the evil forces. Therefore, we have no security of our lives and our property, everybody is at risk, everyone is on the defensive, and it’s hardly preventable.

In fact, it is no use to prevent some disasters. In order to prevent all disasters from happening, it would be effective to solve it only from the fundamental source. For example, for the energy field of the earth, we can all work together to send forth positive messages and spread positive energy. By caring for others and selflessly dedicating ourselves and being a person with full positive energy, everyone can help increase the frequency of the earth’s energy field. Facing those man-made disasters, it is also in the same way. If every one of us is full of positive energy with a sense of justice, and the world is full of such people, there will be no place for the evil people, because there is no soil for their development.

The law of the universe is “good prevails over evil”. But now that justice has not established on the earth, it is controlled by the evil forces. This needs our generation to study the knowledge of the universe, after understanding the truth, we should start to change ourselves with responsibility for our own lives, for the earth where we live, moreover for our descendants. To transform the earth well into a planet of positive energy, so that the earth will no longer be endangered by disasters, or threatened by the evil forces.

Actually the descendants of our justice family are all loving and responsible. It is just no one told us the truth before that we gradually degenerated, even became insensitive, into the lives of low frequency. It is understandable what kind of persons we were, until we have received such a high level knowledge of education, because we knew nothing at that time.

To say this is not an attempt to shirk responsibility for our previous mistakes. I also uphold the spirit of seeking truth from facts, and tell the truth bravely, that is, I hope my relatives can put down the burdens, because before, each of us did make different mistakes. But now that we are enlightened, we can change ourselves and turn ourselves into wise men. It is because we did not learn these cosmic knowledge before that we did not know anything, did not act, did not bear the responsibility, and there are so many disasters occurred on the earth.

It's really not easy to change the world. But if every one of us does not change ourselves and does nothing, then our world will never change. If we are a responsible person with a sense of mission, we should shoulder this responsibility and be responsible for our own lives, for the world we live in, so that we can produce greater value and effect.

To become such a person, we must take a lot of hard work, and must be selflessly loving, selflessly dedicate ourselves, we cannot have our own private interests, and must take the interests of everything in the world and the interests of the entire world as our own responsibility. If we can be such people, we are worthy of life, and we can be a great person.

I believe there will be a number of such people on the earth, because we are descendants of justice life and there is such information and such qualities in our lives. I hope more relatives will have the courage to stand up, take the responsibility of changing the destiny of this world, and become the leader of this world to lead more relatives to awakening, so that the earth’s energy field will gradually increase in frequency, and the earth’s disasters will be less and less. By awakening all people, the earth will one day be far from disasters.

This is the truth I told the relatives today. I wish all the relatives are able to live in a good environment, free from these disasters, which is also my original intention of conveying this knowledge.

Well, that is the end of this section of Generation of Disaster.

Date of Receiving: October 9, 2016


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