Section 2 Crystal of Love

This section conveys “Crystal of Love” to my relatives, and I still convey this knowledge following some ideas of the high-dimensional space, and let them know something about the subject.

We are the descendants of the justice family, and our lives are inherently made up of the information of love, energy and material. Only those offspring reproduced by a couple who have loving hearts can be called the crystal of love. It is not what we usually think–as long as the offspring of a union of two people are known as the crystal of love. In fact, there are some people who have no love in their lives, because they are not composed of the information of love and energy. So their offspring cannot be called the crystal of love, they are the seeds of the evil. I made the statement in the hope that the relatives on the earth will not have the wrong understanding on the crystal of love.

How can the offspring of unloving people be the crystal of love? Especially many people do not necessarily combine for love on our low-frequency earth. It is precisely because of such people on the earth that they give the chance of reincarnation ① to the evil spiritual roots. If the two people are both honest and kind, they are very loving and have positive energy, it is also impossible for the evil family to send their offspring to reborn in such a family, because they have no such chance, and reincarnation needs energy frequency to match.

The universe itself is a large field of energy. What kind of people we choose to be, what kind of energy we have, and what kind of energy we can integrate with! If we have a very high frequency of positive energy, the positive energy of these high frequencies will protect us. It can also be understood that these energies within ourselves determine our destiny!

If two positive energy people combine, their offspring must be the descendant of the justice, rather than that of the evil. Of course, if we are negative energy people, we are also called the negative energy people, because the people with different energy frequency will not come together, and only the people with the same energy frequency have the opportunity to combine.

Today telling the truth is to let my relatives understand more clearly how we came to this world, and how procreation is related to our energy frequency.

If we think that all lives in the universe are good, that is wrong. Long ago, there were already evil species in the universe, only then they were not so evil. After a long period of development, the evil forces have been gradually growing and their greedy desire in the universe are becoming stronger and stronger. When the evil species have the power, they will invade other territory and let their own world keep expanding, which is the nature of the evil species. The evil world has developed up today into a very powerful force.

The earth in the universe is a relatively backward planet, and the earth people have all sorts of maladies, but also because the earth people do not understand the truth of the universe, it gives the chance to the evil forces to invade. The power of the evil forces is unimaginable for our earth people. They control the minds of the people, and even allow their offspring to come to the earth through reincarnation. They want to completely occupy the territory of our justice family as their own, because they already have this ability to do so. That’s why the earth has become what it is today.

As descendants of the justice family and the crystal of love, we should not allow ourselves to be at the mercy of the evil forces or give them the chance to control us, we can get rid of them and fight against them with our own efforts. To get rid of them or fight them, we must have a certain ability. We should first change ourselves, improve our own energy frequency, and let our love and responsibility expand gradually. We can expand our love by caring for others and helping others, or we can enhance our patterns by being more responsible for the world, so that we can accumulate more positive energy of higher frequency for ourselves. We can also improve our comprehensive capabilities in all aspects through constant experience, so that we can not only get rid of them, but also have the ability to fight them. It reflects not only our wisdom, but also our ability to be able to do this.

If a person has no love, he is a negative energy guy. Only a person full of love is a positive energy man, and only positive energy can change his own destiny. Even before we were, unknowingly, negative energy people, but now we know the truth, we can work hard to change ourselves and become positive energy people, because choosing to be negative energy people is the beginning of pain; If we choose to be positive energy people, there will be no pain in our lives, because while helping others, we are also achieving happiness.

We have not received this kind of correct education in the past, and it was unavoidable for us to be such people because at that time we did not have the chance to learn such high-end knowledge. Now the relatives of the high-dimensional space are dedicated to helping us out of the sea of misery, telling us the truth, in order that we can change ourselves with our own efforts and transform ourselves from the negative energy into the positive energy.

In fact, it is not difficult to become a positive energy person. The difficulty is that many of us don’t want to take the first step. We have become accustomed to selfishness and have become accustomed to living for ourselves alone. We have no such awareness to selflessly help others and devote ourselves. Because we did not know it can reflect the value of our lives to serve others and the world at that time, each of us has not chosen such a path of life, but rather to live a selfish and muddleheaded life, and live a life of less and less value.

Today, there are relatives in the high-dimensional space who are constantly helping us to popularize the high-end knowledge of the universe, to increase our intelligence, to enhance our positive energy, to become positive energy people, and to live more valuably. We can no longer live only for ourselves as we did before, or even become accomplices to the evil forces, constantly sending out negative messages to achieve the world of negative energy.

We are not living well and are unhappy, because we are not wise enough to control our own destiny. Now that we know the truth, we should try to change, because we have the ability to do it if we want to.

Love is also divided into levels. Love has little love and big love. As long as we have love, there will be positive energy in our life, just see how much positive energy in it. But it is not that we can be a completely positive energy human being as long as there is a little bit of love in life. To be fully positive, we need to work hard to improve ourselves, and to get rid of the negative information in our life with our own abilities.

As long as there are all messages of love in life, we are full of positive energy, that is, a full positive energy person; If there is still some negative information in life, we have negative energy, and we are not pure positive energy persons. Even if there is some positive energy in us, it is not enough to make us fully positive, because we cannot be so pure. If we want to be a fully positive energy person, we must be free of selfish desires. As long as these negative messages exist in our lives, we are not pure positive energy people, and we are not pure people!

Why do the relatives in the high dimensional space insist that we should be a person with selfless dedication and unselfish love? For those who can do these two things will not have the private mind, and such a person’s mind is all other people and the public interest. This is the true pure positive energy people. Such people are rare on the earth. It is hoped that through the knowledge of the universe that I have communicated, there will be people like this on the earth, and a lot of people like this, because such people are greatly needed to lead the earth. Only with more and more such kind of people can the earth be changed and become a positive energy planet.

Well, that is the end of this section of Crystal of Love.

Date of Receiving: October 8, 2016


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