Section 1 Reincarnation of Life

For us earthlings, many of us do not believe that life has reincarnation. Only some people with faith believe that there is a reincarnation in life, but they do not know much about the life reincarnation. They only got one-sided understanding through some communications of religions. In fact, such communication is not correct.

Since today I convey the “Reincarnation of Life”, I will do my best to make it clear to my relatives, let them have a correct understanding of the reincarnation of life, and not as wrong understanding as before or even believe in nothing.

In fact, the existence of a life in the universe is not only such a few decades as what our earth people understand. If we have enough energy to keep up with the frequency of the cosmic energy field, we can live for a long time in the universe, only the manifestation of life is different. Life in different worlds in the universe will have different forms. That is to say, the life lives in which world will take the form of the world to manifest itself. For example, life in different Yang worlds has a Yang body of different materials, just as we earthlings, we have the Yang body of this material, but the people on other solid planets will have a Yang body of the material different from that of the earthlings. Life in different Yin worlds has no difference in material type of the Yin material bodies, but the Yin life at different levels has the different levels of Yin substance bodies. In other words, the higher the life level, the better the quality of the Yin life body, on the contrary, the lower the life level, the worse the quality of the Yin life body. But whether Yin life or Yang life, as long as they have the same ancestor, all have similar appearance characteristics.

In the universe, life is based on its own energy frequency to go to the corresponding world for development. If the energy frequency of a life is not high, it can only go to the low dimensional, low-frequency world to develop and experience. But the advanced life can improve its energy frequency with its own efforts, to live and develop in the world of the high dimensional space.

If the energy frequency of life in high-dimensional space is reduced instead of rising, the life can only be transferred to a world with lower dimensions than before. Because their energy frequency is less than that of the previous world, there is no way for them to continue living in that space. If a life becomes more and more degenerated, it will only continue to reincarnate downward, because in the universe, all life’s energy frequency must keep up with the frequency of that world’s energy field, otherwise they cannot survive. Of course the higher the dimensional space of the world, the higher the frequency of the energy field, that is, the higher the level of the energy field.

Because the earth is a world of low dimensional space in the universe, we are defined as low-frequency life. We, the earth people, have never known these truths, so we do not know how to change ourselves, improve ourselves and make our lives better in this world. Because we don’t know anything, we never think to constantly improve our energy frequency to ascend to the world of the high dimensional space to develop with our own ability.

We earthlings can only live for a few decades, over a hundred years at most. If the living environment on the earth is better, our life bodies can possibly survive a little longer. However, the true self is not our life body, but the “soul ①” that is understood by our earth people. But we can rely on this body to help us ascend. That is to say, we can use this body to do what we want to do, so that we can practice ourselves and give ourselves the opportunity to grow and improve. This is the role of the body.

Many people think that the bodies are themselves. Therefore they all stick to the bodies, rather than to promote their own level of the soul, that is, life level. This is why our earthlings are becoming less and less intelligent and living emptier and emptier because of not understanding the truth of the universe.

Today I tell the truth to my relatives, that is, to give them a general understanding of the life reincarnation, rather than to believe that there are several cycles of life that religion teaches. In fact, it is not the truth of the reincarnation of life. It is nothing but the false information conveyed by the evil families in order to confuse and control us.

There are a lot of species in the universe, such as our human species. No matter how reincarnate, we are still human beings. It is impossible that we reincarnate into other species, and other species are also impossible to reincarnate into human beings. That does not conform with the laws of the universe. Because while the creator first created each species, they used different types and levels of energies, and the injections of life information and settings were not the same either, there is no possibility that the lives of these different species will be interchangeable. Because this is also not in accordance with the laws of the universe, and in that case, the creator would not make any settings in that way.

If different species could be reincarnated one another, the universe would be in chaos and would create obstacles for each species to ascend. For example, how can an animal reincarnate into a plant in the next generation? How can humans be reincarnated as cattle or horses and other species? This is not in accordance with the laws of the universe. That is to say, no life in the universe can change its own species attributes, because the universe has no such laws. When the creator made us into a species, we were born into a species that could not be reincarnated as another species. Other species are the same. It is just that any advanced life in the universe can improve themselves with their own efforts, and let themselves become more capable, more wise, so that they can rise to the worlds of higher dimensional space to manifest their greater value.

If we exist in the universe without ascension or progress, then we live in the universe without any value of ourselves, or is there any meaning in life? Nowadays, our people on the earth don’t even know the most basic laws of the universe, therefore, we are getting more and more confused, having less and less goal. Even if there is, we are also imprisoned at a very low level. It is because we don’t understand that we have no direction and we don’t know how to work hard.

The reincarnation of the evil world’s life is the same. When they are more evil, they can also rise to the more evil world to live. The evil worlds are also divided into the physical and non-physical worlds of different dimensional spaces, and the evil lives also follow their own energy level to live in a world of their own corresponding frequency. Only the life in the evil world will not be as free and happy as the life in our justice world, because the leaders of the evil world are very cruel and ferocious, and the higher the dimensional space of the evil world, the more cruel and ferocious the leaders are. They have the habit of enslaving others, they have a strong desire to control, and they suppress or control others with their power and ability, which is the way to manage their own worlds.

So the life of the evil world is not good, because there is no love. Every life there is very indifferent, even lives like a machine with no self; It is also because of the incapability of life to be enslaved and controlled, life is not free. These are the basic conditions of the evil world.

Because the life of the evil world has lived in such a negative energy field for a long time, it has become a habit that its heart is full of hatred. Because they are born in an evil world, how can they have the energy of love and the information of love? That’s why they have been reincarnating in an evil world. Actually, it is also very difficult for the evil life to get better.

The evil lives also have a place in the universe with their ability. They make use of others with their own efforts, and get themselves more and control over more, and all of their lives are filled with such information. So an evil life, no matter in which world, shows the same characteristics, just to see how evil it is. If the life is a very evil one, it is also very evil in the world it lives. Even it came to the earth through reincarnation, its nature will be the same, because it has been stored the previous life information in its life.

Since there are both good and evil lives in the world of the lower dimensional space in the universe, it is impossible for every individual in this world to be good, as some people have conveyed, because there are part of lives in this world are not good.

It is not easy for an evil man to be a good person, unless he makes a gradual change in the reincarnations with his own efforts. However, it is easy for a good person to become a wicked one, for it is very fast for a person to degenerate, and very simple for a person to give up on himself. As long as he does not have certain requirements of himself, and does not make progress, he will become more and more selfish. If a good person is in such a state for a long time, sooner or later he will become an evil person.

As a species of high intelligence, it is easy to degenerate if we do not know these truths of the life. Because we don’t know what value we have in the universe, and what the meaning of living is, we are very confused. Only by learning these truths, will we have a direction in our lives.

In this world, wise men can grasp their destiny, because wise men are no longer confused, they can live clearly and know how to improve themselves, how to embody the value of their own lives. If we don’t understand these truths, we will be very passive in this world. Because we know nothing about the truth of the universe, we are confused and used by others. Now the evil forces have firmly controlled most of our earth people with various methods, and that is their abilities, and also their nature. Only by controlling others can they have the feeling of existence and accomplishment. However, the justice lives are selflessly dedicated to helping others to reflect their own values, which are two completely different outlook on life and values. The descendants of our justice family must know this. We should choose the right path of life, make ourselves more valuable and meaningful in the universe and should not live in dreary days!

Because the relatives on the earth do not know these truths, I tell them faithfully, so that my relatives are no longer confused, and will not consider their existence in this world for only a few decades. We hope that the relatives can upgrade themselves by learning the knowledge of the universe, change themselves and make themselves more capable and intelligent to dominate their own destiny, so that they will no longer continue to be confused or controlled by the evil forces and allow themselves to live more freely in the universe.

Well, that is the end of this section of Reincarnation of Life.

Date of Receiving: October 8, 2016


① Soul: This refers to the Yin life. There are many interpretations of the “soul” on the earth, and there is no fixed meaning. In order to make it easy for us to understand, the relatives of the high dimensional space just want to express it with such a character. In fact, the meaning of the “soul” refers to a kind of height after the life returning to its nature, that is, it belongs to a realm, not a name.


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