Section 6 Life Existence in Different Dimensional Spaces of the Universe

For our earthlings, we are interested in the life existence of different dimensional spaces of the universe. Because there were creatures from other physical planets coming to the earth before, we’ve learned some about alien life from them, but we just got a little bit of information. It is difficult to understand the real living conditions of life on other planets with the current ability of our earthlings.

As for how many dimensional spaces are divided specifically in the universe, and how many worlds of physical planets and non-physical planets have lives, all these are not clear to me temporarily, because the universe is too big, and my ability is also limited. Now I just convey some of the cosmic knowledge and truth that I have learned to my relatives, trying to let them know something about the living conditions of the life in the worlds of other dimensional spaces with my communications. I hope these knowledge can help the relatives on the earth know more about the universe so as to enlarge their vision, unlike now they know nothing, and even don’t believe that in the universe there are lives whose ability and wisdom are much higher than that of our earthlings.

The administrative departments of our galaxy are set up in a space of 30th dimension above. All the administrative subdivisions under the galaxy are the administrative organs of the universe, which are set in the corresponding dimensional spaces to administrate the universe jointly. Of course, the space dimension of any world will change with the change of the energy frequency of the world. If the life living in that world of dimensional space constantly emits positive information, it can help the world increase its energy frequency. The rate of energy frequency increase depends entirely on how high the frequency of the information emanated from the life there. Of course, the more and the higher-frequency the positive information, the faster the promotion of a world’s dimension. We can also understand it in reverse terms that if the life of the world emanates all negative information, the energy field frequency of that world will naturally decrease, and the decline of the energy field frequency also means the decline of the dimension of that world.

There are 80 small universes in this galaxy where we live, and different small universes have their own development. Some small universes have developed very well, and the technology and civilization there have reached the height that we can’t imagine. Our small universe is one of 80 small universes, and its present development level ranks the 64th place in the entire galaxy.

From this ranking we can see that our small universe is still a relatively backward world. It is precisely because of its backwardness that the earth has not got a better development. Our  small universe family currently has 17 physical planets and 4 non-physical planets in the world, each of which has our relatives living and experiencing. Our small universe develops slowly, because our family is extremely short of talents, and it is very difficult to seek development without talents!

The earth is the lowest-frequency planet in our little universe. Because we don’t know the truth and don’t have very high intelligence, the earth cannot ascend and develop upward. Also, because we do not have the ability to understand the living conditions of the high-dimensional space, we cannot learn from the well-developed worlds.

The world in our galaxy has now reached a maximum of 100th dimension. And we cannot imagine the level of the energy frequency and the living conditions of the people there. We want to have a concept that we can compare with the earth. Most of the Earth’s energy fields today are in the negative 1-D class, only in few areas the energy fields can reach 5th to 7th dimension, of course, some between 1st to 4th dimension as well, and the frequency of the energy field is higher in some areas without humans to live, because no one there emits negative messages. We can imagine what the difference between a negative 1-D living space and a 100-D living space is in comparison! In this comparison, it is clear how backward the earth is, not to mention the comparison with the world of those higher dimensions outside the galaxy, what kind of development level they are at!

Not to mention the living conditions of the world of too high dimensional space, now the highest energy field of the space of our small universe has reached 32nd dimension. Only the frequency of energy field of the space where the people are living or working can reach as high as 18th dimension. Before our small universe family began its development from the world of 8th dimensional space, after many years of hard working, our family has evolved from one world to several worlds up to now, all of which are inseparable from the hard work of our ancestors. Although our family has developed slowly, the world of each dimensional space has improved with the joint efforts of family relatives. Now, only Earth is difficult to ascend and develop and even continue to degenerate, under the aggression of the evil forces. This is the biggest problem of our small universe family.

Today the relatives on the earth do not know these truths, and even some of them believe nothing. Most people are selfish and choose to live for themselves or only for their own small families, and at most, they live for their own units or for their own country, and no one has ever had such consciousness to live for the whole planet or live for the entire universe. Because our earthlings do not have such a height at present, it is very difficult for us to seek development. All of us are imprisoned ourselves and have less sense of responsibility to work hard for a good development of this backward planet. None of us are willing to step out of this step. This is the biggest problem that exists on the earth today.

Although the development of our small cosmic family is a little bit slower and less advanced than the rest of the galaxy, we can change our status quo with our efforts so that our relatives in every world can understand the truth of the universe and change ourselves so as to change the fate of our small universe. To change the fate of our little universe, we must first change the earth. So long as it becomes a positive energy planet, our little universe will not be ranking so backward in the galaxy.

Now telling the relatives on the earth these truths is to hope the relatives on the earth with ability should have a high sense of consciousness, while serving the earth, they should also consider serving our little universe and even the galaxy. In fact, as a life in the universe, our ultimate object of service is this vast universe.

If we have such a pattern, we can rely on our own efforts to let our planet and even the universe develop better. If our tiny lives can produce so much value and fulfill such a great function in the universe, then why should we not?

Although we are defined as low-frequency lives, if we have the power to change the fate of the earth and even the fate of our small universe, we are making a great contribution to the universe. In this way, we cannot imagine how much value we can produce in the universe.

I believe that when I make these words, I can make some relatives with sense of responsibility and mission feel something, because we already have the justice gene, but we can only imprison ourselves before we know the truth. Now I have told the relatives these truths, that I hope more relatives will come forward and work with me to change the destiny of the earth, and thus change the fate of our small cosmic family.

Since the topic mentions today the “Living Conditions of Life in Different Dimensional Spaces”, I can also tell my relatives about the existence of the life of more than a dozen physical planets in our small universe.

There are a dozen solid planets in our family, some of them have Yang relatives and Yin relatives at the same time. And there are few such planets, because such planets are the bases for our families to multiply descendants, as well as for our relatives to experience basic skills. As for why such Yang entity planets also have Yin relatives survival at the same time, because when the bodies of Yang relatives on the solid planet is discarded, they do not have enough energy to leave that world, and these relatives can continue to live only on this entity planet.

Of course, these Yin relatives can also work hard to change themselves, and become more loving and responsible to help others, to contribute to this world to enhance their energy frequency, so that they can be promoted, and have the chance to rise to a higher dimensional world to reflect their own greater value. Because these relatives, after all, have certain work experience when they are Yang people, so long as they improve their energy frequency, they can rise to a world of higher dimensional space to live and work.

There are also entities in our family, where there are no Yang lives, that is to say, all lives there are Yin ones. Such a solid planet belongs to the planet that our family has been developing, because most of the lives in the universe belong to the Yin lives. In order to let the family to develop better, and let the family members of different energy frequencies have a place to live and a platform to reflect their value of life, our ancestors will create places on different planets suitable for the relatives at different hierarchical levels to live and experience. Because in the universe, whether the Yin lives or the Yang lives, as long as they disseminate positive information and contribute their own power to the development of the universe, they all belong to the lives needed by the universe, and such lives have the value of existence.

The reason why our family has created different worlds on so many physical planets is because our family members have so many levels of hierarchy; At the same time, our family has a large population. These are some of the living conditions of relatives in a dozen or so physical planets of our family.

In fact, both Yin and Yang relatives have the same features, because our ancestors are the same. The species of other family worlds have the appearance characteristics of other worlds’ species, because the appearances of the species created by each family world are different, but the same ancestor has similar characteristics. For example, those alien creatures who came to the earth are not the same species as us, and their appearance is different from ours. In fact, they are negative energy species. Negative energy species do not look good because they are the species created with negative information and negative energy in the universe. So their appearance is, of course, less attractive than that of the positive energy species.

To have a good look, unless the evil species come to our justice world in a way of reincarnation, so that they can have the same appearance as us. As long as the evil species put on the “cloak” of our justice lives, it is hard for us to distinguish the evil creatures from that of our justice family, because their appearances are just like us, but their minds are evil. Therefore, when we look at people, we always look at their mind, rather than their appearance.

If a person’s mind is evil, his life information is all evil, and he and we are not the same species. So we have to stay away from that kind of person and learn to protect ourselves. And we can fight against them with our efforts. We should not allow them to wantonly act in our world. We should not allow them to blindly hurt our relatives and discredit our world. This is the responsibility that every one of us should take, because every member of the justice family has an obligation to uphold justice. Only with the efforts of all of us and we all have such a sense will we have a peaceful day in this homeland.

Different physical planets have different lives, of course, including evil species. The higher the dimensional space, the more powerful the evil species, so they have the ability to come to the earth to spy on it. That is what we cannot ignore.

The other solid planets in our little universe are also evolving, but the lower the frequency of the planet, the slower its development is, because of the lack of talents on low-frequency planets. As long as the hierarchy is not very high in the world there are similar problems, just not as serious as that on the earth. At least, the other physical planets of our small universe are not controlled by the evil forces like the earth. And because people on other planets are more loving and selfless dedicated than the earthlings, they are rarely used or controlled by the evil people. Therefore, it is much easier for the relevant administrative departments in the high-dimensional space to solve the problems there. Unlike most of people on the earth, they have neither sense of responsibility, nor selfless dedication, and they are self-serving.

To solve these problems on the earth, we must make every effort. After learning the truth of the universe, we must learn to change ourselves, and some people must first step forward to do their duty for this world. It is my duty and mission to bring this cosmic knowledge and truth to all the relatives on the earth, to wake up them. However, only with my own efforts or the efforts of some people, we cannot change the planet at all. Only by the awakening of the whole people, can we have the opportunity to change the planet.

In this section, today, I simply tell my relatives these truths, hoping they will have the courage to stand up after understanding these truths, to do their duty for this planet and for this family. Living in the universe, we are to manifest our greatest value, instead of living in the universe in obscurity and even becoming a cosmic destroyer.

Well, that is the end of this section of Life Existence in Different Dimensional Spaces of the Universe.

Date of Receiving: October 3, 2016


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