Section 5 An Introduction to the Cosmic Energy

The word “energy” is more likely to appear on the earth, but we don’t necessarily understand the energy in the universe. Because of the ignorance of the truth of the universe, the understanding of energy is rather vague. The cosmic energy were understood just according to some cognition on the earth.

In the universe, there are so many kinds of energies that we can’t imagine. Because science and technology on the earth are not well developed, the truth of the universe is not well understood. Since we do not understand the truth of the universe, of course, we do not know too much about the energy in the universe.

This section today is about “An Introduction to the Cosmic Energy”. I tell my relatives these truths in the usual way.

The concept of “energy” is only the perception of our earth people. Before I told my relatives that other worlds were different from us in words or expressions, so all my communications were based on these words and concepts of the earth, and as long as my relatives could understand, that would be enough.

The “energy” perceived by the relatives in high-dimensional space is different from the “energy” perceived by our earth people. The relatives in high-dimensional space think that “energies” are the most basic elements that make up the universe. According to this definition, the energy in the cosmic space is divided into many species by nature or quality. I can only make a general introduction to my relatives with my current abilities.

Earlier I made a general definition of the cosmic energy in Section V of the first chapter, Definition of the Cosmic Yin and Yang. We already know that the basic energy of the universe can be divided into two categories: Yin (negative) energy that cannot be converted into substances and Yang (positive) energy that can be converted into substances; The Yang (positive) energy that can be converted into substances also can be divided into Yin and Yang categories. The Yang energy attributable to Yin can be transformed into the Yin substances, and the Yang energy attributable to Yang can be transformed into the Yang substances. After understanding these, we can easily understand the patterns of the energy existence in the universe that can be divided into two categories: physical and nonphysical. Both Yin (negative) and Yang (positive) non-physical energies in the universe are in the presence of a wave-shaped state, and we, the Yang life, cannot understand them. The energy of the physical form is also divided into two categories: the energy of the Yin (negative) material form and the energy of the Yang (positive) material form. The energy of the Yang (positive) material form is easy to find and understand by our Yang life. The energy of the Yin (negative) material form is also hard to find and understand by our Yang life.

Energy is also divided into many levels, the higher the level of energy, the greater the value and role; The lower the level of energy, the lower the value and role, the less the universe needs. The universe needs higher-level energy, both in physical form or in non-physical form. It’s just that we were not clear before, so we do not know the importance of high-level energy.

However, all energies are of low frequency in our low-dimensional space, that is, lower-level energies, both physical and non-physical energies are the same, so the development of the low-frequency worlds has significant limitations. Our earth people are defined as low-frequency human life, due to our lack of wisdom and too slow reaction. We have imprisoned ourselves under the influence of the low-frequency energy field, so that we cannot be as responsive as the life in the worlds of the high-dimensional space. Because of this, we should even strive to change ourselves and remove the “low-frequency life” label.

Today, the relatives in high-dimensional space tell us these truths, and they are wholeheartedly trying to help us get rid of ranks of the low-frequency life, let us disseminate positive information with our own ability and gradually ascend the frequency of this energy field so that this energy field is improved. When this energy field is improved, our own life level will be naturally improved too, for a large energy field will affect every one of us, including all lives in this energy field.

Since high-frequency energy field can play such a big role, each of us should improve our energy frequency so as to help the earth’s energy field gradually ascend, because the energy field can affect all existence in this world.

What I have mentioned are just two categories: “energy of physical form” and “energy of nonphysical form”. In fact, the energy of the information released by life can also be divided into two categories, that is, what we usually call “positive energy” and “negative energy”.

As long as the life in the universe emits positive information, it will naturally continue to act on the energy field and increase the frequency of the energy field. The more lives send out the positive information, the easier it is to form a very large high-frequency energy field. If billions of the relatives on the earth are sending out positive information, the frequency of this energy field will increase very rapidly.

Only the earth people do not know the truth today, and everyone has no such consciousness. Instead of sending out positive messages, there are all kinds of negative emotions. Because many relatives on the earth live very depressedly, they worry every day and cannot extricate themselves, and most of the loved ones are in such a state, how can the earth be not a negative energy field, not the world of the low frequency? Because our earth people do not know how much disaster our own negative emotions will bring to this world, everyone is not going to change or control himself. If we always live in pain and suffering, we will merge with negative energy, and live more and more depressedly and less and less happily.

If all people on the earth have this consciousness and can improve the patterns of their own lives, they should choose to be positive energy people, because only the positive persons have value in this world. Also because we do not know before, we chose the wrong path. If everyone knows that they can help others and the world by distributing positive information, I believe that everyone will choose to distribute positive information and spread positive energy instead of negative information. Because the distribution of negative information not only hurt ourselves, it can also hurt others and even affect the development of the entire universe.

If everyone knows that their negative emotions will be so destructive, I believe no one would dare to do such a thing. Because the relatives do not understand these truths, all thinking that their own troubles and sufferings only affect their own individuals, and will not affect others, even will not affect the upward development of the universe, they are immersed in their own small world, and cannot get rid of these negative emotions.

How could the earth be better for each of us who lives in such a state? Because each of us does not want to change ourselves, we do not want to take any responsibility for this world, let alone selflessly devote ourselves. Without such awareness, there is no such height, so we cannot reflect our own value, or even have no value!

I now tell the relatives what I have learned for free. I hope all relatives can change themselves, not continue to be low-frequency lives, and learn to start changing from their own small energy field so as to affect the surrounding area and even the entire world. In fact, every one of us has this ability, because the creator gives us such an ability while creating us. As long as we disseminate positive messages and disseminate positive energy every day, we can become useful people in this world, instead of becoming useless people and even cosmic destroyers.

In fact, each of us has the ability to enhance the energy field of the earth. As long as we can help others and give others warmth, everyone can do it, then our earth is a positive energy planet. As the frequency of the earth’s energy field increases, it can help to make all lives here alive a high-frequency life, rather than a low-frequency life as they are now. This is the duty and obligation of all of us, because we are of highly intelligent species, and we have the ability to lead other species up.

Well, that is the end of this section of An Introduction to the Cosmic Energy.

Date of Receiving: October 3, 2016


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