Section 4 Information Transmission of the Universe

I have the ability to convey the knowledge and truth of the universe. Probably my relatives are always curious about how I did it. Today I am here to tell my relatives truthfully. This section conveyed with the theme of “Information Transmission of the Universe” is to hope that the relatives will no longer have doubts.

There was no superstition in this world, because we did not understand the truth of the universe before, we have a lot of doubts and were in a very confused state. Now I have the ability to keep telling my relatives these truths that I hope my relatives will have a general understanding of the universe through their studies. This is my mission given by the relatives of the high dimensional space, which is also my responsibility.

In fact, the transmission of cosmic information is not as complicated as the relatives imagine. For example, there are also information transmission networks on the earth. It is just that the technology on the earth is not as developed as that in the world of the high dimensional space, but far below the level of science and technology in the worlds of the high dimensional space. Because the higher the dimensional space of the world, the higher-end and more developed the technology, it is not very difficult for the loved ones in the high dimensional worlds to help us through high-tech and convey the message they want. It is difficult that there is no one who has a strong sense of responsibility and a certain high frequency of energy. As long as our energy frequency can meet the requirements of the high-tech device to be installed in our life, our relatives in the high-dimensional space will install it in our life body. As long as we have the corresponding energy frequency, we can interpret the relevant information from this high-tech device inside. Now I can communicate these knowledge, which is the role of the high technology.

In fact, the evil forces are taking the same way. That is to say, they are also using the high-tech device of their negative energy worlds on the earth to install in a lot of people. Those people can also receive the so-called cosmic information, which is just from the negative energy worlds, and the number of the earth people installed with the high-tech devices by the negative energy worlds is much more. Because the evil forces come to the earth not only from one world, but from many other worlds, they convey a wide range of information, and most of them are different. Of course, because the cultures of every negative energy world are different, the information conveyed by them is also different. That is why some people on the earth have the ability to convey information outside the earth.

I tell the truth to the relatives, they may feel unbelievable or mysterious, but I believe that they won’t be surprised after understanding the truth. There are so many things that we, the earth people, cannot see. If we can see them, we won’t be surprised.

There are many Yin and Yang lives at different levels in the universe. It is only that the evil life comes to our planet acting as a destructive force, and those evil lives who have greater capabilities want to control the earth completely. The more capable the evil life, the stronger its desire and the more it wants to plunder more territory from others. This is the nature of the evil life.

However, the justice people of any world are all in order to uphold the justice of the universe and protect the interests of more people. Now the earth has been controlled by the evil forces. The justice relatives of the high dimensional space come to help us, tell us the truth, and let us change ourselves with our own efforts, so as to change the fate of the earth, no longer under the control of the evil forces or become their puppets.

There are different levels of information transmission networks in different spaces of the universe. There are networks covering different spaces and different fields, and the higher the dimensional space, the wider the coverage. The earth has developed till now, the information networks have basically covered the whole earth, and in fact the truth is the same.

The higher the dimensional space of the world, the more advanced the technology and civilization. It is not very difficult to install the network transmission system in the cosmic space. Although there are certain quantities of engineering, after such a long time of the development of science and technology, the justice power of the high dimensional space has enough ability to install information transmission networks within its jurisdiction. That is undoubtedly.

The evil world installs its information transmission networks in the cosmic space as well. So in the universe, there are all kinds of information transmission networks in the world of any dimensional space.

Because there are justice and evil forces in the universe, and the transmissions of information will interfere with each other, the information transmission networks are also administrated by the administrators of the relevant departments of the universe. If there are no cosmic administrators to administrate the field, the reception of these network information will be interfered, and it is impossible to accurately receive and interpret the transmitted information. Therefore, those of us who receive the information are also the important objects to be protected by the cosmic administrators of the high dimensional space. They try their best not to let these people be disturbed and attacked by the enemy, so as to ensure that these people can receive the complete information.

In the lower dimensional space of the universe, since the existence of the evil life, there has always been a struggle between the righteous and evil forces. Our earth people just do not understand, for we cannot see it. We only see these wars on the earth. As the descendants of the justice family, we should also uphold the spirit of justice of the relatives in the high dimensional space to fight the evil forces, because their existence in the universe is to destroy the universe, just as their existence on this earth is to destroy the earth, let the earth be unstable, and let our relatives of justice family suffer greatly. The evil people have no love in themselves. They live only for themselves and harm others for their own individual interests. This is the nature of the evil people. The higher the world of the dimensional space, the more capable the negative energy life, and the eviler they are, because they have great abilities. They can control people with the energy field within the scope of their own ability, so such evil lives are greatly destructive to the world.

There has been a big war between the good and the evil in the lower dimensional space of the universe. If there are no administrators and the justice cosmic administrative departments to manage our universe, there is no way to compete with the evil forces. Although our earth people are not able to administrate those things in the high dimensional space, we can solve these problems on the earth with our own efforts, because there are also evil forces on the earth. There are many Yang wicked people and all kinds of Yin and evil lives rooted on our planet. They are all of evil species, and there are no love information in their lives.

It was not clear to us before we hold that all the human species were good, and that it was the pollution of the environment that made these people the way they are today. Actually not, there are some “people” who are not real humans at all. There is no goodness in their lives. The information of their lives are full of evil. They can kill people without blinking or even eat their own kind without pity!

The real humans are kind. Even encountering evil things under the influence of this negative energy field, that can still touch their good conscience in their hearts. Until the last moment, the good life will always reflect his inner goodness. But the evil species will not. The evil species do not have these considerations when they are doing evil, and they feel that it is a very normal thing to do evil, because they are different from us, and they are fully filled with evil information in their lives.

I tell these truths to my relatives on the earth, and hope that they guard against the evil people around them. Don’t assume that they are looking just like us, and their hearts are also like ours. We can have no idea to harm others, but we must guard against these evil species on the earth today, and do not give them the chance to harm us, because once such “people” make evil, it is very terrible, and it is impossible for us to guard against them.

Our hearts are kind, and we think they are just like us. Kind people often judge others with their own hearts. This is the nature of the descendants of our righteous family. Of course, it is not a bad thing that we have this nature, because our nature meets the needs of the great universe, and we should be proud of ourselves as the descendants of the righteous family. However, we must know how to protect ourselves from the evil, not to be controlled by them. This requires us to learn cosmic knowledge, to understand the truth of the universe, so as to be able to see what they are doing. When we know everything clearly, we know how to defend ourselves and how to fight them.

Especially at this age, science and technology are becoming more and more developed, whether on our planet or in the other worlds of the high dimensional space. All the evil people on the earth know how to transmit negative energy with the information network. The evil lives in the high dimensional space have more ways to control the descendants of our family in the low dimensional space, because we have no ability to see them. If their ability is very strong, they can also use the energy field to control the descendants of our righteous family. At the same time, they also spread their evil ideas with the cosmic information transmission network on the earth, and make our relatives more confused.

Over the years, their goals have been achieved. They have been very successful, except the worlds of the higher dimensional space they cannot control, they want to manipulate all the worlds within their ability. The world is lower than they are, where life’s ability and wisdom, and science and technology are not as advanced as they are, so they have the opportunity to manipulate them. Our planet, which is corroded by them in a variety of ways, has become the present look.

Therefore, we will be bullied by the evil species, if we have no wisdom, no ability and have backwardness in the universe. When the abilities of the evil species become stronger and stronger, they will invade the world that is weaker than they are, and it is easy for them to manipulate the earth with such a low frequency.

And we earthlings don’t know what we are, why we are, why the world has become so bad. In fact, these are the “credit” of the evil species, and they are to control more people to expand their power. The evil species have the nature of enslaving others, as long as they enslave more people, they feel more fulfilled. Now they do, and they certainly want to hold on to this position, not to let our just forces fight them.

In fact, when I convey these cosmic truths, I myself will be affected by a lot of interference and attack, whether they are the evil people or the lives of other species on the earth or from different dimensional spaces. They have been trying to harm me. When I know the truth, I have no fear, because I know that I can tell all the truth to my relatives of the justice family, which also reflects the value of my little life. No matter what time they are capable of killing me, I will be proud of what I have done before. At least, the universe knowledge and truth I have conveyed can be left on the earth to give some help to the loved ones on the earth. Why do I insist to convey until now while being constantly attacked by them? Because I have the responsibility to tell the relatives on the earth more cosmic truths. Except that, there is no other demand! I believe that this sense of responsibility will affect the justice power of different dimensional spaces to help me accomplish this task excellently.

Well, that is the end of this section of Information Transmission of the Universe.

Date of Receiving: October 3, 2016


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