Section 3 An Introduction to the Universe

Our earth people may have a lot of understanding on the introduction to the universe, because there were also some people conveyed it before. But there are few people on our earth who can make the right judgments on the cosmic knowledge conveyed by them. In fact, they dare not judge, because they do not know the truth of the universe. Especially in our such a low-frequency planet, few people can stand at a certain height to understand more knowledge and truth of the universe, so no matter how these people convey the knowledge, our earth people will only guess or think about it according to our own personal ideas. It is not certain that someone would dare to stand up to refute. It is also because no one knows the real truth of the universe that they dare not make any comments on the knowledge of the universe conveyed by these people; Even if there is, it is also very far-fetched. Because there are few people on the earth who are concerned about the truth of the universe, there are not so many commentaries on the truth of the universe. Most people are in a state of conformity. This is the current situation that our earth people know about the knowledge of the universe.

Today the topic is about the “An Introduction to the Universe”. I will tell the relatives more about the truth of the universe in a simple way. In any case, I will do it with sincerity, and with an open-minded attitude to learn, because my ability is limited as well. As long as I can do, I will try my best to do it well. I hope that the knowledge and truth of the universe that I conveyed can help the relatives on the earth understand more of the universe, and let them improve their own life patterns and life levels through learning the knowledge of the universe.

The universe is very big, not as small as we, the earth people, think. Or it was formed with what a big bang, as many of you have said before. Such a theory is very absurd. As for how many years the universe has existed, we, the earth people, have no ability to know at all, because the universe is just our earthlings’ understanding, and there are different expressions on the universe in the worlds of different dimensional spaces. There is only such a word on the earth, so we just use the word of universe to express.

Because each world is different in language and writing, there is no way to unify cultural knowledge and language expressions. The relatives of the high dimensional worlds are now communicating the knowledge according to the abilities of understanding and acceptance of our earthlings. In fact, our writing is limited, which means that our understanding or comprehension and expressions of the knowledge of the universe will be limited. Even if our relatives in the worlds of the high dimensional space want to convey much more knowledge, we cannot express it accurately with the words on the earth. With the ability of our earthlings, we can only know about the general idea at most, but it is impossible for us to fully understand the mysteries of the universe accurately.

No matter how high the dimensional space is, the ability of the life has limitations. Only when a life rises to a world of higher dimensional space, can he understand and comprehend more of the truth of the universe. But the knowledge beyond their own abilities, that is, the knowledge is higher than that of their own dimensional space, they also cannot fully comprehend. Therefore, the relatives in the worlds of the high dimensional space are also adhering to the spirit of seeking truth from facts, and they are very pragmatic, and what they said are truths.

As a spreader of the cosmic knowledge on the earth, I also adhere to the spirit of seeking truth from facts of the relatives of the high dimensional space, and also help the relatives in accordance with my own ability, as possible as I can, to convey all truth that I know freely to the relatives to learn. This is my wish. I hope my relatives on the earth will understand the way of my conveyance.

The big size of the universe is beyond our imagination, so our earth people can only understand it in this way: Only the space covered by energy can be called the universe, because only the space is covered with energy, where there is the possibility of life. That is to say, if there is no life in this immense space, we have no way to know what is going on there. Only the space covered by energy can be understood by the advanced existence of higher dimensional space. The word “universe” itself is a vague expression, because we cannot find a better word to describe it.

If we want to learn the higher-end cosmic knowledge, we must first learn the most basic knowledge of the universe, so that we can lay a good foundation for the future study of higher-end cosmic knowledge.

In fact, the universe space of different hierarchical levels is managed by a group of administrators of very high ability and intelligence, otherwise the universe would not be so orderly, just our earthlings have no ability to see them.

Since there are different dimensional spaces in the universe, the senior cosmic administrators also set up different administrative departments according to the level of different dimensional spaces. It is impossible that the whole universe is directly under the jurisdiction of the existence of the highest dimensional space, the administration will be carried out hierarchically in accordance with a certain range of energy level of the world. For example, the world within the 100th dimensional space will set up an administrative department in a certain space to administrate the small worlds within the big world. The small worlds of different hierarchical levels under the 100th dimensional space will also set up administrative departments, and there are also cosmic administrators, no matter in which world of the dimensional space, these are the same. It is just that the abilities of the cosmic administrators are different in different dimensional spaces; the higher the dimensional space, the higher the intelligence of the cosmic administrators, and the stronger their ability.

For example, the earth also has administrative departments, in fact, the governments of various countries are the administrative departments of a planet in the universe, but our earth people have never known these facts. Because the earth people have no ability to see the existence of Yin world and Yin life, so they do not admit or completely believe these facts.

Beyond the earth, there are also cosmic managers who govern our earth, and their abilities and wisdom are above those of our earthlings. Above them there are still higher hierarchical cosmic administrators who are also more capable and intelligent. By analogy, the higher the dimensional space, the higher the level and wisdom of the cosmic administrators; The higher the hierarchy of the level and wisdom, the stronger their abilities are; The more powerful they are, the more capable they administrate the worlds within their own abilities. This is the reality of the universe administrators.

In fact, the cosmic administrators are just like the civil servants on the earth. Originally the civil servants on the earth also belong to the cosmic administrators, but they do not have this awareness or know the truth, so they do not take their job for granted. It is precisely because they do not think so that they have not much sense of responsibility and mission, and do not feel how sacred and important their job is.

Now I tell these truths to the relatives on the earth that I hope them should know something of the truth of the universe, no matter what field they are in or what kind of work they do, otherwise they will confine themselves, and do not know there are universe beyond the universe, talents upon talents! When we do not know anything, we will inflate ourselves and become self-conceited, and we might feel that it is remarkable to make a little bit achievement on the earth. Actually, the capabilities of our earth people are very limited. Compared with the life in the high dimensional space, we are a low-frequency life living in a low-frequency planet. Our wisdom and ability are very limited. When we know these truths, we should not be self-conceited or inflate ourselves for few achievements we have made. If we become such people, we can only say that we are ignorant and not cultivated, we are willing to be a frog in the well, and do not admit that we are not wise enough. This is our own sorrow!

The universe is big. How can there be no lives who are more intelligent than us? There are many worlds beyond the earth, where there are lives who are not only smarter than our earthlings, but also much more capable than us. Because the earth is a low-frequency planet, for the human species, our earthlings belong to the lower human beings.

Now I tell my relatives these truths faithfully in the hope that they will strive to change themselves and become a person of high frequency and high intelligence. We can no longer blindly imprison ourselves, or be self-conceited and think how capable or intelligent we are. Actually, the facts are before us, our wisdom is at the bottom of humanity in the entire universe. Our Earth people do not understand the truth of the universe, even do not understand the most basic truths, how can our wisdom be so high?

No matter what level we are at today, we can change and upgrade ourselves by learning the knowledge of the universe, so that the energy field of the earth will be gradually changed. As the frequency of the earth’s energy field becomes higher and higher, purer and purer, the living standards of our whole people will be improved, for each of us will be able to be purified with the help of these high-frequency and clean energy fields. In other words, the high-frequency and pure energy field can purify the negative information of our lives. Since negative energy field can contaminate each of us, on the contrary, the positive energy field can also help each of us to increase our own energy frequency.

While studying the knowledge of the universe, we can improve our energy frequency. And the increase of the energy frequency means that we can remove the label of low-frequency life. As long as we have knowledge and wisdom, our people on the earth can become high-frequency and wise lives with our own capabilities and the help of our relatives in the high dimensional space. Of course, we can also make our earth a high-frequency and positive energy planet with our joint efforts.

Well, that is the end of this section of An Introduction to the Universe.

Date of Receiving: October 2, 2016


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